Video: CNN And MSNBC Pundit Arrested For Vandalizing Anti-Muslim Ad In N.Y. Subway System

Egyptian-American columnist Mona Eltahawy has been arrested for defacing an anti-Muslim ad in the New York subway system. The video shows her spraying pink paint on the ad while a supporter of the ad tries to block her. She’s a journalist for censorship. And a class act. (Contains some strong language)

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  1. If you believe Bush had ANYTHING to do with our current worldwide financial crisis, you owe it to yourself to go to and download "Siren's Song – America's Betrayal". Spread the truth. Pass this site along to your friends.

  2. This self described "american" is obviously not native born. Kind of like some other muslim guy that comes to mind. She does not have the right to spray paint on someone elses property…It was, in my opinion, assault with a deadly weapon on the lady with the camera that tried to stop her. Spray paint is a volatile and poisonous substance…the muslim woman also painted the wall of the building… which is public property. Her wailing and caterwauling only gave even more evidence that she should be placed on a 72 hour mental health evaluation hold in a lock up facility. I was so proud of the cops and especially the lady with the camera…Good for you lady! I hope you sue the crap out of this crazy b**** for assault and make her buy you a new coat!

  3. Mona should also lose her job for this behavior…yeah right like that's gonna happen! CNN and MSNBC will probably give her a raise and a new can of spray paint. That will happen as soon as they are able to edit the tape and make it look like it was George Bush's fault. These clueless idiots want to rule the world?…lmao…

  4. She wants to make the point "non violent protest" gets you arrested…So, maybe they will have to start violent protests. Being non violent only gets you in trouble. Guess she never heard of vandalism. She continued after a lady got in front of the sign. They have been posting anti-Israel signs for years. Israel had to go to court to get this one put up.

  5. No one is bragging on GW. They are complaining about the current resident in OUR WH. He has his own record now. It is TOTAL failure. The civilized world laughs at us and the violent world is running the show now. Our GDP goes down again and again. (gross national product).
    Our gov. is in GRAVE need of a makeover with the Constitution as its only guideline. Politicians for 60 years have worked to downgrade us. Well, our current guy is going full steam ahead to finish us off.

  6. This is the face of muslim extremists in the media…She vandalises and assualts ….She should be relieved of her job and any credentials she holds…this is batant act of the left against Israel and what she was doing is a hate crime ……just one man's opinion

  7. Edwardkoziol says:

    This is one crazy bitch of a raghead.they should deport her to to Eygpt.These are the people Obughole sticks up for so I'm sure he'll have Holder buy her a new can of paint and tell her to spray all signs of Romney and any that stick up for Israel.

  8. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Too bad this whacko biatch will keep her job!
    Who says there's no media bias…..

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