Video: Boehner Calls NSA Whistleblower A Traitor

In an interview with GMA this morning, Boehner called NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden a traitor, saying that the leaking of these programs hurts national security. Of course, he fails to describe how that is so. What he is advocating is treating us all as criminals without any proof of guilt.

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  1. Puddentain says:

    Having Boehner as a speaker is NOT doing GOP any favors. This guy sounds like a hillbilly directly out of a small rural town high school without any further education. I mean he sounds DUMB…….Better switch the guard during midterms.

  2. The Whistle blower is a hero. American's need to wake up. The government it the traitor and violated every American's rights. They will use this information against the American people and those in government to get what they want. This is NOT about national safety. It is about controlling the American Citizen's.

    Boehner is part of the problem in America and a traitor to the rights of the American people.

    • Bob Chapman says:

      You are exactly correct Tina.

      As Jim Carrey once said " It's TIME for an overhaul ". I can't say much for Carrey's political perspective BUT I can say that overhauling this government is seriously overdue.

    • Greeger says:

      Amen Tina. What do you think would have happened if this whistleblower would have taken to Congress? The same thing that has happened with Congress covering up the fake birth certificate, phony Conn SS#, and fraudulent Selective Service document absolutely nothing! Thanks for your comment!

  3. They are just mad at what else the guy has on them ….they are all a bunch of crooks so why dont we have all their records …. Obama cant even forge good records or pictures so imagine what his real records are like

  4. American says:

    Boehner is upset because we the people found out how they all in the senate and congress and administration is violating our rights.

  5. Patriot says:

    So, let me get this straight, if you expose unconstitutional corruption, and government malfeasance, then you are the traitor? I think it's time for Bone-er to retire.

    • I wouldn't mind seeing him dragged out of office……. crying, wet-nosed, farting and pi$$ing his pants.

      • jon graham says:

        i'd like to know how a so called list of phone numbers ,without names(wink-wink) can be a national threat in boners rino mind

  6. Bonehead is nothing but a drunk and a ass kisser to Ovmit and Reid We need to get him out of are goverment he is a pice of scum send emails and letters to the republicans and demand that they get him out of speaker now He makes me sick

    • I have sent emails to Boehner and asked him to resign the Speaker position. I have zero faith in him because he is weak and spineless. Unfortunately, my Rep is a Dem so he doesn't care

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Maxine you said a mouthful there and it's all true.

  7. nexgenesis says:

    Speaker Boner is aligning himself with all the wrong people in Washington. If he thinks that this regime is in anyway operating in the best interest of America, then he needs to resign immediately. This is the guy that has the power to defund obamacare. This is the guy that should be spearheading the Benghazi coverup that cost the lives of 4 Americans. This is the guy that was not aware of the IRS targeting conservative organizations. This is the man who is waging war against Christians. This the man who has opened wide the doors for homosexuals in the Armed Forces and at the same time coming down hard on Chriistians in the service, subjecting them to retalitation if they even mention God. Boner needs to be replaced by a Republican that is not no enamoured with obama.

    • Boner has to be replaced by an American!

    • Yes he certainly has something in common with Mr. Snowden,like violating his oath of office.At least he went out without kissing ass.

    • Bob Chapman says:

      Boehner is the NWO's " choirboy ".

      He's preaching the O'Bombus Way gospel via an owned media to a public that shows little concern. Too busy with their cell phones , PS3 or watching sports I believe.

      Is there anyone left in America that will FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT ?

  8. Boehner needs to resign the Speaker position. He is weak and will do nothing to upset O's plans. I have emailed him and never get a response back.

    • Hey neleh: I sent this "loser" several "E" Mails and apparently he didn't like being told to "get off his a** and start fighting so he blocked my "E" mails to him. Thiws is the kind of no-good SOB that we are dealing with.

    • Greeger says:

      Hey Neleh. Boehner is in on the whole con by the communist regime. He is a weinee and no friend of the Republican party.

  9. ralph collier says:

    So Boehner if Snowden is a traitor for informing the American people they were being spied upon, a clear violation of their Constitutional rights, then you must be a full-blown liberal/socialist hiding behind a conservative front………why don't all of you corrupt, greedy, self-centered, egotists, take yourself home and let 'We the People' fix the mess all of you have made… seem to forget John that 'We the People' hired you and when you don't do the job……'s time to go home……..and for what you and your colleagues in congress have done the last few years to this country……..I think traitor better fits your actions than those of Snowden…….

