Video: BREAKING! Sup. Court Of Alabama To Hear Eligibility Case?

This seems to be the case…

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  1. Charles17121 says:

    All I have to say it's about time this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama is exposed .

  2. Robert Kepka says:

    Thank God!!!Politics can not trjump the rule of law.

  3. Pray the Lord will open their eyes to let them see what most reasoning people can see, and strengthen hearts to tell the truth…our Peace Prize Prez is a fraud!

    • He won that prize because of what he would do. I thought the prize was given to people who accomplished something. Never heard of the prize going to someone for what they would do in the future. Unreal.

      • flip one over says:

        He did not win shit, It was given to him because that is the script that has been written many decades ago, As this is what the whole world has wished and worked for, and that is to see the US destroyed, and guess what, I believe it is all over except for all the blood that will have to be spilled to finally finish us true Americans off. It saddens me to think of all the full measures that were give by so many tens of thousands to end up with a bunch of ungreatful takers having gained so much power that they have destroyed it all.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Mary you know you can't trust those foreigners especially the Sweds who give out that award.Obutthole got it because he was the first half black president.

      • Angelicsweep says:

        It was PAID for in advance!

  4. Minnesota Girl says:

    The day Obama is out of our White House and hopefully in prison, will be the day our country starts to recover. As long as he is in power we will continue down the slippery slope of no hope or recovery!

    • hanginjudge says:

      Well Minnesota Girl you do have to keep one thing in mind. Next in line is Joe (Blithering) Biden, and the libs will make a martyr out of a moron if that were ever to happen. But we can dream can't we? Just seeing him being dragged out of the WH in chains would be one of the greatest things I could imagine.

      • Actually, I think if Obama were Impeached, Biden, Reid, and Pelosi would be under investigation and impeached as well, and possibly facing Prison Terms as well. At the Very least Pelosi would be, since she was the the DNC Chairperson in 2008 for Obama's original Candidacy.

        I could see them making Boehner (not a good choice in my opinion) as Head of State until another Election could be held in 4 to 6 months.

  5. I won't hold my breath. The United corrupt courts of this socialist country will not hear any cases that might upset the agenda of taking this country down and out.. I'll be the first to hold a block party if this phony is taken out of office. He has been elected twice by fraud and a case before the court here in Cacafornia was thrown out even though they had evidence of a million and a half illegal votes. The Obama courts of America will never hear a case against the supreme leader.. How long before we are calling each other comrade?

  6. The thought police have struck again….. If it isn't P.C. it has to be approved…. I could tell you what to do with that…….

  7. Thesooner the better. Where are our elected oficials,asleep ??

  8. Would love to see the case be heard, but watch out for payoffs, just like the other Judges. Hope I am wrong tho, we need something positive here and fast. So much evidence is out there and Congress is looking the other way, can only believe the are in on it from the start. Some Reps. too, sorry to say. How one person can hold so much over someone else's head. Chicago thuggery at work. Rumor about the Chicago mob going after Chelsea Clinton, could be true.

    • flip one over says:

      What the people of this once great country must do is to march on Congress and take back our country,
      That is why the right to bear arms was written the way it was, to defend against what is happeing right now in this so called congress.

      • @Flip one over….You are so right. We have been given the right to defend our country against tyranny with the 2nd Amendment, and believe me I am so ready to defend OUR country against that tyrant sitting in OUR White House. He has no right to be there! He is a thief, and a traitor and should be charged with treason over the many Constitutional Violations, aiding the enemy, and the Benghazi massacre…the fact that he is not even a legal citizen should be enough to get him out of our house and I hope this judge does not back down. God Bless the USA.

    • Oh, you mean like how Judge Malihi got the 3 permits for new Nuclear Power Reactors for Georgia after sided with Obama instead of the Constitution and U.S. Law?

    • Jaskir5984 says:

      Mary, No need to worry about Judge Roy Moore being bought by Obama or any other person. This is the judge, who placed a Ten Commandment Monument in the court building and would not move it based on his principles. He was removed from office; but did not bend. Of course he is not the entire Alabama Supreme Court, only the Chief Justice. Also a State Court is limited in power to matters pertinent to that state only. We need those fraud related documents on the court record and Obama's house of cards will fall. All of these ten horn judges of the past never answered real questions; they rejected the case on some little trumpt up premise. If this boat ever sinks, there are hundreds or maybe thousands of people guilty of fruad. Judge Moore cannot be bought and will be difficult to break, even under duress.

  9. God Bless this judge.

  10. obama is not my president, he has no U. S. birth cert………

  11. hanginjudge says:

    Must be that the judges are trying to find things to do these days to validate their existence. Fact is we all know this guy is not qualified, or eligible. But every attempt to bring this to the fore is quashed by the media. And every time that happens BO can make another claim that he has been vindicated. These hearings are just a facade to give those of us who understand, the false impression that there really is justice in the world.
    True justice would have him doing the perp walk out of the White house in shackles, but we all know that ain't gonna happen.

