Video: Can The Police Take Your Gun During A National Emergency?

As superstorm Sandy was preparing to pound the Eastern United States, Cam Edwards of NRA News joined Glenn Beck on his television program Monday to discuss Americans’ gun rights during a state of emergency.

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  1. No one! i mean NO ONE can take your gun period!!! the Second Admendment spells it out!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    I'm sure the gestapo headed by Obutthole will certainly try by issueing an executive order but I think if this happens there will be blood shed and I hope the mlitary and police tell Obutthole to stuff it up his half black ass.

  3. Oh no, there is alread a national emeergency throughout the country.

  4. They may get my guns, but they will get my bullets first! Molon Labe!!!

  5. Sreynolds says:

    I just hope if he tries this that he uses foreign police or military to do it because, i don't want to go to "war" with Americans.

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