Video: Congressman Challenges Clinton On Anti-Islamic Video

Congressman Dana Rohrbacher (R_CA) to Hillary Clinton: “The only person that’s in jail right now is the filmmaker.”

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  1. Okay. They're starting to ask the right questions. Just not all the ones I would have asked. They should be bringing up the ignored/denied calls for help and reinforcements and especially the order for troops to stand down. Hammer that point into the ground and then explain how this whole crisis could have been easily averted yet, it would seem all conceivable efforts were made not to. They need to make it clear the administration CHOSE-NOT-TO-ACT. So, they're almost asking the right questions. Almost.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    One or two senators asked her questions relative to what caused the killings of 4 Americans.Most of this was just an ass kissing event for Hitlary so she would not have anything on her record for when the old bird runs for president.

  3. we should demand his release…after all who wants a sick , child molesting muslium anyway.

  4. Sandra E. Johnson says:

    4 American's died and the filmmaker is in jail. Terrorists get away with murder. What a government we have! They get get it right, nor do they want to. Just do what the Boss says. Puppets do that. What is our legislature made of, free thinking people or puppets?

  5. another reason why our current administration does not give a crap about the american people…when are we gonna throw in the towel and FIRE the entire administration and replace them with people who do care about this country. Obama, Biden and the rest of the bozos in Washington need to leave, and if it were up to me, without pay!!!!!

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