Video: Colorado Massacre Dispatch Audio Shows Police Searching For Second Shooter

As we showed in a previous article, at least two witnesses to the Colorado massacre state unequivocally that James Holmes had an accomplice.

Now this has been confirmed in a search of the police dispatch audio in which the police radio traffic state clearly that they believe there may be a second shooter and surround the adjacent Aurora Town Mall, believing the second suspect has fled the scene. They set up a perimeter and begin the process of an extensive search of each entrance and each internal area, coming up empty.

Why this possible second shooter is not discussed in the next day’s police press conference is an anomaly. It is reminiscent of the Oklahoma City bombing, in which for weeks we were told that there was a John Doe #2 who was with Timothy McVeigh when he rented the Budget truck used in the bombing. This was based on literally dozens of witnesses; yet suddenly, the government stated that all of these witnesses were suffering from a mass hallucination.

Also discussed in the above video is the fact that the dispatch audio repeatedly describes James Holmes in police custody as not being divested of any of his tactical gear—specifically the tactical helmet and gas mask—which together would completely obscure his face.

Was the suspect “James Holmes” transferred to jail and a patsy—someone suffering from mental problems and pumped full of drugs—put forward to take a fall for the real shooter?

Furthermore, we show that the college ID photo of James Holmes released the day after the massacre does not match the James Holmes mug shot/court photos and videos. It is clear that the two individuals are two different people.

What exactly our government is up to this time remains to be seen.

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