Video: Chris Matthews: No Pro-Obama Bias Here At MSNBC

At the end of a segment on Tuesday, blasting Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus for threatening to cut off access to NBC and CNN to the 2016 Republican primaries if they don’t drop their Hillary Clinton films, Hardball host Chris Matthews noted that MSNBC isn’t biased towards Obama since the President has never appeared on the network:

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  1. That's his proof that MSNBS doesn't have an Obama bias? Because he hasn't appeared on the show? When you constantly stand up for the guy, refuse to report on stories that could do severe damage to his administration, and openly put down his opposition, that's not a bias? When Matthews himself refers to the Republican party as "your side" (indicating he has taken a side), that isn't a bias? Yeah right. Gimme' a break.

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