Video: BREAKING NEWS On The Obama Identity Theft Scandal

Despite the mainstream media ignoring the Obama eligibility issue, Sheriff Arpaio’s investigation is moving forward and a blockbuster revelation may be in the works.

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  1. Sherlock Holmes says:

    Doesn't anyone know that B0 is from the LUO tribe in Africa that says he is one 1/16 black and not legally black, but a directed decedent of the Arab slave traders from the Sudan, B0 is half white and almost half Arab not black.

    • Charles17121 says:

      Frankly Sherlock Holmes I don't care how black this pice of garbage barack hussein obama is . All I care about is that he is NOT US Constitutionally qualified to hold office under Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution . This thing barack hussein obama is a fraud and con man .

    • Dan Stewart says:

      He may only be 1/16 black, but he 100% asshole.

  2. Robbe Zappa says:

    It would be one of the best days of my life if that treasonous monster was lead away in hand cuffs because the repercussions would trickle all the way to the evil sinister plotters outings also.

  3. Phineas T says:

    The average IQ of the
    American citizen is somewhere around 90. They are razzle-dazzled by the flowery speeches of Odummer and get all their news from the TV or newspaper. Neither one provides the truth…only cleaned up lies. For some reason the media is afraid to report the truth. I believe they are under some sort of threat from the 'Muslim Brotherhood' and will not report the truth. The present administration is hell-bent on bringing America to its knees….and are doing a good job doing it.

    • So where are you getting the truth from?

    • Dan Stewart says:

      I think you are being too kind when you say the average IQ is 90, I would say much lower.

      • average lower IQ for the people who write these stupid and insulting if not treasonous blogs, or lower for the majority of americans who want dems and repubs to cooperate in washington dc and get stuff done in america's best interests?

  4. Obama is not legally eligible to be president. Allhis FRAUD and LIES should put him in jail. All we need is one honest Judge !!!

  5. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    Oshamo knows his fraudulent political days are numbered..that's why he is running around trying to pass gun laws — he is going down! Stand firm and stay tuned. All Americans must protest in front of the Supreme Court prior to Feb. 15 to send a clear message that we want Oshamo gone! Drain the swamp of this evil vermon!!

  6. I have been holding my breath for over 4 years. Where are any of the RINO's to help Orly, Sheriff Joe and others on this issue???? Fake SS numbers, fake names, less than two years as a nothing senator who missed over half the votes and voted present only on the rest. Rush, Hannity, Savage, D'Neish Dasousa's Obama 2016 and on and on. Not one peep from the RINO's and what really changed me forever is the fact that Romney didn't do a dam thing to win. He was handed red meat daily to destroy BO and used none of it. Our system is one giant fraud.

    • I am so sorry to tell you this. EVEN when everything comes out; and it will….it won't matter. Please check the video and you will understand. This was ALL planned. They all knew it; allowed it; and were in on it.
      For some reason, it isn't allowing me to embed the video…none-the-less, please watch it:

      • OMG! I have blogged to have people write all the military leaders that they can find instead of the criminal congressman and senators. I believe amerikah has been split up and sold off quite a while ago. I was shocked to see congressman Roherbacher was in on this. Do you know anyone toward the top that is going to stop this??? We need thousands of Paul Revere's. Amerikahn's are in a mindless texting and television watching coma to say the least. Please advise

        • Actually, you just gave me a great idea to spread around…Instead of writing to those that represent us… since they ARE ignoring us…write to the people we know in the Military! Thanks!!!

          • Only hope now for the U.S. is a Citizen backed Military Coupd'etat…

          • Guns and ammo are back ordered six months and much more out. There are lines at gun stores as I type. Something huge is coming. No groups are organized that I know of but what I really fear are some false flag operations set off by the gangsterment at some point in order to declare Marshall Law or something similar. These commies have been working for a take over for 85 years. Now that the roach light is on them they will be desperate to do something. It's always the same throughout history.

