Video: Breaking Up With The Mainstream Media

PolitiChick Ann-Marie Murrell has had enough with being constantly ridiculed, denigrated, and mentally abused by the mainstream media. So she is officially breaking up.

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  1. Also, do not go to see the movies……they are all liberals and do not need our money. They hate us. Stop giving money to Hollywood.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Murrell is right where are the Bernsteins and the Woodwards today they have become Obutthole ass kissers.It's a good thing Fox is still seeking the truth but sometimes I feel they don't go far enough.

  3. I broke OFF from them a long time ago, all they do is lie, and kiss ass. Frankly, I find their one sidedness and one view point to be sickening and revolting. None of them qualify as AMERICAN anymore, they are OBAMACANS! They have sold their SOULS to the DEVIL and to his SON IN THE WHITE HOUSE! if as a Christian, I am a child of God, and His daughter, and I serve God, then it is only true that anyone who lies as this freak does, then he is surely The SON OF SATAN, AS A CHILD OF DARKNESS! He IS truly A SON OF SATAN! Those who SERVE him, also serve HIS FATHER, SATAN, THE FATHER OF LIES! And why would anyone want to sell their souls and minds to these sons and daughters of the SAME FATHER OF THIS SON OF SATAN by watching and listening to their lies also?

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