Video: Congressman: It Would Be A Dream Come True To Impeach Obama

Congressman Kerry Bentivolio is confronted at a town hall meeting…

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  1. The evidence is there …….. this guy, and others, are just not looking hard enough. They are afraid!

  2. Patriot American says:

    Then DO IT congressman! Talk is cheap, or are you one of those buffoons that's all talk and no action?

  3. There are so many, many things that O can be impeached with. First of all, Boehner needs to appoint a special counsel (independent) to investigate!!!

  4. Linda From NY says:

    Evidence? Is he kidding? It is a proven fact the clown's B.C. alone is enough to remove him. What about all of the other crimes? What will it take for these people in Washington to do their job?? why is so many people afraid of this phony prez? He is a nobody from Chicago a community organizer with no experience and who has never held a real job in his life, as a lawyer Odumbo, I read an article written recently that his license was taken from him for being unethical 2007, and his wife’s license were taken away too for insurance fraud back in 1993.

    If this is true then it means we have a couple of crooks sitting in our White House who have no business being there. No wonder our Country is going down the toilet with this thug running our Country.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      This 'Congressman' aside, there are real hurdles with impeachment of the failure oblameo.
      We can charge him with impeachment. That's not the issue.
      The problem comes from the Senate. Right now brain dead obot sheeple are in control. The final say is upon the Senate to find guilty or acquit. Which way do you think the group that is in oblameo's back pocket would go?
      Once they acquit the piece of human excrement, he can not be retried. Then just as with Clinton, it would say that his treasonous acts are acceptable.
      What we need is to work on our Senators to back impeachment. Until we have enough votes in the Senate, impeachment will do no good.
      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  5. MuslimLuvChrist says:


  6. David Macko says:

    It is long past time for members of the House of Representatives to stop talking about impeaching Obama for murder, treason, war crimes and gross, continuous violations of the Constitution i.e. treating it like toilet paper. Do it! Do it now! You are over four years late already. Grow a spine, guts and any other necessary equipment and DO IT!

  7. He need to be voted out! 252 articles of impeachment and he says he can't do anything because he has no proof!! Vote him out in 2014!

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