Video: Congresswoman: Tea Party Tied To The KKK

Texas Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee seems to be as dumb as a pile of bricks; yet she has been in Congress since 1995.

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  1. Don't forget this wonderful example:
    During a House Armed Service Committee meeting (3/25/2010), Rep. Hank Johnson Dem from Lithonia, Georgia was concerned that the island of Guam would "tip over and capsize" if too many people were added to the island. These are our Leaders? Hank Johnson has held that seat since 2007. How can he find his way to work?

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Shiela Jackson should be on her way to the Emerald City in Oz to get a brain.She is the poster child of you can be the dumbest igger going and still be elected by dumber iggers.Ig she had a brain she'd be as lonely as a BB in a boxcar.Keep up the good work Gabe

  3. Dan Stewart says:

    This broad must be from an all mexican precinct & somebody pointed her out on the ballot.

  4. disgusted says:

    This ugly “black” broad is so stupid that she makes a brick look intelligent. However, the Tea Party is not in any way, connected to the KKK…………unfortunately, for if they were, ugly baboons, iggers like this old, ugly “black” broad, we’d be a lot farther down the road to our recovery if they were! Because then, these “black” mobs who are now roving the streets, attacking anyone and everyone in their paths would not be doing this. The KKK would have already “taken care” them all, they would have found Justice and have been given their JUST “DESSERTS”! The KKK knows how to deal with trouble making iggers such as these, and just maybe, if the KKK WERE involved with the Tea Party, we would not have this Ape, and the Grape Ape infecting our nation with their MU SLIME filth and diseases………..not to mention spending MILLIONS OF DOLLARS WHICH THEY HAVE NOT EARNED!!!!! No, Mrs. Jackson, the KKK is not involved in the Tea Party, UNFORTUNATELY, THEY ARE NOT! Just for the record, I have never before been a supporter of this branch of white supremacy, but given the “election” of one of your own kind, Mrs. J, and the behavior of those of your “kind”, I now support them wholly, and completely! For this, you and your “kind” have only yourselves, and your jungle mentality to blame. It is upon your own shoulders that the blame of the hatred of white people such as myself is laid. You and your “kind” have brought this down upon yourselves by your ignorant and violent behavior, if it can be called “behavior” at all.

  5. KKK was started by demotards. These dimwits want nothing more then to destroy America and they are doing a great job by fanning the flames on all this racial tension BO has stirred up the past four years. You don't like what he says, YOU ARE A RACIST. You don't agree what he says YOU ARE A RACIST. I wish they would look the word racist up and see the true meaning.

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