Video: Conservative Reaction To Gov. Cuomo’s Call For Gun Confiscation

Conservatives react to New York Governor’s “option” of gun confiscation to address gun violence.

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  1. NEVER GIVING MINE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think the "illegal alien" is, deep down, a "fairly" human being–having, for the past 25 years been indoctrinated by communist human beings. That said, I believe that he must pay for his mistakes/crimes against humanity, and be impeached NOW! If the process starts post-haste, the election results will not be posted and We, The People will not have an inaguration on 20 Jan 13. THEN, he must be brought-up of all the criminal activity he has been involved with, in a Judicial setting with a fair-minded judge (not a liberal waste-of-time like Kagan, Sotomayor, Ginsberg or Souter).

  3. Governor Cuomo IS just an over grown CHILD!!! He IS immature as he shown when he had a HISSY FIT on TV over the Electric Co. in stead of proving assistance to get the electricity restored after Sandy. He IS NO LEADER and IS seriously MENTALLY SICK!!!

  4. never make the 2nd amendment a republican vs democratic issue, this is more than that, far more, a vote wouldn't even matter for either party once they take your arms. NYC is a foreignlobbied police state

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