    • flip one over says:

      You are so right, I have the s____ of, this is going to make BO squirm, we got him now and on and on.
      The media is our enemy, BO could not survive a for real news paper that tells the truth, If what BO did was done by a Republician, They would not only have been impeached, they would have run them out of town on a rail and their entire family ruined for life. The hell with BO we need to go after the AH's who spout lies every day of their lives, and the ones that print the crap. We also need a ammendment to constitution that states, If you don't pay taxes or you are a taker, you DON'T VOTE, Period.

      • straight talker AL says:

        flip the paying taxes would't work asmost of the elderly or disabald don't have an income that is taxable.

        • flip one over says:

          Straight talker, You are correct, However, once, or if we could get things back to an even keil and the elderly and most disabled folks would start making a livng again off the income from their investment and retirement funds, even social security, as the economy inproves. How this works is the more people working, the more revenue is generated, The more all people have a chance to improve their finances, But in todays world with the progressives putting more and more voters in bed with free stuff, everyone suffers, including the takers. Right now the cycle is broken, I believe the only way to get our country back is limit the ability of people to vote themselves more and more free stuff. By the way someone pays for the "free stuff" it is not free. One more thought, Progressives and liberals cannot survive with out conservatives as they need them to pay for the "free stuff" but, conservatives can do quite well with out liberals and progressives.

  12. Edwardkoziol says:

    I certainly hope that Justice Moore is going to uphold our constitution because it seems our congress & senate sure don't give a shit.They let this phony muslim show some paper that any good printing store could have made up or listening to Sambos people that it was in some Hawaiian newspaper where anyone could put in a piece about being born in the birth section.I use to think Clinton was slick but Lord knows Obutthole is way slicker then Willy.

    • It isn't that obama-soetoro is "slicker than slick"; it's just that he has more "skilled deviants" working behind him!

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        madmemere your right with people like Soros,Ayers,Rahm,Assholerod,Jarrett telling him what to do.He can't even speak without a teleprompter.

  13. its about time wouldn't you think

  14. Hope and pray this time the truth will come out to prove that Obama is not eligible to be our President. Keep your fingers crossed.

  15. Let's pray NO ONE makes Judge Roy Moore recuse himself from this case; with Judge Moore, on the bench, America AND the Constitution stand a chance to get rid of the impostor (finally)!

  16. Alabama is where I used to live and I am glad to see the great morals and decency still continue to be more important than some mutant mulatto that is about as transparent as a piece of fudge in a dark room on a dark night in a house with no electricity no moon light no flashlight-but candlelight and kerosene lantern and fireplace-mister rockstar thinks he is really something but being evil just leads to damnation-we the people need to get away from this freak and his immoral ways-this fool wants to defy goodness and dishonor us with his lies- he will be the example of what happens when you think you are like a god and you disobey all the rules

  17. SantaClause says:

    send a nig. back home to kenya in a box

  18. Breaking???This is old news. If this is "breaking" where is the story? Dec 11 2012

  19. For almost hundred years, the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS has been conspiring to destroy the AMERICAN CONSTITUTION and to implement a totalitarian commune-fascist society under they control…what they call the NEW WORLD ORDER, and after the end of WWII the globalist conspirators at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London and the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS in New York, devoted all their energy and creativity to devise a plan to impose on the people of the WORLD their DEMONIC creation…now here is a question, why was Obama chosen by the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS for the pResidence of the White House?…did the CFR appoint him to turn a possible rebellion into a race war?, did they appoint him because, due to his inability to offer proof that he really is a natural born citizen, they can blackmail him with their knowledge that they can ged rid of him any time they want?, it is evident that Obama is a PUPPET OF THE CFR, he can't produce any coherent argument when he is not fallowing his CFR controlled teleprompter. Still, Obama is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, and protected by a BODY GUARD of LIES behind a dark curtain of disinformation by cesspool of dishonest, corrupt, CRIMINAL and COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS CONTROLLED judiciary, MEDIA and a BODY GUARD OF CIA OPERATIVES working under the ORDERS OF THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS…This judge will be intimidated and warning that he and his family will suffer the consequences of his actions, the CIA(the assassin working for the CFR) will show him what is in store for him if he do not fallow the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS "ADVICE"…The dream of hundred years of the INTERNATIONAL CONSPIRATORS is almost realize with the selection of their PUPPET Barry Soetoro, they will do any thing to protect Barry and their NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA.

  20. The story is in the video! ALL states should do their constitutional duty and investigate Obama!

  21. Right now it's no secret that he's ineligible if you look. To be a natural-born U.S. citizen (a requirement to be President of the United States), your parents must both be U.S. citizens. He doesn't fit that criterial (his father), therefore he obviously is ineligible.

  22. Please, Lord, let it be so! For the sake of our country, let it be so! And once he's arrested and sent to prison, we can nullify all the shit he's done and rebuild to make her great once more!

  23. Good news indeed, there is a judge that finally has the integrity of his job and the Constitution of the United States to seek out the truth about all of the injustice that FRAUD Obama has caused with him being illegal. Thank you Judge Moore for standing up. Lets just hope we will finally be able to expel him from this country and send him back to Kenya and let them with him Of course, what he really deserves is IMPRISONMENT FOR THE REST OF HIS MISERABLE LIFE.

  24. impeach arrest prosecute

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