Video: Caller Takes On Radical Radio Host Over Obama’s Born In Kenya Bio

Thom Hartmann gets educated by a wise caller about Obama’s eligibility (or lack thereof) to be president…

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  1. So, even a liberal doesn't believe another liberal when they talk about Obama's eligibility? The man is just pointing out an inconsistency and already he's labeled as a 'birther'? I guess the idea is to contradict the challenger no matter how legitimate the claim is. Obama does it himself, but he likes to give a simple response, "It's not true." and not back it up with anything. Come on, if this guy really was a legit president, why would he go through so much trouble to hide his origins, destroy evidence, and silence, discredit, or ignore anybody challenging him? By that alone, what else am I to believe? What else can I conclude when all of the raised red flags are indicating something is not right? It has been four years and I have every reason to believe this man is NOT who he says he is and his intentions are NOT toward our benefit. To this day I have not seen a shred of evidence given by the other side to prove without the shadow of a doubt that the man being called president even qualifies to be so.

  2. It sounds like Obama can make any excuse and the media will believe him.

  3. Why wouldnt a publisher or Wikipeadia write "wacky things" about you? Look at you? You are a weirdo. What is most probable is that he is not legitimate because he has been investigated and there is NO DOCUMENT.
    NO MICRO FISCHE and NO MICROFILM — He is a typical lying sack of S&$T and I cannot believe he has gotten this much mileage out of this fraudulent pseudo- presidency. Get his ass out no more talking !!!

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