          • Do you really think the Federal Government can contain us with Marshall Law? lol Sure & the Easter Bunny is going to bring nice colored eggs too…Only way they can win is to unleash Nukes or Bio-Weapons… Military Coup is way more likely… Obamas Crew doesn't stand a chance… Remember "We the People" have had 237 years to prepare for this… got way more weapons than the Federal Government…& their out # @ least 10-1…

          • And the hope for you that the rest of America laughs off your treasonous comments as simply an expression of your First Amendment right to be an imbecile, moron, or overall retard. You really want the rest of the world to start talking about an "American Spring" in which Americans are killing Americans over…what!? How much you hate President Obama? Do you realize how fast international investments in America would pivot from us to Russia and China and Saudi Arabia and Brazil and India and a host of other emerging markets? If you thought the President Bush-caused financial crisis was bad (oh, and thank God President Obama saved us from a Second Great Depression), an American Spring would really send our great nation right down the toilet from which we might never emerge. By the way, if you listen to something other than Fox News or the talk-radio guys, America is doing infinitely better right now than the rest of the world–our prospects for a better future are the best as some Republicans are finally beginning to cooperate with the Democratic Administration.

          • Bill the Shill… now go back to the DNC & report that the Americans have about had enough of their Bull Sh*t… You simple-minded bastard we've never gotten out of the depression he put us into 4 years ago… I'd rather have Bush back with $1.85 gas,loaf of bread @ a buck,gal of miilk @ $2.45…& MY JOB BACK!!!

          • George Bush is 100% responsible for the economic crisis. As you may recall, the meltdown started several months before President Obama was elected. However, the underlying cause of the economic crisis derived from Republican trickle-down economics, non-regulation of Wall Street and banks, etc. President Obama successfully contained the economic crisis to a recession instead of a Second Great Depression.

          • Spin it again Sam…Dang gas is back under $2bucks, my house regained 40% of its value back… I got my job back from over seas… you have shit for brains boy…

          • Hey Truth-seeker: Just two questions: (1) Is it really your understanding that the US Supreme Court has ruled that American civilians can own any weapon that the American military possesses? And (2) this is the kind of world that you seek? I think you better re-read your copy of Constitutional Law for Dummies, and also give some thought as to what it would be like if every family possessed an ICBM or a tank or an RPG. However, after reading all your assertions above, I must give you credit: You obviously listen very intently to the Fox News Comedy Channel and Rush Limbaugh. There may be a place for you in the new Nationalist Party which was announced today–check it out.

          • Your reading & comprehension are @ a pre-k level… That amendment was to insure tyrants like King George got their ass kicked every time they got out of line… simple enough for you to understand now? Up to & including nukes if needs be… never enough to keep tyrants @ bay… Don't kid yourself about Patriots in the Military having had enough of the Traitor in Chief… I sense you have soiled yourself @ the thought…

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            I KNOW SCOTUS has ruled on the Constitutionality of firearm bans. I even added all the other courts decisions to help in your education. Help yourself.
            Obviously, it is YOU who should reread the Constitution AND the Bill of Rights.

            U.S. Supreme Court Cases:
            1) United States v. Cruikshank 2) Presser v. Illinois 3) Miller v. Texas
            4) U.S. v. Miller 5)Lewis v. United States 6)United States v. Verdugo-Urquirdez

            U.S. Courts of Appeals Cases:
            10/16/01 – Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Affirms Emmerson Case: Second Amendment is an individual right!
            1) U.S. v. Nelson 2) U.S. v. Cody 3) U.S. v. Decker 4) U.S. v. Synnes
            5) Gilbert Equipment Co. Inc. v. Higgins 6) U.S. v. Oakes 7) U.S. v. Swinton
            8) U.S. v. Johnson 9) U.S. v Bowdach 10) U.S. v. Johnson
            11) Quilici v. Village of Morton Grove 12)U.S. v. McCutcheon
            13) Stevens v. United States 14) U.S. v. Day 15) U.S. v. Warin
            16) U.S. v. Tot 17) U.S. v. Graves 18) Cases v. United States

