Video: CNN: Only Police Should Have Guns

In the acronym “CNN,” one of those “N’s” stands for “news.” Exactly what is “news” about the network demanding that Americans be disarmed in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre is not answered.

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  1. Spoken like a true Communist.

  2. Real American says:

    typicall dumbass CNN comment………only Police should have guns???????????Why???!!!! If these simpletons want everyone disarmed… thaen police would have no need for guns RIGHT??!!! OH yeah, I almost forgot, the hoodie's , druggies AND illegals would still have the guns, but why ??? you ask……..of course, the bad guys don't care it there are gun laws now they will be free to kill anyone,knowing full well that are not armed, how Fking stupid cane a CNN or any libtard anchor get!!

    • I agree with you. By the time the police arrived at Sandy Hook, 26 plus the shooter were dead. A bit too late I'd say. A trained teacher with a firearm could have saved many if not all lives. These attacks on legal gun ownership will never stop.

  3. Evil is the primary issue…this idiot is just that. Bet the criminals just love this…they seem to have a direct connection to all they want and will love having a defenseless population to prey upon. And , oh yes, the government can round up all the dissentents more easily.

    • Your right…more guns for the criminals, thugs, black panthers & illegals! JUST GREAT! They better not mess with our second ammendment! Tell BO & all the politicians & celebs to drop their body guards first! HAA! Stop all the FREEBIE stuff to pay for armed security! PLUS, who the hell is BO to talk about murder..look at his abortion law!!

  4. Charles17121 says:

    They can talk all they want about taking away the second Amendment but its not going to happen . Too many US Citizens own guns for them to even try to take our guns away . The illegal obama administration is pushing for more gun control because they know a revolution is coming and it would do to have armed US Citizens when this pice of garbage barack hussein obama tries to invoke marshall Law .

    • What if he sends his mu-slime brotherhood goons for us in the middle of the night. We may have an "invasion"…under his command.

  5. Shane Barber says:

    I would expect nothing less than this kind of bilge from the Communist News Network. What a bunch of fools!

  6. The Sandy Hook Massacre is the saddest thing to happen in America in years! It made me cry! I thought of my 5 year old daughter …how would I ever live with it?
    But CNN and others who turn this in to politics make me sick!
    CNN used to actually be a news channel!
    Today its a media arm for the left wing liberal elite who's real agenda is to usurp our Constitutional Rights any way they can!
    There were 4,000 plus incidents last year where an armed citizen saved someone else because they could… they where armed… licensed good guys!
    Criminals will always find a way… to do harm…
    Was it the gun or the individual?
    Was it the booze or the drunk driver?
    Was it the car or the drunk driver?
    Was it the knife or the individual?
    Was the need for the abortion from the lack of free contraception or lack of individual responsibility?
    Was the drug over dose because drugs are there or lack of personal responsibility?
    Our society wants to blame everything but individual responsibility…. which starts with the break down in our society of the family unit…. the extend family unit of the community, the church ….. we as a society are creating the mess ourselves……

    • But that is exactly what Obitler wants. HE has an AGENDA to disarm American civiliansand this is horrific incident will benefit him greatly..and he is using it. HE made this political and his adoring, serving media is right there to help it along.

  7. Michael Bartholmew says:

    CNN spokesperson looks just like Obama. We are now controlled & ruled by a bunch of half breed, half wits. Not to mention, the majority of everything they say & do, is must part, against our existing constitutional protections. CNN's agenda, is to back Obama & all liberal progressive (socialist) democrats. You go into any federal building. It has airport level security. The presidents own children, are protected round the clock, by armed secret service. Also, the abortion of said 50 million American babies (in recent times), does not seem to bother Mr. Obama, why should a few of the serfs children. My kid, along with me & my family are on are own. Just like the police in south.central L.A., told panicked citizens, when the Rodney King riots started, "sorry, you are on your own". The mentality of those that want to disarm the law abiding citizenry. is absurd if not over shadowed by their pitiful ignorance & total lack of logical common sense (that God gave geese). When you are a political big wig & have it all, at the tax paying publics expense, you can say & do things that us common people cannot. Congress approves all are their own salaries & exempt themselves from certain laws that put us in jail. Whatever happened to equal protections under the law. Just like socialist (communist) governments, the party members (leading politicians), are more equal. It's nice to be King. How about employing our returning veterans (already well trained), as public school security guards & set up a secure zone, like our leaders have already established around themselves & their families?

