Video: Congress Needs To Hold Obama Accountable

And they need to do it NOW!!

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  1. We need a new speaker of the house,
    This speaker doesn't have the spine to lead.
    We need a Col West type he's a real leader and could whip these lap dogs in line.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Congress should but they won't and all you have to do is look at where Fast & Furious is going .Obutthole and his cronies know how to block congress attempts to get the evil one.

    • disgusted says:

      “congress needs to hold 0bama accountable”???????????? Who on earth made this video? And did they think about who they were talking about when they said this line? Congress? Actually DOING THEIR JOB??? Seriously? Those useless freak ups haven’t done a thing in the past four years to even come close to doing what they are there to do! And to actually EXPECT them to hold this peice of SLIME accountable for anything is almost laughable! As if!!! congress SHOULD HAVE ALREADY HAD THIS FILTHY mu SLIME IMPEACHED OR THROWN OUT OF OFFICE SINCE HE/IT DOESN”T HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE! Talk about ILLEGAL! Geez, how many CRIMES has this FREAK commited, and how many times has IT MOCKED our US CONSTITUTION AND IGNORED ANY AND ALL LAWS OF THE LAND? How MANY MURDERS HAVE BEEN COMMITED IN HIS “name” and position as “president”, and NOT ONE FINGER HAS BEEN LIFTED AGAINST HIM! Benghazi, and the MURDERS there, and then, FAST AND FURIOUS, MURDERS UNCOUNTABLE AS A RESULT OF THIS FIASCO IN OFFICE AND HIS “executive orders” !!!! What does it TAKE to get those useless old men and women, and younger ones, to do what they were SWORN INTO THEIR OFFICES, POSITIONS, TO DO? We, The People ELECTED them, voted for them, and they ARE SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING FOR US, YET, ALL THEY HAVE DONE IS IGNORE US, and WORK AGAINST US!!!! If this were a personal business we ran, WE”D HAVE ALREADY FIRED EVERY ONE OF THEM IMMEDIATELY FOR NO WORK, AND NO WORK ETHICS! Congress=TRAITORS! All of them, TRAITORS AND ARE GUILTY OF TREASON AND HIGH CRIMES AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, RIGHT ALONG WITH THE MUSLIME BASTARD WHO HAS NO FREAKING BUSINESS ANYWHERE CLOSE TO THE WHITE HOUSE! As for that matter, he has no BUSINESS EVEN IN THIS COUNTRY, AS MUCH AS HE HATES AMERICA AND ALL AMERICANS! Why, WHY have we allowed this, WHEN ARE WE GOING TO STAND UP AND END THIS WAR ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, WAR, MADE UPON US BY OUR OWN ELECTED OFFICIALS!!!! And it IS WAR, THEY HAVE ATTACKED US IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE, FROM OUR RIGHTS TO WORSHIP WHO WE WORSHIP, GOD, AND DOWN TO THE WAY WE RAISE OUR CHILDREN AND BEYOND! We have been UNDER ATTACK SINCE 2008! And it continues, and it WILL continue, unless we stop it ourselves. it is going to come down to WE THE PEOPLE, WE ARE ON OUR OWN FOLKS, IT IS EITHER US OR THEM FROM NOW ON, unless, by some miricle, Romney and Ryan win on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012. Then we need to make Romney aware that a cleaning of the House is in order………..

  3. Really humurous, expecting that bunch of gutless wonders (congress), to do anything. obama bin laden haas had them running scared for 4 years, and will do so again in the next 4, after re-election trough fraud, intimidation, and violence

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