Video: Congressman: Time To Take On Obama ID Fraud Issue

Way to go, Congressman Louie Gohmert!!

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  1. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    Caller is right — Lakin case needs to be resurrected as fraudulent birth certificate is doubly heinous — firt for offering up a false document since 2008 and for a second time, that Oshamo put up the document in response to the Lakin matter as evidenciary — Lakin has the right to challenge this evidence that cold posse has demonstrated is a completely false document along with several other documents..any one else doing such a thing would cause federal marshalls to handcuff and haul one off to the nearest federal prison!

  2. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    The legitimate politician who puts up full force to bring down and imprison Oshamo and his backers, is going to rise to the Presidency — We all are waiting and the people have paid dearly and enough. Oshamo and his bitch need to be arrested, convicted and finally dealt with — they are paid evil agents to deliberately bring down the Great USA and with our tax dollars, are staking out their bug-out in some undisclosed place in Africa,while the rest of the world goes up in flames..literally! Almighty God will do what is needed to right this wrong..

  3. jon graham says:

    ok where has this congressman been for the last 41/2 yrs. why is he crying wolf now?

  4. He's not crying wolf. Ignore the headline and listen to the audio. He knows nothing about the Terry Lakin issue???????????? where the hell has he been for the last 4 years????????????

    And he doesn't say he'll look into the birth certificate or anything else. He simply says that we've got "a lot of big things to look into" meaning he wants to continue to ignore the legitimacy issues and move onto the legislative issues facing the Congress. This is the same storyline that the Repubs have told their members to follow.

    I thought I liked Louis….but he's just another RINO.

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Call me Louie is just giving the caller a snowjob.Why wouldn't he call for the impeachment of this half assed igger if he belieced in proving your a citizen.Yes he should lookinto the Larkin case because Larkin was railroaded by the government especially Holder and the army.

  6. Charles says:

    The US Congress does not want to touch this issue because if they do there will be a number of people in the US congress and others in the US government that will be charged with treason for letting a fraud and usurper sit in the White House .

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