Video: BREAKING! Obama’s Ring Inscription: THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH!

Thanks to our friends at WND for exposing this!

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  1. BleedingEars says:

    Get this imposter out of office and kick him out of the USA.

  2. goes on and ON! Libia Lies, cover ups, economy destroyed, my mind is just spinning from all the SPIN this man has given us & the MSM helping this MUSLIM fraud! GOD people…ENOUGH>>>HE IS NOT ONE OF US!

  3. It is the fool that says in his heart "There is no god". Right? Right?

  4. Cult islam in the WH, in our government by decree of a Fraud who cannot speak of his own belief that says lying is okay for dealing with non believers and infidels……a born LIAR

  5. Maybe Al Gore can dream up a good high altitude reason for this one too.

  6. How can he keep up with all the lies ????????

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