Video: Crowd Laughs As Chicago Teachers Union President Talks About Killing The Rich

The anti-rich comments occur around the 4 minute mark. Why the audience applauds this sad soul, I don’t know…

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  1. What can anyone expect from the lefty progressives running our country? They are disgraceful.

  2. What would this ass do without the RICH paying taxes to feed her?

  3. In the first Minute you hear Police sirens… Wonder who they are chasing. Now back to This Lady… She is right about the Rich… They really dont care for those they step on and thats VERY apperant here in Boca Where the Rich believe they own the world. But NOT ALL RICH people are like that for I do know many and they fight for common good. But when it comes to Obama and Polotics.. and the MILLIONS they have… They dont care about us, and thats wh she really means. Or so it sounds to me. Obama kills jobs and sends them way. If she thinks other wise like its all rich well Nope… Its Obummer and His cronies…

  4. This is exactly how the Great Destruction has started in the Communist's Russia. This fat, over eating creature lecturing the bunch of idiots about philosophy of life. Why I call them idiots, because if they would be a normal people they would through at her rotten eggs and tomatoes. Remember this is the creatures that indoctrinate your children.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      This Mark is why Obutthole was elected because of teachers like this.A women who never skipped a meal and when she went to a restuarant she yielded super size it.Col Sanders loves her

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    I listened to this on Rush and immediatly I knew it was an igger saying this.Now I'm not holding my breath but where is the liberal condemning this kind of talk.I wonder how this fat black bitch wants to kill the rich since she must be against guns.The NAACP must be standing behind her along with every black liberal but they hate a man like Tim Scott.

  6. She makes comments about the "despartity" of schools "not being air conditioned". As if this has ANYTHING to do with the "rich". Maybe this FAT PIG COMMUNIST wouldn't "drip" so much if she weren't THREE POUNDS LIGHTER THAN A BUICK? You can see why Chicago is the way it is. Disfunctional corruption to the Nth degree.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Trust me, I'm not sticking up for this fat communist pig, or any of these "teachers", in any way. I would like to give you a little insight to Chicago schools and air conditioning. It really is a problem. The schools are so old with no ventillation that it is quite stifling in the summer heat.
      Imagine a school in the middle of AZ or TX with NO windows or fans. THAT'S what it feels like.
      It is the ONLY thing I give them the right to bitch about. It is a serious problem.
      My son got sick from the heat in the school once, and this wasn't even a school in Chicago!

  7. This fatso has the nerve to comment on the rich. She could be rich too if she stopped eating for awhile. She is so disgusting…… She'd do best to go on a diet before she starts criticizing. Can't stand this fat pig.

  8. cant blame her for being a complete moron. she really believes what she is spewing… from her tiny little mind. it is truly pathetic. wonder where she found that audience?

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