Video: BREAKING! Sheriff Arpaio – FULL STEAM AHEAD With BHO Investigation!!

Also, surprises are coming!!!

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  1. kittyhane says:

    Yeah….bla,bla,bla…..Allwe hear is promises. We put our hope and trust in Joe and haven't got anything concrete done.
    Don't get me wrong, I admire Joe's courage but we have been hearing these things for so long we don't even click on them anymore. I like Joe.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      You're so right. We didn't get results with the first attempt, lets just shut up and forget about it. Why keep pushing. People are tired of hearing about it. Let it die.
      It's not like anyone cares obama is an illegal POTUS. If they did we would have people still pushing to get an answer on this crime, no matter how long it takes.

      • NO2Obama007 says:

        NEVER give up! The devil LOVES to hear that kind of talk! I'm frustrated, too, but I will never give in. We have to stand by our convictions and persevere. Righteousness will ALWAYS conquer! Have faith in that!

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          Sorry my sarcasm to the OP didn't come across clearer.

          • NO2Obama007 says:

            No, I just missed the intent! You're right! I've seen too many comments by people who just don't want to go the distance to get the truth. Pretty sad. I should've understood the sarcasm in your reply just by seeing your icon-love it!

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            TY! I feel it appropriate! =D

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        It may have been meant to be sarcastic but there is sometruth to what you say and that was what was in my comment.

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          Didn't realize it was you Ed. There is some truth in what I said, for some. But not everyone is going to sit back and take it.
          Some will always fight.

  2. I'll believe the news when and if it comes to pass. A "VIP" to break the story nationally? Donald Trump has already done that to the yawns of the voters who could care less if Obama is ineligable. Sheriff Joe better have something that MSM can't ignore…so far the MSM has been silent which IMO makes them an accessory to any criminal acts.

  3. Timothy Lucas says:

    If law makers and those that enforce the code or liberal judges that fail to do their job by dismissing their obligations just like these eligibility hearings the court becomes a mockery of the system in general. They are not worthy of their position and violated the oath to uphold and protect the constitution which Barry has made a mockery out of and commit fraud for the second time in four years. He has mocked our three branches. Isn't it time those of you that are paid by the people, do the work and uphold the oath you have taken when you took the job? Or perhaps if your politics get in the way maybe you should step down. No one spends four million dollars unless they have something to hide. No one.

    • He spent $20 Million on Holiday in Hawaii, but it was Taxpayer Dollars that he Illegally spent. His Fraudulent so called wife spent $12 Million Taxpayer dollars on 12 vacations in four years? This all violates the US Constitution!!
      No One. Not even these Frauds, are permitted to spend Taxpayer money for their pleasure. One of those kids spent $2 Million for spring break in Mexico, another Fraud, and Treason against The US Constitution.

  4. CONGRESS do your job, get rid of this CON MAN living in our White house. He is trying to make America a third world country!!!!!

  5. Nothing is going to happen no matter how true it is. The traitors in this government and the press will ignore everything. I really hope something does happen which will get rid of Obama and his treasonist followers, but I have been so disappointed with the past four years and the election that I don't have much hope.

  6. Linda A. From NY says:

    With all of this evidence of obamy fraud documents, no one in congress seems to care. If Reid wanted he can do something about this fraud but he won’t, I wonder what he is getting out of it.

    And pelsoi too, the witch knows that he is a fraud, shame on her I hope she and Reid rots in hell, they are traitors, and so is congress to allow a Marxist illegal to bring this country down and to be another 3rd world nation.

    I pray that this Judge will be a God fearing righteous man and not be afraid of this evil corrupt administration and give Sheriff Joe a chance to prove his case on this fraudulent document.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Linda you know how the devil is portrayed with a Glenn Beck pitchfork well when Poopalosi and Dingy are rotting in hell it would be nice to see him stick the pitchfork in them just to cause a little more pain.

      • Linda A. From NY says:

        To Edward,
        Yes, that will happen to Reid and Pelsoi, if they don't stop their evil continuation of assisting the demon that we have in the white house. When people like Reid and Pelsoi allowe and join such evil, they will have to anwser to God and will not get away with these evil deeds of treason. No one gets away with anything, you reap what you sow and their time will come.

  7. Edwardkoziol says:

    I would love to see Sheriff Joe best Obutthole but I can't see how it can be done because you need cooperation from the press,law enforcement depts,congress and the senate plus real public outcry not just the few of us who are willing to get this igger impeached for being a foreigner.This igger is a disgrace to our country and the constitution.

    • The Blue Collar Man says:

      You need to FORGET Poison obumbler as a racially mixed man, and consider him as only a human who is corrupt, and lives in the wrong house, our House.
      obumbler IS 50% White, as we all know, but many do not know he is nearly the same % Arab.
      AND very, very little, AFRICAN Black. Using your racist slang for him, offends those of us who pay no attention to his color.

      • dragonfFIRE01 says:

        maybe i'm being obtuse but i personally thought "igger" was just short for ignoramus and i definitely am not going into a diatribe about what Edwardkaziol really meant.