  10. BooHoo Boehner is nothing but a whining, nose-blowing retard! He's so stupid, he fights for the wrong side. Hey democrats, you can have him and welcome to him.

  11. Way I see it Boner is the TRAITOR for thinking that it's alright for the government to spy on American Citizens… than again Boner has no idea as to what's in our Constitution & Bill of Rights… if he did he would of pulled the rug out from underneath Obama & crew a long time ago… instead of handing out unlimited free passes… :(

  12. yaki534 says:

    Boehner is on Obama's side. I do believe he needs replaced.

  13. mutantone says:

    If only Boehner were serious about such charges all the while he allows the president to commit treasonous actions over and over again since he has not even attempted to bring charges against Obama administration he has no room to say Edward Snowden is a traitor for releasing the information exposing Obama's criminal activities .
    After all Obama has done so in several ways: He gave the Russians the classified information concerning the Missiles Defensive shield allowing them a means to negate it.
    He placed know members of the Muslim Brotherhood inside of Homeland Security, the white house and the office of the secretary of State, and surely they had nothing to do with the naming, hunting down and killing of all the CIA's agents in the Middle East.
    Obama is continuing to fund and supply the Muslim Brotherhood groups in the Middle East even those involved in the attack on the Benghazi Station.
    Obama has continued to fund and supply the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and his administration is continuing to fund them in-spite of congressional disapproval.
    Obama is still destroying the capabilities of our Military at a rate meant to destroy it under the guise of "Sequestration" while his wife cries out "Let them Eat Cake" as he plays the fiddle on the balcony of the white house.

  14. keester says:

    this guy really is a pos….he has to go.

  15. oldgringo says:

    Boehner is a cry baby and a loser…Who care what this moron thinks…Surprise… I'm a Republican!

  16. Why do they have to monitor everyone? Perhaps because they allow every freaking foreigner into our land. Will they secure the borders? NO. Do they keep allowing muslims and drug cartels in? Yes. So instead of allowing a few people to our land from trusted countries, they decide to take every ones freedom away. After all, everything has to be almighty fair. Yuck.

  17. Edwardkoziol says:

    John Boner should look in a mirror to see a traitor.This man has betrayed the conservative republican every chance he had.Obummer has beat this idiot on every turn of the card.I'm ashamed of this golfing buddy of Obummer.

  18. sally fama says:

    I disagree entirely! Our president is the traitor. It's hard to believe that searching our emails and comments on the social media is curtailing terrorism. If it was preventing terrorism, how do you explain the Fort Hood massacre or the Boston Bombers? There were a couple of other events that they would have discovered if they were indeed looking at these emails and comments on facebook, or listening to phone messages.

    I think the real reason for President Obama's concern with our communications is to know what is being said about him! His ego is super-sensitive to criticism to the point of obsession.

    Snowden is a hero. President Obama compromised our Constitutional rights.

  19. smart AND white?! says:

    They should have an IQ requirement for campaigns like this, to prevent all you morons from even trying this in the first place. I bet all of you are the same morons that said nothing while Bush pissed away our economy and our future. You're all a joke and I hope you all get deported for your bigotry and idiocy, but in the mean time I'll enjoy laughing at this "campaign"

    • Hey Smarty and maybe white? or Not

      yes Bush did pissed our economy and did a lot of damage, however this Obama is worst then Bush. Obama is a communist and he is killing our economy and giving away tax payer's money of a tune of Billions to the muslim brotherhood. If this was a contest of who is the worst president this Country ever had, I say Obama wins, Obama is a con man. This dictator has no business being POTUS with his fraudulent birth certificate. What happen to Hope and Change?, I been waiting since 2008

    • You're frightened, aren't you? If we really had nothing on Obama, he and you would have nothing to worry about. You're sentence heavily suggests to me that you feel threatened by us. After all, you don't have anything except angry and empty words that are doing absolutely nothing to the resolve of this movement. You are afraid of us. You are afraid we are right and you must know deep down that you're wrong otherwise you'd have something smarter to say. Instead, you decided to resort to attack. The kind of attack first graders resort to when they know they're wrong. Wanna' try again at a smart comment? You can stay on the sinking ship if you want.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      So you call unprecedented economic growth and record job creation, private not government at that, pissing away our economy and future?
      People who know the truth and not the lies and propaganda coming from this 'administration' don't buy your lies.

