Video: CBS Reporter: I Know Who Hacked Into My Computers

CBS News investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson sat down with Bill O’Reilly last night to talk about her recent revelation that her work and home computers were hacked.

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  1. Linda From NY says:

    Does CBS has a relative or acquaintance of obama working for CBS? If they do then My suspicion is
    Ms. Sharyl Attkisson investigative reporter was ratted out by someone who knew full well that she was working on the Fast & Furious, Benghazi stories which would have put a bad light on this corrupt administration, Just wondering if this was the reason for the hacking of Ms. Attkisson's computer.

    • RacerJim says:

      CBS News President David Rhodes’ brother is Obama Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, who was instrumental in rewriting the Benghazi talking points.

      ABC President Ben Sherwood’s sister, Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, is a Special Assistant to Barack Obama on national security affairs.

      CNN’s deputy bureau chief, Virginia Moseley, is the wife of Tom Nides, who until February was Hillary Clinton’s deputy.

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