  8. Pass what they want! i will never give up my guns period! i will get an illegal one form Mexico if i have to! Guns dont kill or commit crime's, stupid people do! If the teachers or principal had been armed this might not have gone down the way it did! Same with the movie massacre!

  9. Michael Bartholmew says:

    CNN spokesperson looks just like Obama. We are now controlled & ruled by a bunch of half breed, half wits.

    Everyone, this site is disguised. I you make a statement (not even using bad language), that is so true & bites the establishment, this site will screen/ delete it. Did you ever think, that sites like this are actually run by Obama shills, to trick us for their weeding out dissenters & make them more easily identifiable when push comes to shove. Good luck your lives under the current illegal aliens, & his cohorts criminal regime. This is my last post.

  10. If the teachers had guns that would not happen. What about the 300+ Mexicans on the other side of the border wemon and children that were killed over FAST and Furious that they don’t want to talk about

  11. I love informing IDIOTS like these that the very thing he just said is already a done deal. When a liberal opens his mouth about guns you can rest assured he has NO clue as to what he is talking about, and NO facts to back up his LIES.

  12. Fact is fact. People kill people and they don't need a gun to do so.

  13. Guns do NOT kill, Evil Idiots do. You Left Wingers really need to exercise your gray matter and realize that we red blooded American Patriots will NOT give up our guns. If you pursue this inspite of our 2nd Amendment "Right to Bear Arms", you will see a blood bath like you have never imagined. We are not as naive as Odumbell thinks, we will be prepared when Obama has his muslim brotherhood try to take over America. I would rather be dead than be a slave, worse than a slave would be to be a muslim. I won't capitalize "muslim" because they do not rate high enough in my book. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

    • I dont know who you are DavidE, but I am 100% in agreement with you and the way you articulate this matter. When the ignorant public starts seeing Obama for who he is and who he said he is, a muslim, then they'll understand his evil agenda. It just amazes me daily how ignorant or foolish this generation is. You keep shouting the truth from where you are and I'll keep shouting from here, brother. And for anyone who disagrees with David or myself, read Obama's book about his fathers dreams and his hatred for white people.

    • He would rue the day.

  14. As to his statement on armor piecing rounds, they are already banned for civilian use. As to the assault weapons they are highly restricted and NEVER used for hunting and to own one you have to have a FFL (federal firearms licence) and pay an extra $200.00 tax as they are true machine guns. The asinine repeating of the LIE assault rifle by idiots who do not care to report ANYTHING but repeated LIES shows the disgraceful
    level of incompetence that is excepted of reporters in general.


    "Never let a crisis go to waste"…but what if a crisis doesn't present itself soon enough? Create a crisis to further the agenda to disarm Americans?

    • I agree,just look at the number of these shootings that have happened in the last few years!When the left starts talking about gun control a shooting like this just happens to take place,a coincidence,I think not!! Most of the people are too brain dead to connect the dots!

    • The EXACT SAME THOUGHT entered my mind when this senseless slaughter happened.


      Ten seconds later the media was on their continued " Take guns away from the public and arm only the military and the police " push. I told friends of mine that their will be crazy people that will kill more and more of the public and those whose agenda it is to DISARM AMERICANS will use each of these killing sprees as an opportunity via the media.

      Obama , acting as though he was crying through his evil smyrk , left an ignorant public with the thought that something must be done to deter such actions by crazed lunatics. His unsaid message was for further gun control measures.

      • I'm glad I'm not the only that sees this sick, despicable possibility. I would not put anything pass the cess-pool-in-chief. "The end justifies the means" – that is what muslims and many progressives believe and that is Obitler's mind set.

        This is just the beginning of a very ugly road. I honestly think he would go to any lengths to employ his agenda.

        His grief acting was deplorable and nauseating. And if he speech (that someone else wrote) was SO heart-felt and genuine why did he have to continually look down to read it? Oh becasue he didn't have a teleprompter.

        The press was all over Bush for referring to the terrorists of 9/11 as "evil-doers" in his speech right after the incidence, but that came from the heart. No one wrote that for him, he was speaking his mind and his heart. You will never find that authenticity in Obama…unless he's talking about "fundamentally changing America."

  16. Ed Mallory says:

    Tell Congress to repeal idiotic 'Gun Free Zones'. 'Gun Free Zones' are nothing but delusional liberal fantasy. They are nothing but an invitation to mass murder innocent victims for criminal psychopaths.

