Video: Congressman OWNS Obama In 1 Minute!

Congressman Jim Bridenstine (R-Oklahoma) asks: what would tyranny look like in America? (Look around!)

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  1. Raymond says:

    Obama’s Final Word: Catholics MUST Provide/Buy Abortion Drugs.

    • siteunseen says:

      Obama won't make Muslims do that though……we should be *ell on wheels against this man before he turns us into target practice as did Calles in Mexico. He thinks he's going to pull a Calles, but he doesn't realize that this time Catholics WON'T BACK DOWN!

      • Raymond says:

        Obama is a muslim and he and his fellow muslims
        will eliminate and Catholic (or anyone else) who stands
        in his way. He will do it.

  2. Raymond says:

    Obama the Liar-In-Chief

    Freshly glowing on the heels of his Supreme Court victory on the defeat of exclusive heterosexual marriage, Barack Hussein Obama pursed his lips today and said that he would not “force churches to perform gay marriages”. Let us give you a few reasons why this is a lie and that forcing churches to perform gay marriage is precisely his goal:

    • Taxpayer-funded abortion: Obama promised that there would be no taxpayer-funded abortions. Guess what? He lied.

    • Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital: When running for President he said that he recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Then guess what?, he didn’t.

    • ACORN: Obama said “The only involvement I had with Acorn was doing some stuff with the justice department.” Guess what? That was a lie.

    • Bill Passing In Washington: Obama promised that “The Public Will Have 5 Days To Look At Every Bill That Lands On My Desk” Guess what? This has never happened one time. Total lie.

    • Obamacare: Obama promised that “if you like your current healthcare plan, you can keep it.” Guess what? You can’t.

  3. Raymond says:

    Barack Obama (a muslim) has ordered the Massachusetts police NOT to charge
    the 7 Muslims who were caught snooping around a critical Boston
    infrastructure” — a water reservoir..

  4. Dave Wollenberg says:

    IMPEACH BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, NOW! Period. End of discussion!

  5. Hung for TREASON!

    • douglasjbender says:

      Tried by a fair jury first. But it's clear that a just judgment would be that he and his co-conspirators would then be hung for treason.

    • kittyhane says:

      Better yet – to get rid of yomamma and his people, send them all a pkg of PreperationH
      They’ll just isappear

    • Beverly Prather says:

      When DC gets fed up with his BS…they don' t use a dull knife
      They did Jack and Bobby for far less…

  6. THOMAS F SHAW IV says:

    oh crap eater needs to vacate america and go home to iraq they would hang him tar anfeather him and run him out on a rail if he tried his crap there

  7. Nexgenesis says:

    I realize that So Africa probably doesn't want, but it sure would better for America if he stayed. What is so upsettning about this whole ordeal is that it is the duty of our elected Congressmen to protect the nation from the very intentions of obama. Where is you know what, are they? I think in great part they are hiding their collective heads in the sand hoping that he will go away. If we lose our freedoms, Congress will be guilty of dereliction of their responsiblities.

  8. Gunner221 says:

    Once again Obama has shown us just why he wanted to be president. Super expensive vacations at taxpayer expense. Obama thinks America should support the life style he wants to live. And we seem to be doing it. He has been, and still is, one of the greatest disasters this country has ever endured. Why he was elected once, let alone twice shows how little Americans looked into his background. He came from nowhere, said a bunch of lies, demonstrated total incompetence, forged documents and became president.
    He is doing everything he can, with his accomplice Michelle, to destroy the moral and military strength of this country. He is a traitor, liar, and just plain evil.

  9. anonymous says:

    POTUS gives us CHARM, LIES, CELEBRITY. We give him…."whatever the HELL he wants".
    Bottom line . . .We've given away our liberty and freedoms for the charms and lies of a psychopath!

  10. I couldn't agree more with the congressman.

  11. This congressman is absolutely correct, but hey, he's saying the exact same things millions of Americans have said already. The big question? What do we do to change the course the monster-in-chief is leading us? We need DIRECTION and LEADERSHIP to rid ourselves of Barrack Hussein Obama along with his minions.

  12. drqgibfFIRE01 says:

    so? the HOUSE doesn't have the balls to do anything

  13. Man, right on! Now, if only someone would develop the gonads to actually IMPEACH this fraud of a "president", then we might survive.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Very good remarks and your right there aren't enough republicans withballs in either the senate or congress

  14. Edwardkoziol says:

    Congrad to Congressmen Bridenstine for being truthful it's nice to hear a man with integrity instead of those Obuma ass kissers.This president is the most evil man we ever had as president the democraps have used his color to get him elected

  15. Richard says:

    God,we need about 600 more like him in D.C!Trials and executions are our only chance at saving our republic.

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