Video: Congressman: Losing Your Insurance a “Good Thing”

It’s likely that on Jan. 1 the number of uninsured Americans will actually rise. Congressman Cartwright claims many have “phony insurance policies”.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    The only phony is Rep.Cartwright a cracker who worships at the altar of the devil Pres Obunghole

  2. Congress is trying to say that all Military Veterans are mentally ill and shouldn't have guns. Then this guy insinuates that we'd be better off without any insurance. Let's get together and take his away all insurance for his family. While we're at it, let's suspend his pay, all benefits and strip All Retirement! These people deserve Nothing From The Taxpayers!!!

  3. Linda From NY says:

    I am disappointed in this congressman Cartwright, he is defending and lying about this healthcare from Hell, I would bet that he himself and his family are NOT on it. This is the reason why our Country is so screwed up, these people have been brought and paid for by this corrupt administration.

    Coming next Nov 2014 Vote all of these traitors OUT and that includes congressman Cartwright, all of them especially Harry Reid and Nancy Pelsoi the Dingbat

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