            U.S. District Court Cases:
            Texas District Court Rules the Second Amendment to be an INDIVIDUAL right!
            1) U.S. v. Gross 2) U.S. v. Kraase 3) Thompson v. Dereta
            4) Vietnamese Fishermen's Assoc. v. KKK 5)U.S. v. Kozerski

            Are you now going to argue with actual rulings?

            As for the question is that the type of America I would like to return to? HELL YES. With out question.
            To the point of every home owning an ICBM, tank or RPG, I wish to defer to the words spoken by Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto who was ordered to invade the American mainland after he destroyed Pearl Harbor.
            ""Japan should never invade the United States. We would find a rifle behind every blade of grass."
            Considering our military is being systematically dismantled, the American people are the only hope to the islamic invasion being planned and openly spoken about.
            How very little of you. You believe just because YOU hang on every lie that comes from this "administration", surely others must also have some type of "educator". It could never enter your mind that others actually READ history, and take it at face value instead of the twists insisted by obama.
            Obviously you KNOW Fox gives facts. Otherwise you wouldn't attempt to demean this channel.
            I don't care what they call the "party", as long as they follow the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
            This is STILL our governing document you know, no matter how hard you want to pretend otherwise.

          • Icetrout, re gas prices, it was George Bush and the Republicans who for 8 years favored Big Oil over exploring alternative energy sources. Re the crash in housing values, it was George Bush and the Republicans who refused to properly regulate banks and the home mortgage industry which led to the housing crash. And re jobs going overseas, the most basic and bedrock belief of Republicans is that the chips should fall where they may in the "free market" which must always remain free from governmental intrusion, so that's why so many companies outsourced American jobs to overseas venues. The Republican Party is mainly for millionaires and billion-dollar corporations, but that's not enough votes. So the Republican Party also purports to be interested in "moral value" things like abortions, homos, and guns…just to get the votes of ordinary people who would otherwise never vote Republican in a million years because the GOP is so antithetical to their economic interests. You seem to be a smart guy, so please just think critically about all these issues, especially talk about revolution or civil war which would play perfectly into the hands of our commie State Capitalist rivals China and Russia. America must not be destabilized at this critical economic time. Bottom line: All these issues are just not as simple as they might seem. I'm tired: Good-night!

          • Sick to death of hearing you assmeats spout the party line… alt-energy… only if it OKed by your masters masters(Saudi's,Soros…)Banks had sub-prime loans shoved down their gullets by scum like Bernie Frank…/ If your not an Independent,THAN YOUR ARE A MORON ! I'm am tired of you assmeats,go away…

