Video: BREAKING – Obama: Jesus OUT! Terrorists IN!

This is seriously messed up…

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  1. di from Oregon says:

    Very good assumption of obummers actions. Dah, like we all didn't know who he really is, an illegitimate ursuper, liar, clear and present danger from within. America is not the problem, obummer, himself, IS the problem.

  2. Linda A. From NY says:

    George Town University should had never agree to cover any signs of Jesus and the Cross. These universities will sell out for a buck, the right thing to do was to tell obamy’s people to either accept it or get lost. Especially when you have a dictator whose intentions is to bring down this Country.

    • American says:

      Never trust men, always trust in Our God Jesus.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I'm a catholic but good lord they preach about being true to your religion while every Cardinal Bishop,Archbishop would sell the religion out in a NY minute.They knew Obutthole was an abortionist and they were in his pocket for president because all he had to do was say he was for the poor.When it came to Obutthole Care they were for it until the big O stuck it up their ass.Then poor Dolan went crying boo hoo.Hell they even gave the igger an honorary degree at Notre Dame.So I guess covering statues is no big deal.

  3. Just when is enough of Obama's treatment of the American People, the justice system and our believe system going to be enough to make Congress stand up and so NO MORE.ARREST the IMPOSTER from Kenya NOW!!

  4. Per the United States Constitution, you must be an American Citizen to vote,PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!Arrest Obuma NOW!!!!

  5. It is hard to believe the United States has reached the lowest level ever in just a few short years. Our politicians (both dems & gop) have turned their backs on country and citizens. They don't seem to care that America will die along with millions of Americans. And that is what the future holds for us. All of the ammunition, tanks, arms etc. is for the citizens. What kind of a job do the politicians think they will have when all is said and done. A King has no need for politicians, they make the rules and the slaves follow them. Jesus is our salvation, that is why they want to remove him, totally.

    • American says:

      Of course they do not care, they are on top, and untouchables, at least they think they are. It is time America shows them who is the boss.

  6. Simple and to the point. I like it.

  7. I'm not surprised by his requests. He is a Muslim. Anyone with any sense knows it. Our congress knows it. He is a communist. Again, anyone with any sense knows it. Our congress knows it. There are about 79 to 80 just like him in congress. That's why we won't be able to get rid of him unless we clean house at the capital of the United States of America in 2014. GOD HELP US!!!

    • American says:

      I think a good detonation in Congress would be a nice way to clean up, when they're all in session, just make sure that Rand Paul is not in there, we need him.

  8. Sherlock Holmes says:

    Anyone who was stupid enough to believe he was a Christian, now must be mystified.

  9. People still think everything is fine.All the way to slaughter……

  10. If you ever read your history book you will see that Obama is doing the same time that Hitler did Hitler took over the auto industry and the government owes 51% Then. took over the banks which the government did and started his own healthcare the same time that Hitler did then you own. the people

    • Evermyrtle says:

      I believe there may be one difference in the two. I do not remember Hitler being rabid about even hearing the name of JESUS CHRIST, or that he would choose Muslim over his country. I can see little difference in the two's attitude in destroying the country. Oh yes, he hates the Jews, too but will kiss "in dark places" for a vote.

  11. Evermyrtle says:

    Since I know for a fact that JESUS CHRIST is here to stay, and will be here long after Obama has ever been heard of, how does he plan to do this?. He is trying to poison HIS NAME in the minds of the US citizens and those that listen to the Kenyan do not even deserve to do not deserve to hear HIS PRECIOUS SAVING NAME.
    I think there is going to be some never ever heard events to occur before too long. Obama will not be on the side receiving "good!"

  12. Edwardkoziol says:

    Lets face it Arafat was a hero to Obunghole and Christ certainly wasn't.Allah Oop is his God that is why he hates Jews & Christians.It's a wonder he didn't have one of those Italian tablecloths tied around his half black head.I can't wait to see the Grape Apes and Niglets in burkas.

  13. I serve god and Jesus Christ my lord my King my Savior. AND will never worship him or any other man who dares to think he is a King.He is not a American and he Is not leadimg our country as one.He is bringing it down every day and him and his obama knight puppets need to stand trail for treason.which as a army vet calls for the deathsentence.witch he seems to like to use so much on american people who stand up.

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