      • Hey, Blue Collar, the words you use there are just as OFFENSIVE as any thing Edward may say. This “i am offended” and “you are racist” is so old that it is by rights, time to bury the whole lot of your idiotic comments about being “offended”, and “racist”. Those words have lost any meaning as they have been used and overused, and abused to the extreme these days. And if the words that Edward used “offends” you so much, don’t read them. Choice, you have a choice. And even if we are racists, which I will tell you flat out, I AM these days, it was because we have been pushed into being this from the dimwits and idiots who insist on calling us this name, and others, because we so despise this freak in office! And at first, we did not like him simply because he is so very wrong for the office, and even more wrong for AMERICA! But, it was not left at that for us, no, we are accused of being “racists” because we do not like this NEGRO in office. And, I suppose you are “Offended” By my use of the word NEGRO! Well, if you are “offended”< this is your right to be offended! Be "OFFENDED" just as much as you like. I do not care. Nor do the rest of us who are BRANDED RACISTS! Because if given a chance, we would not be RACISTS! Everyone is "offended" these days. And if any of us dare to disagree with someone, or we say a word that someone else dislikes, such as Chris Matthews, dislikes all words, even CHICAGO, as being RACIST, THEN I GUESS THERE ARE A LOT OF US RACISTS OUT HERE IN THIS COUNTRY! Take your feelings off your shoulders, and stop being so easily "offended", and stop accusing everyone of BEING A RACIST, UNLESS YOU KNOW FOR A FACT THAT THEY ARE! And, by the way, you are free to call me this name anytime, I have been called a RACIST so much now that it no longer has any meaning WHATSOEVER! Offend, racist, get over yourself!

    • He is a disgrace to humanity. He delights in Murder, Torture, Genocide, Treason, Targeting the Pe4ople to Die by Drones every week, he Hates White People, his wife enjoys 16 vacations with her worthless free loading friends. This is the worst case of disease ever seen on this planet!!

  8. I know it is really frustrating for all concerned. But better to get to the truth and save our nation than dismiss it and allow illegal and unethical evil men to get away with their crimes against America. This affects us all, not just some of us and we are all in the same boat together. We better hope that someone, no matter who takes charge, saves this ship from the fate of shipwreck which we are fast approaching and have already encountered to a degree. No crime goes unnoticed by God, He sees it all and if we persevere, we will win. Jesus said that if we faint not, in DUE SEASON, we would reap. So let's hang in there. No criminal investigation happens overnight anyway. You know that to be true and Sheriff Joe is a law ENFORCEMENT official. This means he is used to the time it takes to make a case and make it stick. It's better to take a little longer to insure you have a conviction than to rush into it and have everything fall apart in court or where it counts and the criminals walk. We need to have patience to make sure this sticks and there are no loopholes he can continue to climb through to escape the truth of who BHO really IS! God bless us all and God bless America, and forgive her of her sins of omission.

  9. Let's pray for Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his crew that God will protect them and give them wisdom to uncover. The Bible says that there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed and uncovered. So let's have faith in God to use these men who are willing to put their lives on the line for the truth to be exposed so that evil men will not continue to prosper. The enemy is always going to fight. He is always going to try to outsmart us and overtake us, But God is always there and willing to help those who call upon His name to make sure we have all the wisdom and resources necessary to overcome the enemy. If we faint not, we shall overcome and reap what we have sowed. We can't give up just because it is taking too long. It's worth it in the end to persevere. Jesus persevered and endured the shame and pain to redeem us, so the least we can do is submit to God and place our faith in Him to empower righteous men to outwit the enemy!

  10. What we forget is that the Law was given to bring order out of chaos and it came as an inspiration and instruction from Heaven. It was given to mortal men to help us live lives that didn't infringe upon another's rights or freedoms. God is the author of freedom, but it comes through the Law. Satan hates the law and all those who are doing Satan's bidding will hate the law and the truth. Let's not get discouraged when we see this backlash but bind it in the name of Jesus and take authority over it that we have been given in Luke 10:19. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty to the pulling down of strongholds by the Spirit of God which brings revelation and insight. Let's continue to pray for that for our officials that God will continue to give them favor. And let's take spiritual authority over all the works of darkness and evil in the name of Jesus, the Name above all others, who has seated us in Heavenly places with Him and given us power over all power of the enemy according to Luke 10:19. Let's put our trust in God because cursed is he who puts his trust in man. God uses men but He is Lord of us all if we allow Him to be.Remember, God gave man dominion over the earth to subdue it and rule over it and we must pray and invite Him to have a part of our lives. He is a Gentleman and will not force His will upon anyone, but waits for an invitation. Let us invite His presence into every area of our life and that of our nation so that He can work to bring about the peace He intended to begin with. Amen

  11. Thank God for lawmakers with integrity, honesty and ethics such as Sheriff Joe. May God bless him and carry him through to expose that Criminal in Washington. He is nothing less than an evil fraud and everyone with any brains, except those sheep that are following him are aware as just what he is doing to destroy America. He absolutely must be removed and imprisoned before he does any more damage. He is a dangerous fraud that is a high risk to our National Security. He is a pathological Liar, Lunatic on the loose to destroy.

  12. This president can and does whatever the hell he wants to and there is not a damn thing we can do about it until he is out of office.

  13. Joseph D. Corbin says:

    Don"t give up but we are dealing with a dumbed down re-educated electorate separated from the truth by blind trust and distraction. Our parenting is dismal our schools get f-grades and waste time on politcal correctness that undermines effective critical thinking You may be able to prove things but will the deviates care.Repent 4 yourselves.Teach your children well give them time not video games.Remember Blessed is the nation who's God is the lord.

  14. dragonfFIRE01 says:

    interesting.there has been a process since 1958 to dumb-down the USA and with what is being taught or not being taught in our schools this is not that much of a surprise. once the ivy league Schools meant something with anarchy leading the fray they are a Joke there is a big problem in this country when hard work is vilified and a person can make more money doing nothing than working.

  15. Sheriff Arpaio & Associates
    BRAVO!! Finally an American, an Sheriff, Certified Investigators together will erase any doubt that Barry Sotero Obama is a Fraud, Puppet, Liar, an International Spy, an International Traitor, an International Criminal of War Crimes, an Impostor Guilty of Treason!

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