Video: Col. David Hunt: Obama’s Benghazi Accountability Report Is “Crap”

Obama’s 39-page Benghazi Accountability Report is “crap” according to retired Colonel David Hunt. Obama wants America to believe we couldn’t have gone into Benghazi to save the four Americans murdered by the al-Qaeda-linked terrorists? The attack took place over eight hours.

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  1. Obama should be arrested, charged, convicted and imprisioned for life (or executed) over BenghaziGate.

  2. Only one person could give the order to stand down. He committed Treason! Hang the traitor!!!

  3. Obama is the BIGGEST LIAR EVER toof PRESIDENT, and he isn;t even elgible to be PRESIDENT, WHAT A LIAR. He should be put in prison for his lieing to the senate and the public. He is a trador a treasonist, a thug a Liar, And only the stupid democrats like Harry Beliphonte,harry Reid, Pelosi, Biden, Clinton,and many publishers of papers,think he might someday tell the truth.

  4. mr_bad_example says:

    with the election of obama, we got the world's best bargain, 20 pounds of crap in a 5 pound sack! every good sack needs rope to tie it up. this crap has been around for 4 years, time to tie it up and throw it out, it's more than ripe!

  5. Peaver Bogart says:

    Watergate was like jaywalking compared to Benghazi, was murder. I seriously doubt that anyone involved will get what SHOULD be done to them. I wish there were enough patriotic lawyers and judges that would take this on and NOT back down.

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