Video: Brian Williams To GOP Strategist: Time To Shut This Limbaugh Down

Now that the Republican Party lost another presidential election, the hot trend right now in the liberal media is to turn to the conservative-trashing Republicans and urge them to tell the public once again how the conservatives are ruining American politics with their crazy talk.

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  1. I say its time to shut down Brian Williams. I'm tired of letting Obama and his followers get away with all of this shit. Obama is a criminal, a racist bigot and a traitor to this country, and he looks like a cross between dumbo the elephant and howdy doody with those big ears of his. It's embarrasing that he is the so-called leader of America. It makes us look like idiots to everyone else. I say lets do whatever we have to to get rid of the bastard. He is not now or ever will be my president. He has made America the laughing stock of the world.

    • The anti christ has his innder circle of supporters, Hail satan, it's a miracle, how he raised his money so much money and a great deal of it from foreign donors, which is mailed to him personally. Hail satan.. With all of the older judges he should he should get the judges he wants, the next step, will be to take away right to bear arms, after that no more terms and he will run again and win. All of the networks with the exception of one now give a blank check. Homosexuality will run wild, the next sexual thing will be beastality. Charges of racism will be rampant, get the minds of the young people while they play with their i pods. While they support abortion, the next step will be to euphesia, the older people, since they will be losing they social security, they of will be getting in the way of the yount knucleheads, indocunated by the evil one. Soon the number 666 will be issued, beware the mark of the beast

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Schmidt is an asshole along with that pansy Brian Williams and everybody knows david Gregory is an Obutthole ass kisser .Thank God for Limbaugh and talk radio at least you learn the truth.if anyone out there knows the emali address of Williams and schmidt please let me know i'd like to tell those commies what I think of them.They should shut down MSNBC,ABC,CBS,NBC and CNN for never telling the truth about the Tarbaby sitting in the white house.

  3. Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer, Scott Pelly, George Stepanopolis, and the entire “world of “”journalisim” should be tried for High Treason, and Crimes against the American people, and found guilty, taken out and hung immediately! They are each and every single one of them TRAITORS of the United States. None deserve to live here, and have no business at all on our television screens, “reporting” such blatent and outrageous lies each day! They, along with this Enemy in office, hate us, and show their hatred of all that is American every evening, by telling more and more lies with straight faces. And it is Williams and his kind who should be SHUT DOWN and SHUT OUT OF ANY TYPE OF “journailsim”! They have betrayed this country and her citizens with no shred of concience at all, and are complicit in the destruction of America as we have always known America to be. They are guilty by association also, of the murders of those people in Benghazi for having not told the TRUTH as it is KNOWN TO BE! Their ASSOCIATION WITH THE ENEMY IN THE WHITE HOUSE MAKES THEM AS GUILTY OF MURDER AS WELL AS IT DOES THOSE WHO FIRED THE SHOTS THAT KILLED THOSE FOUR PEOPLE THE NIGHT OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2012! Justice needs to be served a big dish of PROPER JUSTICE AT THE END OF A ROPE FOR EACH OF THESE TRAITORS!

  4. Deepizzaguy says:

    Don't hold your breath. Rush Limbaugh and people like him will never go away.

  5. If Rush Limbaugh is so destructive to republicans why is it the democrats lead the way opposeing him .why not just let him sink us over and over?

  6. Here are more stupid stats put out by lieing libs to divide us.70 (not exact) or so percent of the white male vote voted for Romney proving white males are racist. More than one IDIOT LIB has come off with this garbage so I let them hang themselves for awhile befor I rescue the mush brains that might believe this as fact. Lets use the same standard but first lets lower their artificially inflated number by including our white women so that as a race it lowers the 70 or so percent number to 65 percent or so (not exact). Now 90 + percent of the black vote went for Obama so by the same standard that means they`re racist. I think we voted our values not our racism. I value God and country not welfare and union gov, benefits that we cant pay for

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