Video: Could Obama’s War On Guns Become.. WAR?

As governments at the local, state, and federal level move to strip Americans of their freedom and their protection, Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oathkeepers, has a very strong warning as to where this may lead.

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  1. Mutantone says:

    "I can not fathom why they are still in office, have we fallen so far from the idea that our founders had that we are now selling out to the Usurper?
    What happened to the Oath of Duty or office that people take to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from enemies both foreign and domestic. Where are those people of conviction and ideas that still believe in the Constitution and the rights of People that it protects from just such an attempted dictatorships or Kings. The very reason that it was written to make sure that we remained free was that we as citizens were allowed, No demanded! To have the same levels of military might that would oppress us. They have already limited the people to no automatic fire weapons with out licenses required. That is acceptable as long as we can fire more than one round just like they can to suppress the Citizens. That is unless we allow them to do so without firing a single shot"

  2. Angry Man says:

    Gun control is the first step toward socialism, dictatorship, and communism. This is what Hitler, Stalin, Chavez, Castro and others have done.

    Where is the spine of the PEOPLE?? To heck with the politicians. They don’t fear us because the people don’t have a spine – yet but wait. It’s coming.

    Obama voters are publicly saying they’re sorry for voting for him. Their paychecks are smaller now and will get even smaller. What do you think HUNGRY desperate people will do when all those people lose their jobs and homes because their paychecks got too small to survive, or their hours got cut back to 28 hours because of Obamacare, and they can’t eat because the cost of gas went sky high, raising the cost of food beyond anything that SNAP can cover? Many of them have guns and that’s why the politicians are trying to take them from the people. They know the pot is boiling and it’s going to spill over, and then it will be their blood spilling. They know this.

    Like the people of England and Australia are telling us – AMERICA… DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS. WE ARE SORRY WE DID.

    They speak from experience. WE need to listen and obey that. NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUN – Even if congress demands we register and eventually turn them in. Personally, I will NOT register my guns. The constitution gives me the right to privacy and that means that it’s NONE of congress’ business what I have. They’ll find out when they come knocking at my door.

  3. The Oath Keeper organization is for everyone that believes in the Constitution. If you have taken the Oath to defend the Constitution and are not a member, please join today. Now is the time for all gun owners, veterans, active duty military, LE, etc. to become members. Local Sheriffs need to be contacted across the U.S. to learn their position on the 2nd and 4th Amendments. We need to know how our local authorities will react to the coming events on gun control and weapon confiscation. Sheriffs need to assure the county residence that they will uphold the Constitution and stand with the citizens against treachery by the federal government. Now is the time to get involved, take action. The storm is coming.

  4. Yes

  5. Glen Teel says:

    You would have to be a very Special kind of STUPID to think criminals are going to follow any gun laws. Gun laws will help out the criminals and take protection away from normal people. How STUPID can they be?

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    If Obutthole start another civil war in America then the freedom fighters that he claims are good people who just want to have a good government should put up a list of names on like the paper did to gun owners in Westchester County who are against liberty.Names like Poopalosi ,Durban, Schumer, Holder,Piers Morgan,Sharpton,Jesse and sheila Jackson,Watters,Kerry ,Hagel,Mathews the list goes on these are the first people you get because they are anti America.

  7. Seeks_the_truth says:

    ANY gun law is unconstitutional. The Supreme court has even ruled the government has no right to make any laws concerning firearms, as seen in Presser vs Illinois. According to Presser, any right of the people to keep and bear arms was completely contingent on these arms being used in the service of the federal or state government.
    In fact, Presser explicitly stated that “[i]t is undoubtedly true that all citizens capable of bearing arms constitute the reserved military force or reserve militia of the United States as well as of the states.”

    You have the right to own a firearm as much as you do the right to breathe.

    Time to stand up against ALL laws against firearm ownership.

    I stand with Cpl. Boston:
    “I am not your subject. I am the man who keeps you free. I am not your servant. I am the person whom you serve. I am not your peasant. I am the flesh and blood of America,” the eight-year Marine Corps veteran wrote.

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