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            WRONG! The highest gas prices were under Bush was $2.70, and that was in his LAST year. Obama OUT AND SAID he wanted our fuel prices to RIVAL that of the Europeans. He SAID if you had a coal fired plant he would BANKRUPT you. Bush did want to use our over abundance of "fossil" fuel (it's not "fossil" any longer) over the unpractical, prohibitively expensive, unreliable non-alternate "energy source".
            Try actually READING history. It was because of the CRA of 1977 and obama HIMSELF representing ACORN in the suit against Citibank that FORCED the bank, through legislation, to make subprime loans to marginally acceptable applicants. Bush warned of the impending collapse as early as his FIRST budget. (yes we DID have budgets under Bush) He TRIED 17 TIMES to get a bill passed, that also dealt with the GSE, only to have Congress stand in the way. It was finally passed in 2008, 5 years to late.
            Just wait for the student loan bubble to burst that obama created.
            Don't you remember CLINTON was the architect of NAFTA? That IS how our jobs started to go overseas. Thank Clinton for that one too.
            You also seem to forget it was PRIVATE funds, NOT OUR TAX MONEY, that sent jobs overseas unlike obama sending them like he has.
            Guess you've missed all the BIG BONUSES paid to obama's "friends" during his "bailout". You've missed all the PORK for his "buddies" even stuffed in the Sandy bailout. Talk about loving your millionaires.
            Only thing keeping America solvent is the Republicans standing in the way.
            Even though obama has BROKE our piggy bank, they REFUSE to drop their free rides to work to help pay for the disaster on the East Coast.
            Bottom line: Learn history. You'll find the truth much different than the lies told by your messiah.
            Not only the recent where this "administration" has destroyed our economy, but how a revolution BUILT America into the great nation she had been before THIS attack.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            As you may recall, the housing meltdown came from the passing of the CRA of 1977 (Democrats) and obama himself representing ACORN in ACORN vs. Citibank in where it was ruled banks must give loans to those marginally qualified. The crash also happened in 2009. Wasn't obama in office in 2008?
            You also seem to forget Bush was told of the impending crash with his first budget. Bush started then to stop the impending crash only to be stopped by Congress.
            His bill was finally passed in 2008, 5 years later and unfortunately too late.
            Under Bush we enjoyed unprecedented economic growth and record employment. It was the laws and rules set by BUSH that prevented the complete collapse.
            Just wait till the student loan bubble bursts created by obama.
            The first 2 years obama was in office, he worked EXCLUSIVELY on shoving the illegal, unconstitutional obamacare down our throats instead of working on the economy and jobs.
            Just what DID he do to stop the crash? EXPLAIN what obama did. It was the BUSH tax breaks that was just fought over.
            It was also obama's czars that got LARGE bonuses during the "bailout".
            Next time turn to the historical FACTS instead of the lies this "administration" wants you to believe.
            For the record, we are STILL IN the Greatest Depression obama created.


          • You don't get it do you ,this country would be better off as a burnt out cinder than to let you communist kill it…

          • Hmmm…America would be "better off as a burnt out cinder"…….and you are ready to light the match, Icebrain?

          • Not up to me…Your hero in the White House has done that several years ago & has never put his matches away… !

          • Treasonous comments… Phuck-U… just like a COMMUNIST, spin,spin,spin… OBAMA & CREW ARE TRAITORS!!! Fast & Furious", Benghazi, giving illegal aliens the right to vote…not counting the matter of his citizenship!!!

          • Hi Icebrain: Hey, your reply does not contain one single fact. It is just a bunch of rambling unfounded crazy right-wing propaganda slogans like nearly everything in this entire blog. I bet you listen to Fox News. Try getting the facts from various and well-reputed sources. One last question: Are you getting ready for the zombie apocalypse?

          • Hi Traitor,spin it .That's the way of your communist party,lie,lie,spin,spin… Was trained to hit the mark @ age 7… am prepared to defend the constitution from fiends like yourself… Now back to the DNC shill…

          • Obama & Holder have American blood on their hands…can't wash that away no how hard you try to spin it…