  17. Oh Yea! Only police should have guns…lets see Alinski would love it, so would Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler got it done, (for Jews), ever been to mexico…don't take any money in your pocket, don't drive there, chances are the 'police' in Mexico will have your cash and or own your vehicle, before you leave. These Idiots that call for more gun laws, fools all. What we really need is …Mandatory armed teachers(at least 1 in 2), NO GUN FREE ZONES, – all mass murders w/3 or more fatalities, committed in the USA, since 1950 have been in 'gun free zones' save for one, the shooting in Az.., where Gaby Giffords was wounded. ( it still amazes me that NO ONE in Az., was armed at that event, if they were, they were too afraid to defend Ms Giffords, in which case they probably shouldn't have been armed anyway, but that's beside the point. Gun free zones are 'murder zones', criminals DO NOT ADHERE TO GUN LAWS, so if you want to say go shopping, after the 'gun ban' keep in mind the only person that could come to your aid in the event of an armed robbery, in another armed criminal BIG DUH folks. Write your Reps, congressmen, and senators, demand abolishment of all 'gun free zones' demand teachers be trained (armed) to protect the children in their care, all malls should have armed security, (not one guy for thousands of shoppers) hey it's the brave new world out there, people have been desensitized to death, and horror, these goofballs that do this are sick, and as a nation we BETTER get on the ball to identify and help them w/ mental illness. That is where the real problem is.

  18. CNN can kiss my _ _ _ ! The media in this country is under government control and backs what the left wants!

  19. Oh, I guess we should all set traps around our houses like in "Home alone" to keep our families from being murdered. Or we should all just call the police when someone enters our house with a gun (that's supposed to be illegal or only the military is supposed to have) and starts blowing people away. Oh, but the police cant do anything unless the guy actually commits a crime. What's that? We'll be able to carry guns (with a permit) that only carry six to eight rounds and only standard rounds at that. That's great. So a gunman could walk into a crowded place wearing body armor, carrying an advanced tactical weapon with armor piercing rounds (or incindiary), and all I've got is a 38 revolver with a lock on it. Let's take the scenario even further; I get the drop on the gunman but I get blown away by his buddy from 100 yards away. I guess I should call the police. Oh wait, what if they ARE police? What then? Should I call on the military? They can't move without orders.
    Why don't you think back to colonial times and think about where our second amendment rights come from and why. There weren't any police available to protect the people. There certainly wasn't a military either. Those rights didn't exist during the revolutionary war. That's why the Constitution was written in the first place. Every citizen of the 13 colonies were given a duty to push back any invading force and they would have done it with out question. If they wanted their freedoms, they would have to defend them. If England wanted to take over, it would have to be over the dead bodies of all the citizens of the United States. If they some how managed to get a traitor into power, the citizens of the United States would be in the right for uprising as it is listed as a duty. You want people to watch your show more? Start reporting news and stop with your bias opinions. How about some integrity for once, huh?

  20. Obama is using this to achieve his goal of making us defenseless while at the same time he is giving our guns to our enemy who plan to kill us….
    what sense is that…these people don't understand what is really happening here..
    Oh yes, Obama never cried, it was another phoney act as he is good at it from all his campaigning and pretending his is the most likeable guy in the world when the facts show he is the coldest piece of fraud there is…wake up especially these young people that are too young to understand a evil man like Obama

    • Reminds me of the video footage of "anything fo a buck" bill clinton laughing at the funeral of his co-worker until he noticed a camera was pointed at him. He then teared up and the laugh was gone. I don't remember the name of the man, but I think it was Brown, the one that ded in a plane "accident".

  21. When we let a few atheists take God away from 300 million, are troubles began. Bring back the manger scenes in department stores, parks, school plays etc. Call Christmas, Christmas, stop teaching our children that "God is a myth. We do not bother the atheists, so let them leave us alone. Just think of a world without any Christians. We would all half to be packing guns. The courts should rule in favor of the majority. Then, Hollywood and the television industry should stop making violent movies, where people are killing each other and police officers. Kids begin to get insensitive to violence and death. Why can't we have movies that are not filled with murder, torture, depravity, filthy language and immorality? We don't have to go back to Leave it to Beaver, but have some guidelines. Lastly, when our politicians lie, cheat, and steal, and totally ignore what the people who elected them want, the kids think this is the way we should all be. As it stands, we could probably pick 364 people off the streets and they would do as good or a better job that those elected are doing.

