Video: Chris Matthews Loses It After Obama’s Poor Debate Performance

Guess someone didn’t have a tingling feeling up his leg tonight!!!

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  1. Motor Mouth untied…….I wonder if he sniffed his shorts after the whoop'n his leg tingler got in this 1st round?

  2. Blabber mouth never stops does he, nor does he get it his candidate is going to loose and loose big!!!!!!!

  3. Bleeding Ears says:

    It is sad watching someone realize that his God and Savior is just a man. A man who's lies and deception's were ripped and shredded quite soundly.

    I hope their healthcare covers the rehab they will have to go through when the Obama Kool-Aid is not passed around anymore.

  4. Too funny for words!!!!

  5. Matthews was masturbating until Romney spoke. Now all he has is the BO picture at the foot of his bed and his jar of veeinersleeicker. Guess they'll talk it over at the bath house. Not mountian men, men mountin men.

  6. Now my leg is tingeling !!
    He sucked,because he is not good enough to be President,never has been.

  7. Doesn't Matthews realize that when a thrill goes his your leg it ends at your butt!

  8. Dwight Mann says:


  9. I believe Matthews has some mental issues. He is totally out of control. He should have some evaluations and get on some type of tranquilizers.

  10. Al Metcalf says:

    There is nothing like watching Chris spit all over his shirt as he loses the tingle. You Liberals with all of your silly theories about economics have now got this Nation in a real pickle and it is going to take some real adults to clean up this mess and Romney is the guy to lead the effort.
    Move over, the Constitutional Conservatives are coming to the party….. And we have some plans to change the government back to what our Founders gave us….

  11. Edwardkoziol says:

    Old AC/DC Chris Matthews lost his thrill poor boy.I wonder what kind of dog he's married to if he got to get a tingling in his groin over this penquin.wake up matthews you talk about how we should rob the rich to give to the black when you made sure you moved into a white neighborhood.if your so concerned about blacks sell and move to a ghetto.

  12. mr_bad_example says:

    shows you what happens when the media never challenges your words and actions for 4 years (except telemundo) Obummer expected media orgasms with his appearance on stage, the Old man gave his skinny half white ass a real whupping!

  13. Love listening to all the excuses as to why BO was so UNprepared! I'm sure he'll come up with more lies at the next debate. Just hope the ancor plays fair! OHH..where was KERRY! HAAA! Keep up the good work Mitt…Now is the time to hit HARD!!

  14. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I'm sorry Oblameo didn't bring up the 47% remark. That way Romney could bring up Oblameo's racial and class division remarks.

  15. Douglas J. Bender says:

    Poor baby. Here, have a teleprompter.

  16. I had no respect for this idiot in the first place! He is such a hypocrite as well as a fool!

  17. He's not my president…..I've never known anyone to lie as much as bummer does

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