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            If you could NAME other "well-reputed" sources, people might. With MSNBC having been caught "selective editing" video to fit their agenda, and the rest of the MSM refusing to report on major news sources, Fox is the only well-reputed source available.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            Surely you understand that the treason is that of obama. ANY firearm law is unconstitutional as shown by Presser vs. Illinois. In this ruling, SCOTUS ruled that the American people have the RIGHT to own any weapon the military does.
            You DO understand the Constitution does not give us the right to bear arms, it say the government will NOT INFRINGE upon that right. Big difference.
            Second, the American people BACK upaces88.
            Americans are tired of the blatant treasonous, anti-colonialist usurping our house.
            And this takes us the full circle WHY people HATE obama. Not only is he a treasonist, but tramples the Constitution. Supplying arms to the terrorist IS treason.
            Now let me EDUCATE you. It was the DEMOCRATS and OBAMA himself that wrecked the economy. BECAUSE of the passing of the CRA of 1977 AND obama representing ACORN in the suit against Citibank for subprime lending is the REASON the housing market went bust. You can't force banks to lend money to those who WILL NOT pay their debts. Look what it did to the economy.
            Bush knew from his FIRST budget this crisis was coming and TRIED 17 TIMES to head it off only to be stopped by Congress. It was FINALLY passed in 2008, 5 YEARS after it was proposed and unfortunately too late.
            Obama CAUSED the GREATEST Depression we are STILL experiencing.
            If you look at the FACTS instead of listening to OPC (obama propaganda channel) you will find we are in HORRIBLE shape. Unemployment is 14.4%, our GDP >1%, Median income DOWN $4,500/household, health insurance premiums UP $2,500. Companies going bankrupt at record levels.
            The Mid East is in turmoil thanks to his FAILED foreign policy.
            The ONLY reason America's head is still above water is the Republicans standing fast.
            Under Bush we enjoyed UNPRECEDENTED economic GROWTH, and RECORD employment.
            Wait till the student loan bubble bursts that obama created.
            I bet you even believe the newest LIE coming from the W.H. about a "default". Just a new "fear" word.
            NO Republicans are "cooperating" with the Dummycraps. They are sitting back watching them realize there IS a SPENDING PROBLEM.
            We are 1% away from being Greece.

          • Hey Truth-seeker: Just two questions: (1) Is it really your understanding that the US Supreme Court has ruled that American civilians can own any weapon that the American military possesses? And (2) this is the kind of world that you seek? I think you better re-read your copy of Constitutional Law for Dummies, and also give some thought as to what it would be like if every family possessed an ICBM or a tank or an RPG. However, after reading all your assertions above, I must give you credit: You obviously listen very intently to the Fox News Comedy Channel and Rush Limbaugh. There may be a place for you in the new Nationalist Party which was announced today–check it out.

          • True That!!!

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            Apparently, some don't like facts.

          • Write to mid level leaders only. The Generals and such are hand picked by the CFR and Trilateral types. The top gang are hand picked new world order pupets for the very most part. I wonder if the Tea Party's will ramp up and toss out the RINO infiltrators. I don't think they know what to do so far. I have been to the recruiters in my town and they are very polite and interested but I don't think any of them has read much of anything.

    • That's why the politicians want to take our weapons away…that's both Democrats & Republican politicians working together to take our weapons away… They need us disarmed before we kill them for TREASON!!!

    • di from Oregon says:

      I feel the same way nebreht, no one except a few giant patriots like the Sheriff and Orly, have a back bone to enforce our Constitution or even fight for it. We're waiting! God help us, God have mercy on us all, may the truth win out over all the incredible lies upon lies and deceit. One would think that one horrible scandal after another would bring him down!

  7. And the avowed republican,with a first name akin to a body part that needs wiped clean each time he sits on the porcelain goddess,who says he voted for this vermin twice,is a rino,not a patriot.He voted for this circus performer only because he thinks they are the same race & is looking to gain favor.He is the same as the substance that comes from the body part akin to his first name,a piece of s h ! t.

  8. I have always believed Barack Hussein Obama was a fraud falling short of being a full U.S. citizen. I also know he is a communist and a hater of the U.S. of America for which we( I ) stand for. His racial accusations (your racial if you don't support him). And the unstoppable directions he is taking to DESTROY AMERICA.
    This man is NO PRESIDENT and is unworthy of such a title. He's not my president. Benghazi,attacking our amendment right,driving us deeper indebt,etc.He is unfit and certainly unqualified for the presidents seat. He's nothing more than a terrorist himself and MUST BE IMPEACHED. He must be tried for the blind people he's deceived to truely see the depths of his criminal actions. Impeachment is a must!

