Video: Communist Chinese Manchurian President Barack Obama

A Chinese general who threatened the U.S. with nuclear annihilation was fêted as the guest of honor at the Pentagon last year. This while state-run media in China was showing video animation of their newly developed mobile land-based DF-41 nuclear missile wiping out the majority of the United States.  And now China has openly published a map of U.S. cities they will target from their submarine-based nukes, bragging about how many people they will kill with one missile—twelve million Americans!

So what is our President, Barack Obama, doing about this Chinese nuclear threat? Calling for an increase in defense spending? Building up our nuclear arsenal? Putting our military on alert?

None of the above.

Instead he’s covering up Chinese spy rings. Allowing high-tech defense secrets to be passed to the Peoples Republic of China. And putting Chinese troops on American soil!

Only under the corrupt Communist-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama—who may in fact be a Manchurian President.

Watch Western Center for Journalism’s video for all the exclusive details.

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  1. Peaver Bogart says:

    I can't think of any polite words to say, so GGGGRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. If our gutless elected officials don't do something about this so call president of the United States of America soon we won't have a country left.

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Obama was giving General officers in the United States military a “litmus test,” a loyalty test, asking if they would fire (EMP) on American citizens. General officers have been removed from duty, including two Three-star generals in charge of nuclear weapons in just the past few days. Air Force fired Maj. Gen. Michael Carey, who was in charge of its nuclear missiles., citing “alcohol abuse.” Two days earlier, the Navy deep-sixed Vice Adm. Tim Giardina, SAC’s second-in-command. The reasons given for his dismissals was “gambling.”
    Military Commanders are being fired if they are not willing to 1) Attack Americans with nuclear weapons (EMP), and 2) Not aid and abet the enemy with nuclear weapons (Chineese). Obtraitor has taken a number of actions that when added together clearly indicates his plans for a military or hostile takeover of the United States, and it will happen before 2016. Obcocksucker is filling the ranks with gays and lesbians who will now follow him into Sodom and Gonorrhea. He has all but shackled chaplains from preaching Christianity. For the military coup de gras, he has been tailoring his top military leaders by asking if they are willing to shoot Americans (EMP), those that answer yes, are put in key positions while those that answer no are basically seeing the end of their military careers.

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