  22. P>S> I know I spelled have wrong, so don't bother to tell me!!!!

    • I’m all for that idea. Police can’t carry a gun unless they are isused a carry permit under the same rules that non-police can be isused one. And at the end of a year the statistics are plotted. If the ratio of civilians who applied and were granted carry permits is lower then the ratio of police who applied and were granted carry permits, the police permits are taken away starting with the highest ranks and moving downward until the ratios are in balance, heh, heh, heh.

  23. My mother told me years ago, “a policeman is just a MAN WITH A GUN”! Today, there are now women police officers, so it is now “just a WOMAN WITH A GUN!” So, the thing is, these men and women are just as fallible to commit crimes as anyone else. I don’t “trust” a cop anymore than I would anyone else who is wearing a gun to “protect and defend” me. I trust myself, because when all is said and done, you are the only one who knows what’s best for yourself. Police are people, and capable of evil, wicked deeds just as the rest of us, so to say that “only police should have guns” is about the stupidest, if not the most stupid comment this idiot could make! If this is the case, then all the armed guards who protect this ENEMY in office, and his little litter of iglets, they too, should not have guns, because they are NOT POLICE! They are only guards. If we want this ENEMY and his IGLETS AND OINK OINK to be guarded, then why do we not have our most precious of all, out children GUARDED BY ARMED GUARDS IN THEIR SCHOOLS? If our children are so precious to those who are now driving this gun control in the ground, and all of them caring MORE ABOUT THE AIR TIME THEY GET, AND THE PUBLICITY THEY ARE GETTING, THEN WHY ARE THEY NOT PUSHING FOR THIS GUARDING OUR PRECIOUS CHILDREN WITH ARMED GUARDS, RATHER THAN THEIR AGENDA TO CONTROL WHO HAS A GUN AND WHO DOESN”T? It seems to me that they are making more fuss over the gun control issue than they are of what actually happened! An EVIL young man, COMMITED A HEINOUS DEED UPON THOSE WHO HAD NEVER HARMED A LIVING SOUL! The CHILDREN AND THEIR PARENTS SHOULD BE THE FOCUS OF THIS EVENT, NOT THE HOWLING AND SCREAMING ABOUT TAKING GUNS FROM AMERICANS WHO HAVE A RIGHT, THE RIGHT TO DEFEND THEMSELVES FROM JUST SUCH EVIL MEN AND WOMEN WHO DO THESE DEEDS!!!!!!! The “media” are GUILTY OF SUPPORTING THOSE EVIL BY TRYING TO DISARM THE REST OF US SO AS TO GIVE THE EVIL PEOPLE MORE OF A CHANCE OF DOING VIOLENCE AGAINST US AGAIN AND AGAIN! Those in this “media” are guilty of crimes against the American people by lying to us, and supporting those who want a defenseless population for their own agenda of nothing more than POWER AND TOTAL CONTROL! They DO NOT CARE WHO DIES SO LONG AS THEY GET THEIR WAY! As neither does this DISEASE, THIS ENEMY IN OFFICE, HE DOES NOT CARE! Those “tears” were NON EXISTANT! There WERE NO TEARS AND NO REAL SORROW FORTHCOMING FROM THIS LYING DIRTY PEICE OF SLIMEY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

    • The problem is they passed a law where schools cannot have guns to protect themselves. Yet we give millions in aid to Israel to arm their schools to protect their children. That should be the focus of this discussion, not banning guns. WHY don't we protect our school children? Our taxes pay to protect Israel's school children. What's wrong with this is it is such an obvious ploy to disarm America.
      They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.
      Benjamin Franklin: 1775
      "Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom of Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretense, raised in the United States." – Noah Webster

  24. Only police should have guns and only " ABORTION Doctors " should be able to slaughter our Children.
    This is CNN views how sweet. This is the problem with this country an we need to end it now, no more cnn turn them off for-good.

  25. CNN is supposed to be news, just the facts not recommending policy or pushing their opinion on Americans. This is pure Propoganda and we need to boycott them until they decide to report news, not opinion. The problem is psychotropic drugs and mental illness not guns. That's like saying ban all cars because sometimes they cause fatalities or ban forks because they cause obesity. Let's get a clear perspective here and not freak out about gun ownership. If you realize how many times having a gun saves lives it's a necessity in a free society. MSM does not report the countless times guns have saved lives. Bias? certainly

  26. CNN (Communist News Network) wants Americans to wait for the police to show, that's a joke. Look at the society we live in, thanks to the progressive loons who promote political correctness along with excuses always blaming someone else. CNN is no longer a credible news outlet it's just another part of the corrupt media.

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