Video: Clinton Insider: Bill Clinton Is A Birther

Jerome Corsi interviews Bettina Viviano, a Hollywood producer who was an insider in the Hillary 2008 campaign. According to her, the Clintons were the original “birthers.”

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  1. FBI is overdue to get involved,

    • storkysr says:

      FBI is overdue to go down with Obama!

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Sorry but the FBI is controled by Holder so you know nothing will be done.You can't get the Boon to go after his organization the black panthers for putting a bounty on Zimmermans head.

  2. How about all those mysterious deaths during the Clinton reign? And now Bill and Hillary are good guys who wanted to expose Obama? But they couldnt because they were threatened? Why couldnt they sic their guys on Obama?

  3. Howdy.
    one way or another this FRAUD is going to be STOPPED if not by the LAW then by WE THE PEOPLE.
    it has gone on long enough.
    our NATION is worth what ever WE THE PEOPLE need to do to SAVE HER.

  4. Arnold Magee says:

    SSSTOP THE YES WE SCAM< ! ! ! ! !

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha its finally catching on

  6. Hillary sponsored one of the 8 bills (from 03 – 08) in which Congress tried to amend the Constitution and get rid of the native-born requirement for the President. You can't have it both ways, lady! When she accepted a position in the current administration, despite knowing Obama was ineligible, she commited high treason; as did anyone who knowing assisted this usurper. They should all face a firing squad!

    • Daniel Spickard says:

      Firing squad hell! I want to see him and all who knew about it hang from a rope on the white house lawn with all news media. And any news media that refuses to show would lose their license nation wide. It should also be broadcast in all known languages!

    • Clinton says:

      revolution. baby out with the bathwater. this election next election and the election after that all incumbents must go. what is our choice

  7. Obama is not eligible for the office he holds….Bill Clinton agree's as the original Birther…

  8. B LeRoy says:

    I simply can't believe that this has been allowed to happen in this country. Where the devil are our Statesmen? Who the heck is this guy that he can intimidate the media and everyone else. He is using our own Government to beat us down. What's with that??

    • Clinton says:

      blain( intended) but blame them too. : D the catholic church was it not baltimore where he first started with a shady documentation. once you get 1 document you get another and another and make all the changes you like. the church legitimize is out of wedlock births all the time in changes any type of information a convert wants. honestly there are so many weird things about him he’s close to my age, he just does not act like he HAS HAD THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE. an american, maybe technically like michael jackson son or something.
      POOr example, SAY, madonna’s son. another bad example.
      I don’t know sOME privileged person without a clue. that garden of his wife’s is not fOOling ME. is his mother in law paying rent LOL. BUSH IN BLACKFACE LOL definitely no change and no hope. gigantic increase and white crackers though . illumanati LOL

  9. Edwardkoziol says:

    The Clintons are just a sick couple looking for the attention that the liberal media heaps on them

  10. The only way to stop Obama is to VOTE him out of office. Anyone who would vote to reelect him would have to be brain dead.

    • Sad to say that there are a lot of brain dead people out there! why they idolize this muslim is a mystery! why they won't open there eyes and see what hes doing! I'll never understand how a liberals mind works! They have a major mental problem, and its getting worse daily!

    • How can you "vote" him out, if he will have the election rigged?

    • AMEN!!!!!!

  11. Robb W. says:

    The question of where Barrak Obama was born is not the central issue in his elegibility. The question that should be asked is, who is his father and was his father a U.S. Citizen. If daddy is a Kenyan citizen, as BO states in his book, Then BO is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!! Is an anchor baby born to 2 illegal immigrants a citizen? And as a citizen, is said anchor baby eligible to grow up to be president? According to the Constitution, the anchor baby is a U.S. Citizen, but because neither parent is a citizen, that child can not grown up to be President. If BO's mommy was the only one that was a citizen it doesn't matter where BO was born!!
    This is something to keep in mind with the Republican field batting Marco Rubio's name around as a VP canidate. His parents were not U.S. Citizen's at the time of his birth, so he is not eligible to be VP. Just because BO has gotten away with it doesn't mean the Republicans should pull the same illegal and unconstitutional stunt!!

  12. Daniel Spickard says:

    See what you people here don't realize is that we pay their saleries. If every Law abiding American were to refuse to pay federal taxes, everyone of those Idiots would be out of work. See they don't control us if we stick together, we control them. The problem is we can't get enough of us to stand together, and they know that. So until we (as in all Americans) stand together, the federal government will do what ever it pleases to the people. You people have to grow up and take responsibility.

    • Betsy K. Larsen says:

      I have been saying that for at least 30 years now, “until we stand together”, nothing will be done. I always said it in regards to the IRS, that taxes such as these were unconstitutional, for the original idea of taxes such as these were put into place back in, I beleive, 1913, to help us dig our way out of the depression. However, I read a story by Taylor Caldwell, long ago, and she was born in the 1930’s, she wrote that this would become larger than life, and that Americans would be stuck with it forever, and it would only grow larger and larger over time, until it controlled every aspect of our lives, and our money. Funny how a woman then, could so predict our future, isn’t it, and what’s more, in a novel! I have read a lot of her books, and she “predicted” a lot of just what is happening now. Seems to me that this woman knew more than I ever knew, or that lots of us know………the trouble is, no one ever took her serious, for her books were only novels, and so we all thought that they were only “stories”! I took them more serious than some probably, for when I read what she said about the IRS, I had already said that myself. So, Daniel…..the fact is, unti, and UNLESS we as Americans stand together as ONE, on ALL ISSUES that we now face, and the IRS is only one such issue, we are screwed! The biggest “ISSUE” right now is this mu SLIME POS who is destroying us, one little right, one little Constitutional right, at a time, and will continue to do so, UNTIL WE COME TOGETHER AND STAND FIRM AS ONE NATION………..UNDER GOD…….!!!!!! UNTIL WE GET OUR HEADS BACK INTO THE LIGHT AND TRUTH OF GOD, WE CAN KISS EVERY SINGLE RIGHT, LIBERTY, FREEDOM AND JUSTICE, GOOD BYE!!! And I sincerely beleive, that the key phrase there is this, UNDER GOD!!! God gives, and God can certianly TAKE AWAY! And, HE WILL UNTIL WE TURN FROM OUR WICKED AND SINFUL WAYS AND RETURN TO WHAT WE WERE ONCE BEFORE! BEFORE WE ALLOWED EVERY TOM, DICK AND HARRY TO MAKE A MOCKEY OF HIM AND HIS WORD! AND INSTEAD WELCOMED EVERY SINFUL AND PERVERTED LIE TO BECOME THE NORM IN OUR NATION! GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED, PEOPLE, IT IS A FACT NOT A MYTH!!!

    • a house divided
      st and together I don’t know about not paying taxes but I know I have not taken 1 single sent no unemployment etc
      how can we organize and stand together and legally protect ourselves if we do not pay our taxes and I am not looking forward to martial law

  13. Tatersalad says:

    Conservatives…..every time you go to Taco Bell you are funneling campaign dollars to the Barack Obama re-election fund:

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