Video: CNN Anchor Challenges Jesse Jackson On Chicago Gun Ban

Rev. Jesse Jackson on CNN Friday morning was asked to defend Chicago’s gun ban in face of the evidence that 500 homicides occurred in the city over the course of the year.

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  1. Jesse, youre not looking too good lately.

  2. Peaver Bogart says:

    He still didn't answer the question. What a MORON.

  3. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I would LOVE to go face to face with Mr. Jackson. (a pretend document does NOT make you a reverend) He has denied every time I've asked though. I'll state it here then.
    When are you going to acknowledge the facts Mr. Jackson? It has nothing to do with unemployment in Chicago. The murders have nothing to do with education levels. The murder level also has nothing to do with living in an urban area. Lets FINALLY accept the FACTS!
    If unemployment is an issue then explain why the Daley Mafia took it upon himself to level Meigs Field? He knew it was wrong or he wouldn't have done it in the middle of the night. When Daley destroyed this easy access for business people, it took with it MANY jobs. If unemployment is a problem, why are companies burdened with unnecessary and unjust taxes? If unemployment is an issue in the murder rate, why are high tax penalties only placed on those who don't LIVE in Chicago? As example, if I don't live in Chicago limits, I am imposed a extra $5.00 just to go to the museums. Lets be honest here. Daley has tried hard to destroy the Chicago economy. Now Rahm takes up the reigns.
    Now lets look at education. Where are the parents? Why are parents not being held to task? If you are a Black girl in Chicago, you are expected to be pregnant and on welfare by 16. I didn't say will be, I said expected. This is the only (legal) income of most families. The children born to these young girls are thrown to the streets, as long as momma gets her welfare check. It all comes down to parental neglect. Not being a part of your child's life and making education an important aspect. Not only that, but protecting their kids that can "do no wrong". How many times have we heard "but he was a good kid even though he did some bad things." You do bad things, you're a bad kid! Deal with it parents and quit crying victim.
    Now lets talk about housing. Since the homes lived in are paid with Section 8 funds, they could care less about the house. You see $100 shoes on their feet or $1,000 radio system in their cars, but asking them to take care of their homes is too much!
    Now no job, no education, where does the money come from? Drug sales. Robbery, theft. What ever is the EASIEST!
    Time to be honest here. The crime problem in Chicago and elsewhere comes from parental neglect. No one is buying your lies anymore. Time to come "clean", even though you're one of the biggest thieves out there.
    I know I'm sick of it.

  4. so where is the seperation of church and politics? what a joke this guy is.

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