Video: BREAKING: Forward Movement In The Obama Identity Fraud Case

Carl Gallups gives an update after coming back from CPAC…

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  1. oh Lord we can only pray that they can get him out of there. What more do they need to get that fool out of the WH Fraudulent college, birth, ss # come on folks what does it take!!!!! He is ruining our great country. How in the world did he get in there in the first place and then again. Voter fraud stinks all over it.

  2. He needs to be arested and put in jail he has lied and stolen are money him and his fat wife neads to go now Or maybe are soilders will go arest him and put him in chans where he needs to be

  3. we are tired of all the talk shit or get off the pot!

    • I also say the same thing…they are stalling (the obozo side) hurry and get this done or we will be in a civil war

  4. if he is illegally put in charge then just go arrest his butt

  5. odumbo liar thief trader peice of shit should be brought up on charges. not even american citizen muslim not zeee

  6. All that is necessary for Evil to triumph is for Good Men to do Nothing. Now is not the time to do nothing. Obama's fraud has to be exposed and him removed. and put in prison for the many UnConstitutional acts he has done. Never in the History of this country have we had anyone is evil and wicked as he.

  7. This will not go anywhere when all you have are the cowards and traitors in the republican house of representatives. If they wanted to do anything for this country they would have acted by now….john boehner and his cowards are the reason we are in this mess.

  8. As a veteran, and as an American I thank you for your efforts! Either Obama
    (If that is his name) was born here, or was not. We all know he was not born here; otherwise he would know about the US constitution! You must prove and remove this unamerican! Period. Arrest and make him repay the citizens of this country for: solandra, and all his vacations! And and and… He is the largest welfare recipient on the books! Please I beg you, remove this guy now! I am only a citizen; and I am tired of watching morals recline, freedoms for whites made irreverent (and let me point out mr Obama makes no alliance to his own races: black or white people! He is Muslim as you know. Anyway, please do what is just! We give illegals amnesty fr breaking the law? Let illegals out of jail; while Biden spends $500,000 a day per trip! This is not how we roll in America ! What can I do to help your cause? Courtesy of Obama, money is tight for me but I have time and resources. God bless you. And God bless America!! (Yeah I said “God” bless America!

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