  9. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I can't wait for the day when all "birthers" are vindicated.
    Why others refuse to accept the facts is for them to admit they were duped by the usurper.
    WHEN (not if) oblameo is outed as a non-citizen, this means EVERY law..err…E.O. passed will be rescinded.
    How great will that be?

    • I hope I make you feel better. That is my intention. They have already been vindicated. It IS common knowledge.
      What may make you feel bad though is NOT ONE THING WILL BE DONE ABOUT IT. They ALL knew in D.C., helped him; protected him; and stand by his side. Their pay-off is HUGE!

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        I mean vindication by an actual response on his illegitimacy. Although it is well known, it hasn't been acted upon by our government as of yet.
        While I agree some do help, protect and stand beside him in D.C., you really can't say nothing has been done. Things have been done. Isn't this how Sheriff Arpaio got involved? I believe what you mean is oblameo hasn't been impeached over it yet.
        The day is coming. First thing needed to be done is crash the persona of humanitarian his followers see. This is being done now. It really started when peoples paychecks went down.
        More and more are seeing the "real oblameo". Once the truth behind Benghazi is revealed, it will be game over.
        As it has been said: Brick by brick my friend. Brick by brick.
        I refuse to quit fighting for the truth. How about you?

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      seeks please don't hold your breath I don't want to see anything happen to a friend.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Oh but my friend, the day is fast approaching. Head over to a couple of the liberal sites and see for yourself.
        They are starting to turn on their messiah. We don't need all, just a third of them.
        The reduction in paychecks started the turn. Now with the fake "default" argument, more are opening their eyes.
        The day is close.

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          I honestly hope you are right it would be nice to see himswinging in the breeze by his penis.Then cut him down and frog march himto jail or back to Kenya.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            You forgot, he doesn't have a penis, or balls.

          • Edwardkoziol says:

            I'm glad that I have you to set me straight because being old my memory is going.I forgot he's a fairy or a ball less wonder who as that great Statesman Colon Peewol said he is just a shucken and a jiven igger.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            What are friends for! =D

  10. Jethro T. Cornpone says:

    Fox News just reported that Sheriff Joe discovered evidence that Obama is actually an extraterrestrial alien from an exo-solar planet! No wonder why the Hawaii birth certificates were forged! Everything makes sense now! We definitely have to start our insurrection at once. Are we calling it a Second War for Independence or the New Civil War? I ask because, you know, I want to be politically correct in referencing the event which destroys America as we know it. Also, today the radio talk-show hosts called for a new third-party in American politics: the Nationalist Party. Great idea! Let's have a unique logo, a special salute, cool uniforms like maybe brown shirts or all-black, and lots of parades in which we carry our guns and Bibles with flags waving and drums beating! I suppose some Nationalist Party members will probably rough up homosexuals and abortionists and immigrants and others (like those Democratic liberals) who simply "pollute" the true and pure American race, and they'll probably burn some non-Christian religious books, but all in a good faith spirit of fun. Hey, we're finally going to get the America we deserve! Isn't that great? Or…maybe not?

    • Hahahaha! This is hysterical! What an insight! It perfectly captures the spirit of the uneducated right-wing nut-job movement! These guys are so funny and so pathetic at the same time!

    • i now know why late nite comics love the right wing movement…….a new revolution…..a new civil war…….and now a new nationalist political party. these anti-obama-ists are a gift that just keeps on giving.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Really? And all this time I thought it was obama that gave you the new tax on your paycheck?
        Wait till he gives you the new obamacare tax! Won't that be wonderful!!

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Don't you know better than to listen to the major media outlets like MSNBC, NBC, CBS or ABC? They throw lies in with the truths. What little mind you have had may be irreparably harmed.
      They took the fact we have a New Party Democrat in the W.H. who IS destroying America and added lies.
      They did tell the truth on you are getting what you deserve. A destroyed America.
      All I can say is Enjoy the Poverty you created.

