Video: Busted: Mark Levin Exposes Dianne Feinstein On Gun Control

They are ALL hypocrites. When they give up their armed guards, they can talk all they want. Got that, Ms. Feinstein?!

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  1. Hypocrisy at its pinnacle. Feinstein talks about gun control & disparages gun ownera, including concealed carry holders, while she does exactly what every armed American wants to do for themselves. In addition, she has access to armed security guards at a moments notice. If anyone even breathes hard in her direction, the FBI & Secret Service will be all ver that person like the white on rice.
    Her position may expose her to danger, but she did not have to take it so I want to hear no crying about how dangerous it is to be a member of Congress. In addition, ordinary citizens also face nut jobs… its not just a member of Congress thing. The rest of us cannot afford armed guards, nor would the FBI or Secret Servive respond to an of our complaints! I say this audio needs played on every TV channel there is, every day for a month & if she votes for gun controls, I want "her" gun to be one of the very first forcibly taken from her as they will with the rest of us!

    • she already gave her gun up. That doesn't matter, if she stands with obumbut she also doesn't believe in the constitution and the 2nd admendment so she doesn't stand with us. VOTE HER OUT

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Remember one point. They can only take our firearms if we allow them.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Will Diane Feinshit give up her guns or does she want just regular people to give up their firearms.This nutbag is just like Emanuel said never let a good crisis go.she should go after Holder for seling guns to evil people.

  4. The only reason for any freezing weather in San Fransisco is when diane feinstein opens her legs.

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