Video: Bush And Obama Used Chemicals Of Mass Destruction!

In both Iraq and Afghanistan, by allowing the use of depleted uranium in weapons, both Bush and Obama are guilty of the same thing that Obama is accusing Bshar al-Assad of having done.

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  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Who gives a shit Gabe as long as it protects American soldiers.

  3. Deleted uranium is, you know, depleted. It's no longer radioactive, just extremely heavy. Depleted uranium doesn't count as chemical warfare since it has no harmfull effects from exposure, unlike chlorine gas or similar things.

  4. Oh big surprise that a kid who grew up Muslim would eventually become president and try to get America to support the Muslim Brotherhood… Ya know, I don't really associate myself with any political party, but when Obama first got elected, I actually wept. I was 20 and it was my first time to vote, and I couldn't believe that he won. And in his second election, I was once again stunned. I verbally complained to pretty much everyone who could tolerate listening to my rants that Obama would eventually use his presidency to give control to Muslim radicalists and destroy this once great country. And every single person just scoffed and said I was being ridiculous.

    Christy – near Dallas

    • Linda From NY says:

      yea, I know how you feel, I said the same thing too about Obama being a muslim and destroying this Country and people scoffed at me too and these same people turn around and defended obama.

      Believe me Christy you are not alone, you are a smart young lady and you know something is very wrong. There are many older people with their head stuck in the sand totally clueless.

  5. These "classified briefings" with members of Congress are especially fishy to me. When he initally began trying to pass Obamacare, there were rumors swirling around that members of the Congress and Senate were secretly being threatened, which unfortunately, I don't see as outside the realm of realistic possibility. So as much as I hope it does not happen, I believe with "high confidence" that Congress will vote to strike Syria. And if he can't succeed in threatening Congress into voting yes, further embarrassing Obama (after the awkward situation with Putin) I believe that Obama will go ahead with his plans anyways. It's obvious he has made up his mind about the whole thing.

    Christy – near Dallas

  6. I'm only 24 years old, newly-wed and trying very desperately to build a life for myself and my husband. I feel with good reason that I am far too bitter for my age. When the slogans of my generation are "YOLO" "We're gonna die young" and "It's our party we can do what we want to," it doesn't build much confidence on where things are going for this country. My grim outlook on this country and the way we operate, in the deepest darkest part of the underbelly of our failing system, is based entirely on what I percieve as the truth. And it's becoming harder and harder to identity what's actually the truth. I can't just stick my head in the sand and ignore things, despite how upset I get by digging for more information. Our lives are at stake now. This is all part of the game, and I don't want to play anymore.

    Christy – near Dallas

  7. And someone PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong, but it is my understanding that Obama's ability to pass executive orders CAN get him impeached because (as I understand) he alone can't authorize a strike on Syria unless there is a threat to the safety of our country. Since his authorization of a stike would put the US at war with Russia, does that not mean that not only was the strike unprompted from an American saftey standpoint but that if we go to war with Russia, our livelihood is put even more at stake??

    Christy – near Dallas

  8. Linda From NY says:

    I agree with Gabor Zolna he speaks the truth

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