  11. Arrest the fraud and all the people in Congress that "approved" him with investigating. He has broken other laws as well. And, is really an enemy of our country. Should be arrested, tried and deported or jailed.



    • Don't feel sorry for those two… worse than a nest of vipers…

    • I do not feel sorry for any of the cockroaches. They deserve the hanging tree. Everyone of the demon power grabbers, both dems and repubs, who have worked to destroy the Constitution should receive the hanging tree. Line 'em all up, hang them one at a time, while all the others watch.

      • I agree 100%…..the disrespect, the insults, and–most importantly–the incredible stupidity of these home-schooled right-wing nut-jobs merits them the hanging tree. Just skim this blog and you'll see these numskulls insulting the President of the United States and calling for revolution / civil war instead of cooperation and compromise in Washington, DC, for what's best for our great country. Yes, it's treason! Every single one of these cockroach-traitors deserves to be……oh, wait a minute……….who are you saying is destroying America?

  13. Edwardkoziol says:

    We have proof up the ying yang but the oly thing you can do with it is wipe your fanny.Every day in this Floyd Report we have a story on his SS number or some other thing to have impeached but all it is is talk.We have a giutless bunch in the Senate & Congress who for the sake of political correctness will not take on the jungle bunnies for fear that they will riot.These colored people led by Jesse Jackasson & Al Sharpie know how to make whites quake so who will be the one to say we have the proof thanks to Sheriff Joe and Others now lets go forward and get this lunatic out of office.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Then help Whites learn not to quake simply because the other is Black.
      I thank Floyd for helping keep the information in the news.
      Now it's up to the people to make it happen.
      We have a lot of Reps and Senators on our side. Let's open peoples eyes up to the truth.
      Like when their paycheck dropped even though oblameo PROMISED it was just on the "rich".
      Time to inundate the liberal sites. Push the facts.

  14. I hope she has armed guards around her because there have been alot of questionable deaths of people who try to out Obama. Please pray for her and for the Supreme Court to rule fairly on this. Some on the Court are in Obama's pocket so to speak,so we can only hope truth will prevail.

  15. GrandmaAmerica says:

    We can't count on the FBI or CIA to help us, so what is this country to do? I am still waiting for that one person to step forward, evidence in hand, admit to the truth. Bill and Hillary know the truth, Moochelle and Bill Ayers know the truth. We just need that one person to come forward. Hope we don't have to wait too long.

  16. GrandmaAmerica says:

    Sorry for going off topic but I found this young man on youtube. His name is David Lory Vanderbeek. Give him a look see. Especially the one where he tells Obummer to put him on his WH kill list. He wants to run for Gov. of Nevada in 2014.

  17. madmemere says:

    The tenacity and loyalty of a number of individuals who are leading the charge and assisting US in proving the impostor, in the oval office, is exactly that – -an impostor – -makes me feel both humble and grateful, that they continue in their endeavors, in spite of ridicule AND personal peril. We should be thankful for people like Orly Taitz, PP Simmons, Susan Daniels, Sheriff Joe and his CC Posse; there are many others who deserve praise as well. A couple of "well known" Brits and more! Pray that all their efforts pay off, soon!

  18. Robert Kepka says:

    Thank God for this patriot. How many other sheriffs are publicly supporting Sheriff Joe? This needs to escalate around the nation.

  19. Sory if this splatter all over the page. It was all centered in the original…so please be patient as you read:
    AMERICA'S HUNTERS — Pretty Amazing!

    The world's largest army… America 's hunters! I had never thought about this…A blogger added up the deer license sales in just a handful of states and arrived at a striking conclusion:

    There were over 600,000 hunters this season in the state of Wisconsin .Allow me to restate that number:
    Over the last several months, Wisconsin's hunters became the eighth largest army in the world.
    More men under arms than in Iran .More than France and Germany combined.

