Video: Children Of The Future – Obama / Nazi Indoctrination

A campaign ad by an Obama Super PAC from the 2012 campaign is compared to the indoctrination of Hitler Youth in the 1930′s. The Nazis taught youth to hold their parents and the older generation in contempt, and this campaign ad has the same elements. The ad was pulled due to widespread outrage. The segment about Nazi indoctrination is from the documentary, “Hitler’s Children.”

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  1. the Hitler Youth obidiant to their master the Obama youth their just about the same

  2. We need to rid ourselves on this Nazi in the Oval Office. I thought he was just a socialist but I guess I was wrong.


  4. We need to get the Nazi out of the OVAL OFFICE. I thought he was just a socialist but I guess I was being too lenient.

  5. this is awful and i just wish all the stupid brainwashed people would get a clue already and realize how evil Obama really is. He never registered with selective service so he is ineligible. He has no legitimate birth certificate apparently. He is a communist. He is a member of a church that is “for killing white people”. He wants to get rid of our constitution which protects our rights . He wants to make his own constitution that takes away our freedom of speech. . He has weakened our military so much that I personally am freaked out. I hate this man . He appears to be a terrorist to me. He has blasphemied the catholic religion also, which makes him evil also.

  6. I never wished anything bad on our past presidents,but I hope god almighty himself can do something about this tyrant in chief

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