Video: Cold Case Posse: Obama’s Birth Certificate Utterly Fraudulent

On this episode of The Truth Is Viral, Detective Mike Zullo shares the latest findings of the Cold Case Posse’s investigation with Pastor Carl Gallups, host of the radio show Freedom Friday and the driving force behind the PPSimmons ministry.

Part 1:


Part 2:

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  1. If people would only look with their heart besides their eyes, it is evident that O's b.c. is a total fraud!!!!! Please – I want to see action NOW before O destroys the rest of America and what it is and what is was founded upon!!!! Talk is cheap —— we need action!!!!!!!!!

    • George_R says:

      But what are you doing? Are you sending e-mails to your politicians? Are you marching down the streets with a sign? Protesting this fraud. Or are you just complaining here and hoping the problems goes away.

      We all need to contact these politicians and let them know how we feel about having an illegal fraudster leading the country down the wrong path.

      • @George_R You are 100% correct, words without action does nothing! That is why 2 days ago I sent a letter to 96 of our 100 of our Senators in Congress! The letter was very powerful and I included this video the single most powerful video I have ever came across. Yes I stood up and did something about our country that is dying. Its time to run these traitors out of our government not tommorow NOW!!! Everyone contact atleast your state Senator today and put them in there place and send them this video again as they are not doing there effing job!

        • Just watch your movie Agenda. Very good and true.

        • Thank you, Wayne. I wanted to send that video to Congress as well, but I'm somewhat of a computer idiot. However, I do call my Senators and Reps on a regular basis. Also send e-mails. I'm not sure it is helping but we can't give up.

      • jon graham says:

        you can write to all politicians you want . they don't long as there are dumbocrats, you are beating a dead horse

  2. I remember a memo from the Hawaii Secretary of Hawaii say to Nancy Pelosi that he could not verify Obama birth. Wish I would have save the Memo I had on my computer.

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