Video: Churches Helping Sandy Victims, Not Red Cross Or FEMA

Personally, I am awed by all that private charity can do. I hope you are too after watching this video.

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  1. why should anyone be surprised,, he got their votes thats all he cares about!!!!! hussein obama people ,, enjoy your golden shower!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I will not send one dime to help those on the East coast. I hope their toes and fingers turn as BLUE as their state is. THIS is what they voted for, THEY can enjoy it.
    Sorry to those who didn't vote for oblameo. You're just stuck in the middle of it.

    • I wouldn't be surprised if the ones that didn't vote for 'that person' are preppers to some degree or other and are taking care of themselves and probably trying to help others.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Agreed. Those I would help in a heartbeat. Others get what they asked for. I know it's hard, but the overwhelming ignorance and greed has finally turned me.

    • disgusted says:

      Well Seeks, I am with you there, 100% PLUS! Those idiots supported, and voted for this bastard the first time around, and any sympathy I may have felt for them then, I lost on the day that they turned TRAITOR and elected a filthy MU SLIME PEICE OF GARBAGE INTO “office”! Yep, he sure does “care” about them, don’t he? Comes in like the “one”, says a few words, and then hops his ass on a plane, and off to VEGAS once more! Good luck you guys on the shore, you are gonna need every bit of luck you can get, because a lot of us wouldn’t walk across the street to lift you up. You asked for this abortion that walks among you, and you got him. Now, ask HIM for help, how much you want to bet he ignores you, just like he IGNORED those people in Benghazi!? And they DIED a horrible death, thanks to the “one” you voted for ONCE AGAIN! Those of you who didn’t do this to AMERICA, I am sorry, as is Seeks, that you are stuck in the middle, but after things improve, why not pack up and leave that God forsaken iceburg? leave the idiot democraps to their self made hell.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Four Americans are brutally murdered in a terrorist attack while oblameo watched. Next day he heads to Vegas. We face going over the disasterous fiscal cliff. Oblameo heads to an overseas trip.
        Must be nice to have an 8 year vacation.

  3. I know for a FACT that a woman voter was arguing with the polling people on election day about the polling machine malfunctioning. Every time she kept choosing "Romney", the machine would confirm "Obama". After several attempts, she complained to the polling people that she would report them if they didn't fix the problem. I wonder how many other polling machines across the coutry "malfunctioned"?

  4. Remember how Bush was demonized during Katrina when it was the governor of LA and the mayor who didn't do what was necessary to get the feds involved. Now Obama rushes in and does a couple of photo ops and leaves people to fend for themselves and two weeks later some of the hardest hit areas still haven't gotten any help. What do they do? They run out and vote for Obama again. As far as I'm concerned, they made their bed and they can lie in it. I agree with Seeks.

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