    These men deployed to the woods of a single American state, Wisconsin, to hunt with firearms, and no one was killed. That number pales in comparison to the 750,000 who hunted the woods of Pennsylvania and Michigan 's 700,000 hunters, all of whom have now returned home safely.
    Toss in a quarter million hunters in West Virginia and it literally establishes the fact that the hunters of those four states alone would comprise the largest army in the world.
    And then add in the total number of hunters in the other 46 states. It's millions more. The point?

    America will forever be safe from foreign invasion with that kind of home-grown firepower.Hunting….it's not just
    a way to fill the freezer..It's a matter of national security.

    That's why all enemies, foreign and domestic, want to see us disarmed.

    Food for thought, when next we consider gun control. Have A Great Day!
    Overall it's true, so if we disregard some assumptions that hunters don't possess the same skills as soldiers,
    the question would still remain…what army of 2 million would want to face 30, 40, 50 million armed citizens.


    For the sake of our freedom, don't ever allow gun control or confiscation of guns.

    • ONE OF THE PEOPLE says:

      thank you! I'm so glad to see that there is still true AMERICAN PEOPLE willing to preserve the AMERICAN CONSTITUTION and are AWAKE TO THE FACT THAT OBAMA IS TRYING TO DSTROY AMERICA! ON DEC.31,2011 WHEN OBAMA past all those laws that destroyed our constitution, I felt like i was alone in a country hypnotyzed by a terrorist! I couldnt believe people believed he was born in Hawaii and even if he had been he still wasnt raised here and he was doing every thing he could to destroy this country!_ Passing bills with out congresss-Starting wars without ongress-Printing trillions of dollars to give to other countries-Killing inoccent Americans! i was scared! but THANK YOU AGAIN OR REASURING ME THAT MY AMERICA HAS MY BACK FROM TERRIST LIKE OBAMA, NOW LETS GET THAT OUT OF OFFICE AND GET OUR GOVERMENT BACK! AND OUR COUNTRY!

  20. christina says:

    Yeah, I wouldn't want to be Sheriff Joe Arpaio, looking over my shoulder, fearing for my life at every moment. Obama's got some pretty powerful people propping him up.

  21. See Hawaiian Store website with Obama key chains and bottle openers, a legal business enterprise during difficult economic times. The ad is on Impeach Obama Campaign website page with story of fake birth certificate.

  22. It’s all true, Obama doll bottle openers and key chains at dislay ad found on Impeach Obama Campaign. A legal business enjoying American entrepreneurial competition.

  23. I wish Sheriff Arpaio would also investigate "Fast & Furious" and "Benghazi". We need him to do the job those up there on the hill are supposed to do. I am sick of all the pretending they are doing something but aren't!!! They let OBummer, Holder walk all over them. Disgusting!!! Plz Sheriff Arpaio, I know that you will NOT give up or let OBummer walk all over you or scare you from investigating his disgusting behavior!!

  24. I would love to see sheriff Joe be the one to put the cuffs on this half breed son of a white trash communist whore and walk him to a patrol sar to take him to a federal court to be held for trial for treason and what ever else they can charge him with and see him comvicted and hung on prime time TV for his crimes, hell I would pull the lever to drop him

  25. Joan Workman says:

    WE, the true Americans want to know how Obama gets to continue to use someone from Wisconsiin's Social Security Number…when did this person that the number is assigned to die and who was he? The citizens have a right to know, AND how come the IRS hasn't fixed this problem?

  26. madhatter15 says:

    Obama has a birth certificatre, it is in the British archives, he was born in Kenya while it was under British rule which makes him and his father a British citizen, Hillary Clinton stopped in and took a look at it , she never said a word about it but tried ot change the constitution to make Obama legally able to run for President, she couldn't do it so I guess he is still illegal. This should have been enough to get him out of office, I hope what Joe Arpaio is doing works, maybe it would be easier, in any case, I wish him all the luck, someone has ot get this guy out once and for all before we lose our country for good.

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