Video: Clinton Covered Up Ambassador’s Pedophilia

U.S. Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman routinely ditched his security detail in Brussels and solicited prostitutes—this according to a suppressed Inspector General report.  Further, Gutman was alleged to have been engaged in pedophilia—sex with children. When agents discovered that Howard Gutman was having sex with children—underage prostitutes—it was allowed to continue for months! Why? It proved to be too damaging to the State Department. It proved to be too damaging to Hillary Clinton, slated by the Democrat party to run for President in 2016. And if anyone knows Hillary Clinton, she will stop at nothing until she is enthroned in the Oval Office.

Clinton’s damage control team have claimed ignorance that Hillary knew nothing of Gutman’s sex with children; yet after higher-ups couldn’t keep the sickening activity secret anymore, none other than Under Secretary of State Patrick Kennedy summoned Gutman to Washington to keep a tighter lid on his pedophilia. The Under Secretary of State knew, yet Clinton herself didn’t know? Sounds like one of Barack Obama’s excuses with the IRS scandal: Everyone in the Oval Office knew the IRS was targeting conservatives, but Barry Obama found on out “by looking in the newspaper”? Yeah, right.

Gutman should have been thrown in jail and ID’d as a sexual predator, not dispatched back to Brussels to continue his pedophilia behind closed doors.

But this is only the beginning of the coverup. Aurelia Fedenisn, the former State Department Inspector General staffer turned whistleblower who brought Hillary Clinton’s coverup to the public’s attention, was given the classic shakedown: FBI agents camped in front of her house, bullied her children, and demanded that she sign documents—in effect a confession—that she had stolen confidential State Department documents. Fedenisn refused and has paid the price, becoming one of the many hounded and intimidated whistleblowers pursued by the Obama administration.

But this was only Part 1 of Clinton’s coverup. Remember Watergate? It all started when a group of Nixon’s thugs broke into the Watergate office complex in order to bug the Democrat Headquarters, in order to photograph confidential documents. Guess what happened to the law firm Schulman & Mathias, the attorneys representing Aurelia Fedenisn? Their office was broken into multiple times in a single day. Even though there was money, even silver bars in the office, the only thing they took were computers. Computers containing the files of the case of Hillary Clinton’s coverup of criminal behavior.

Welcome to the beginnings of a new Nixonian administration headed by Hillary Rodham Clinton, set to begin in January of 2017…

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  1. War Blur says:

    you want to see some pedophilia problems, concerning elected officials? go here: armchairsubversive.blogspot (dot) com

  2. War Blur says:

    Here's what this article says: "Gutman was alleged to have been engaged in pedophilia—sex with children." Then it is treated as a proven fact. It takes a couple of brain cells to discover that this story is based on – nothing. Unfortunately, these are in short supply amongst teabillies.

    • David F. says:

      Yeah, that's why the State Department's IG put it in their Investigation, because it's a "Fairytale" atleast according to you. Are you really that stupid to believe that an IG office would put it in their Investigation, if there wasn't any proof? I am sure that the Diplomatic Security Agents saw and corroborated every single detail of the shenanigans that went on during Gutman's Pedophilia trysts.

    • ConanTheRepublican says:

      There is absolutely NO DEPTH the DemonCraps won't plumb to excuse their worst misdeeds, in an effort to keep power, and the Holy Writ of Liberalism, Roe v. Wade. RVW is the animating force in the DemonCrap Party. They are animated by homosexuality, lesbianism, abortion, and free sex. Animal Party.

    • Nuuuu. That's exactly what YOU have. Nothing. You just want to try and insult people for your own gratification. You're like one of those grade school kids attacking other kids on the playground that he doesn't even know. I have a feeling you're attacking because you don't know what else to do. You know deep down you're wrong, but you don't want to admit that and you certainly don't want to look weak. But, at the same time, you might not be aware that you're adding fuel to the fire. You're not deterring us. Not by a long shot. Oh no. You're juvenile attempts at attack only strengthen our resolve. This will continue to frustrate you as you're just making us look more right. If you were smart, you would know that. If you want to feel like a big man, why don't you just initiate an abusive relationship with someone physically weaker than you?
      Oh. One more thing. You skipped the rest of the article after "Gutman was alleged to have been engaged in pedophilia–sex with children." Looks like you deliberately missed the part that said agents discovered that it was true and Clinton later turned to cover it up. This leads me to believe you half-ass your research. This doesn't make you look too smart.


      Game Over<

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Actually, your comment proves that democrats are ill informed obot sheeple.
      Don't like the facts? Just claim them to be false. To hell with the tangible evidence!
      Idiots like you is the problem with this country. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  3. di from Oregon says:

    I believe this is true, there is veritable carnage following the careers of Billy & Hillbilly, power mongers to the core!

  4. American says:

    Its every day, more bad stuff from this administration, such stress they are causing on the people.

  5. JOSEPH FELS JR. says:

    All of this has to be used in the near future if and when she should take a run for the oval office.. These kind of people haven't any scruples and adhere to the agenda of darkness.. They approve murder, alternate lifestyles, the destruction of marriage, rewarding criminals who are illegal entrants to our country, and stand for total dictatorial and enslavement of those who are not of the same circle as they.. in other words they say that they are God fearing Christians but their actions show they are of the family of the Devil his self… Ephesians 6:12

  6. "What difference does it matter" Hil? Covering up another scandal on her watch? That does not surprise me.

  7. Edwardkoziol says:

    Gutman isn't the only one that Clinton protected,she use to protect her husband the Slickster himself because she wanted to be president some day.You know that she had that colon exam and they cut out that tumor she had when being questioned about Benghazi.When will we hear about Robert Menendez and the young latinoes he likes to screw.

    • the clintons made a 2016 deal with O. Read it somewhere. she helped him get the win and he will help her. politics. sheesh. all we want is a country run by a decent government which represents the peeps, not money power hungry barbarians representing themselves.

  8. mutantone says:

    It just proves the democratic moral standard is lacking still.

  9. This story it the tip of the iceberg. Hilary herself is a freako. Remember when Bill said that Hilary has had more pssy that he has. And he should know.

  10. disgusted says:

    death by hanging. #2 to go after obozo.

    • benghazi 2..they should both be beaten and raped, dragged through the streets (after being left high and dry by…themselves). we can go to bed early or go for a yacht ride while all hell is breaking loose :)

  11. TruthandEthics says:

    Most Liberals seem to be mentally ill. Is this why they all act strange and don't think corruption is wrong? They all have this sickness for greed, lying, stealing, killiny. If that isn't insanity…nothing else is.

  12. This is how sick and evil these egoistic Demoncrats are

  13. And Hillary somehow thinks she's in line to be "president"? Hah! We've already suffered under one of them, with the current mistake in office in Washington!

  14. Dennis Texas says:

    does bath house barry know he has compition for sexual deviate of the year. Hillary is just an old bag of wind up for who has the money thats why that gun grabbing beacth may just see a women president in her lifetime if Sarah runs for it.

  15. gene1357 says:

    Hillary will not hesitate to arrange a murder. And it would not be the first time. She is like a Barracuda, only not so slender. Ruthless and ambitious.

  16. Sherlock Holmes says:
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  18. she's nuts if she plans on running 2016. but hey, the dems don't seem to care about character

  19. she is a fracking traitor… done with her…..

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