Video: Congressman Conducts Townhall In Spanish

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (IL), a leader in the push for Amnesty for illegal aliens, holds a town-hall in Bakersfield, California for a crowd composed apparently of UFW members and illegal aliens waving the red flag of Chicano Nationalism and Socialism.  Chicano-ism is a separatist movement that claims the Southwestern US as their lost mythical homeland, Aztlan, to be reclaimed and ultimately re-united with Mexico.

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  1. This man is a complete disgrace to America!!

  2. Is CHICANO country?? Never heard of a nation or a language of. Chicano! What a joke!!
    There is a backward Indian tribe in Mexico – they don’t even speak or understand Spanish!!
    Hahaha…. Chicano- ism. Who is pulling them by the nose!!!

  3. @Neleh: you’re absolutely right!

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