Video: Clinton Needs Taxpayer Money For Propaganda?

Ben Swann takes a look at statements by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about the need for more money to put out the American government’s message…

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  1. She needs to go crawl back under her rock she came out of she is a lier and a murder she needs to be in prison right along with all the libs and rino her and Ovmit can share the same cell

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      The little fat pig as you put it is a liar and killer.Sometimes I wonder if Hitlary or Bill shot Vince Foster then had the secret service make it look like a suicide.Between bill and hitlary they stole more money then Ma Barker and her sons.Ovomit learned from the best and Slick is teaching him to do white women like Fluke and not get caught.

  2. Linda A. From NY says:

    the bi#$ch sounds like she is working on a one world government, for what other reason does America needs to report our business to the world? that would be asking for trouble and for other countries to meddle in our business. Adding insult to injury, she want to use tax payer's money.

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