Video: Congresswoman: Poor White Voters Brainwashed By ‘Right-Wing’

How on earth could this woman have been re-elected as often as she has?

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  1. That is a good question. It is blacks voting for blacks without thinking what they are voting for,

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Question: "Why would a poor White mechanic from West Virginia vote for, support Tea Party candidates and not vote for a Democrat?"

    Answer: "Because that poor White mechanic knows that the Tea Party stands for small government, lowering taxes, and everyone having the right to succeed or fail because of their hard work. This mechanic also understands that the money he makes with his hard work should not be taken to pay for those who won't work which is the Democratic way."

    Simple enough really.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Ugly Maxine can't believe someone likes to work.She thinks everybody is lazy and shiftless as her fellow low life iggers.

  3. Cracker101 says:

    Unlike maxine they have a brain to wash.

  4. Oh my God! What's wrong with her faaaaaace?
    Also, she threw him a red herring.

  5. Any/every poor white auto mechanic in West Virginia is many times over more honest, intelligent and patriotic than any/every lying, stupid and unpatriotic member of the Congressional AFRICAN MONKEY Caucus.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Now you know what happened to Cheetah,Tarzans monkey just look at Maxine the resemblence is amazing

      • VirgoVince says:

        OH, Edward, I thought that was mooochelle!! Same resemblance!! LOL
        Cheetah was much more intelligent and lots cuter!!

        • I saw a picture of her a few months ago, and OMG! I could not BELEIVE the resembleance between this ape faced thing, and the REAL APE! I had to go back and look twice, just to make sure I wasn’t being “overly racist” in my thoughts, which just popped into my head, unasked for! I swear, this one looks just like a really ugly………..)(%! She is so ugly that she could use her own natural face for a HALLOWEEN MASK! And to make matters worse, she acts just as ugly! WHERE DO THESE THINGS CRAWL OUT OF, OR perhaps, SWING IN FROM? Racist sounding? Yes, it does, but so does she, and as a matter of fact, she is WORSE THAN ANY WHITE RACIST THERE IS IN AMERICA!!!!!! She HATES ALL WHITES, JUST LIKE THE BABOON IN OFFICE HATES US ALL! “birds of a feather”, or “monkeys of a kind”………………….

  6. Robert Ledbetter says:

    Maxine Waters-the stupidst Congress person currently in DC

    This 14 kt moron was one of the commie left wingers that vehemently pushed the banks and Wall St to write mortgages for people living in the ghettos
    Her brilliant logic was 'if they can pay rent,they can pay a mortgage"
    The Affordable Housing Act" Ha Ha HA ,notice everyhing put out by the left is "Affordable",now we have the "Affordable Healthcare Act".
    Those toxic mortgages that she pushed for and 125,000 foreclosures later,were the prime reason for the 2008 financial meltdown of Wall St and the banks

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Robert don't you wonder why they keep voting for her.She voted for banks because I believe her husband is a banker.

  7. Oh, Dear God! Another ONE? Is this parade of lazy, whining, useless, good for nothing except take and take, line of “black trash” never going to come to an end? My dad used to say “give “them” an inch, and they’ll want a country mile!” These days, they aren’t even pleased with a “country mile” anymore, they want the whole COUNTRY! With them as the SLAVE MASTERS! “people” like this useless hag are the very reasons that so many of us who are not “black users” are so sick of the entire bunch of this lot of good for nothing except whining leavings of humanity! They have no one to blame for their “problems” but themselves. Let them move into any white or respectable neighborhood, and as the saying went “there goes the neighborhood!” Because we have example after example of just this FACT! Look at Detroit, and every other city or neighborhood where the “hoodies” moved into! Trashed. Destroyed. Nothing but a dump, a “city dump”. Even the roaches should move, and along with them, the rats and mice. Anyone with any self respect at all, wants nothing to do with these places of filth. And it is the fault of the “people” who make it this way, not that of the whites, reds, yellows, or even GREENS! I said in an earilier comment, that I have seen this first hand, and I have. It was, and IS disgusting behavior, or lack of any CIVILIZED behavior at all, by those who are GIVEN EVERYTHING! Yet, they WANT MORE! And MORE! Which they will destroy as soon as it is given to them. Ask for sympathy from people who work and maintain their homes and neighborhoods? It is not forthcoming. I have none. This “congresswoman” is just one more, in a long, never ending line, of an example of just how utterly useless her own “people” have become. They lack self respect, and have no desire to even try to gain it, so why should anyone just GIVE it to her or anyone else of her kind? respect is EARNED, therein lies their problem, they DO NOT WANT TO WORK AT ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Your right Dis if you want a city ruined just elect a black democrap mayor and democrap Governor and immediatly you willl have a city in ruins and next the state.Elect a colored city council and bingo there goes the city and they want the bacon for voting for Obutthole.

  8. Peaver Bogart says:

    It is Maxine Waters who is brainwashed by her own doing.

  9. Edwardkoziol says:

    This is one crazy igger I can't believe that anyone in their right mind would vote for this piece of socialist shit.A babbling brook makes more sense then this racist does.She reminds me of the aunt on Sanford & Son.

  10. There are no words to express my disgust with this 'person'.

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