Video: Can Obama Be Impeached?

One of the interesting points made at the last and most important of the Obama eligibility hearings that occurred on May 2, 2011 (which was of course buried by the mainstream media) was that Americans don’t have a normal recourse to remove Obama from office through impeachment.

That is, because it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service forms are forgeries, he was therefore never eligible to run for President; that he was then never never legally sworn in, so impeachment is not in order.

What to do with a President who is not actually President is a question the American people must address and it must be addressed soon—before Obama is sworn in for his second term.

Watch the full 5/2/11 Obama eligibility hearing:

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  1. NO2Obama007 says:

    Jail sounds about right. And no cushy jail, either. If he has committed forgery and impersonating a president, he has committed felonies and therefore should be in jail. And let's not forget all the fraud and voter theft he committed in this last election. I just don't understand all these people supporting him. Even Democrats. These people are morally and ethically bankrupt and seem to have sold their souls to the Devil. Now, while I would not appreciate my tax dollars paying to support him in incarceration, it is not even comparable to getting this scumbag out of office once and for all. And getting rid of his minions would be worth paying extra, too! And I'm sure he would find many "friends" in jail. He would get almost everything he deserves.

  2. ok so then all his executive orders are nulled !!!! all the people he has appointed will be fired and he will be tried for treason!

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