Video: CAIR Ad Campaign Tries To Rebrand ‘Jihad’ As A Positive Word

This is the nexus of the radical Left and radical Islam: if you control language you control reality. That if you neuter the term “jihad,” used by Hezbollah and Hamas, then they no longer become terrorist groups.

Oh, and CAIR (the Council on American Islamic Relations) just happens to be a Muslim Brotherhood front group found to be a co-conspirator in the terrorist-funding case U.S. v. Holy Land Foundation.

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  1. If you believe these lies, you are low information. Liars liars pants on fire. Oh so when they scream Allah, Achbar. To deceive is to achieve their goal.

  2. mr_bad_example says:

    Islam is just a gutter religion of fools and misogynists, they hate women, abuse and kill them. only an epsilon grade moron would believe they would have 72 virgins in heaven if they "died for the cause".

  3. Yes, and gay also means happy or joyful. Gay was actually even a name. Ask someone what gay means today and you're likely to hear any of the those definitions. Radical Islam appropriated the popular meaning for Jihad and they've done so loudly and clearly!

  4. Any real American will not buy this load of lies, these people are terrorist. Those monkeys muslims can go F themselves. They will never take over the USA as they are wishing to do, and these traitors politicians allowing this nonsense.

    These ragheads, their desired is to fly their muslim flag over the white house and convert America to another third world muslim nation. We the people must never accept this from these backwards rag heads.

  5. disgusted says:

    Well, you can take a pile of poop, shit, and call it a ROSE! Providing the pile is shaped something like a rose………….although how this would be “done” is another thing………but a name can change, each and every second of every day, but what a thing is, IS what it IS! A mu SLIME is a SLIME by any name one chooses to call it, but it still stinks, wears black sheets, or dirty underwear, and is still VIOLENTLY OPPOSED TO FREEDOM FOR ANYONE EXCEPT THEMSELVES, and THEIR FREEDOM IS TO MURDER, DESTROY, KILL AND DESTROY SOMETHING OR SOMEONE ELSE! Slimes do not change, no matter what their name is! And my name for them is not nice…………..because they are THE ENEMY! Nice to know how many we have in our “homeland security”! Makes me feel “real safe”! And of course, the SLIME IN OFFICE, HUSSEIN Obama! That name, HUSSEIN is a true description of what he IS, A SLIME! And, true to his name, and true to his real self, as a SLIME, HE INTENDS TO MURDER WHOM HE WILL, and DESTROY WHAT HE WANTS TO DESTROY…………THE UNITED STATES AND HER CITIZENS, ALL AMERICANS!!!!!!! Murder Incorporated, IS SLIME!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Dis your right no matter how you shape shit it still smells and Obutthole being a muslime is putting more and more into the government this we can expect.However I can't believe the Americans in some states voted in the ragheads into congress.

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    CAIR isn't the only one trying to change Jihad into something holy in nature.The evil regime of Obutthole is always trying to tell us how good these in Dis word MuSlime are.In fact Obuthole is letting more and more into this country.

  7. Peaver Bogart says:

    If anyone of these muSLIMES ever come around my place, They'll find out what jihad means.

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