      You do know the economy returned to growth in the fourth quarter of 2001 and continued to grow for 24 consecutive quarters. The economy grew at a rapid pace of 7.5 percent above inflation during the third quarter of 2003 – the highest since 1984. The President's tax relief reduced the marginal effective tax rate on new investment, which encourages additional investment and, in the long-term, higher wages for workers.
      Not only that, but from 2005 to 2007, tax revenues grew faster than the economy. The ratio of receipts to GDP rose to 18.8 percent in 2007, above the 40-year average. Between 2004 and 2006, capital gains realizations grew by approximately 60 percent. Growth in corporate income tax receipts was especially strong in the President's second term, nearly doubling between 2004 and 2007 and contributing a full percentage point to the increase in the total federal receipts-to-GDP share.
      What has the GDP been for the last four years? Single digit maybe?
      Have you forgotten that the financial crises was created by Clinton and the Democrats? How about the housing bubble created by the democrat passed CRA of 1977 and oblameo himself representing ACORN in a suit against Citibank forcing them to give sub-prime loans to marginally qualified applicants.

      Don't you know Bush addressed the weakness in the economy early in 2008 by leading the bipartisan passage of an economic growth package that boosted consumer spending and encouraged businesses to expand, returning more than $96 billion to Americans. When the financial crisis intensified, President Bush led the passage and implementation of a rescue plan that helped address the root of the financial crisis, protected the deposits of individuals and small businesses, and helped enable credit to remain available to individuals and families. Moreover, he convened a summit with the leaders of the G-20 nations to discuss efforts to strengthen economic growth, deal with the financial crisis, reaffirm a commitment to free market principles, and lay the foundation for reform to help ensure that a similar crisis does not happen again.

      President Bush's first budget warned that "financial trouble of a large GSE could cause strong repercussions in financial markets." In 2003, the Administration began calling for a new GSE regulator. Despite resistance from Congress, President Bush continued to call for GSE reform until Congress finally acted in 2008 to provide the additional oversight the President requested five years earlier. Unfortunately, the reform came too late to prevent systemic consequences.

      Of course you're laughing. You don't know the facts, for if you did, you wouldn't be supporting the failure in office.
      No doubt I'm laughing at your ignorance.

  20. Bob Chapman says:

    Boehner is simply a GIANT LIAR who has decided that " spying on American citizens " in ANT sense is a " governmental dictate which he and his colleagues in the Senate have decided is not an infringement on our rights as citizens of the USA. "


    There I said it for ALL of us that have been wanting to for soooooooooo very long.

    Now – let's find a simple method of ridding the USA of his presence in the Senate ASAP.

  21. John boehner is, and always has been a rhino. I commend the NSA leaker for bringing a spot light to the Obama administration on their spying on American citizens. This has nothing to do with national security but everything to do with targeting citizens who do not conform to their beliefs. This is dangerous and can only lead to socialist country, one where the government owns everything and taking away all of our rights. Both Obama, his administration, along with all of the rhinos in both houses.

  22. David F. says:

    Boehner is a gutless sack of Shit who should get his butt Impeached for not following his Oath of Office in defending the U.S. Constitution!! Boehner, Reid, Pelosi, Holder, and Obama are the biggest traitors this nation has ever known!!

    • geraldloeb says:

      You got it. When the revolution comes (and it will), people like Boehner, Big Mama Obama, the Supreme Court, etc., will be blown away to dust with prejudice. They are afraid that with the internet, they cannot control the info flow any more. And they are scared. They just want one major natural disaster or attack on the US to justify taking away all our rights as a people and as human beings. Store your guns, count your ammo, and get ready. Teach your children well because they will pay the worst price. I am an ex-Army officer who served three decades for America; it is not America any more, it is Amerika.

  23. Bohner and the whole Obama team belong in jail they are all traitors Snowden is a hero!

  24. Kriemhild says:

    Benedict Arnold Boehner is a traitor.

    • Truegrit says:

      Boener is the gutless traitor and his selling the country out so many times more than proves it. Boehner is a Bilderbirger puppet and does what the Rockefeller/Soros/Rothchild triokia tells this brainless moron to do. The American People dont trust the Boehner /Bama/Ried gang and we must vote this garbage out of office. This goes for Greasy Palosi,Barb Boxer,J.McCain,McConnel,Graham and the rest off these backstabbers !

  25. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    Boehner and the mysterious Muslim squatter and freeloader at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are just two golfing, smoking, and beer buddies. God only knows what sort of gambling they do on the golf course:

    Boehner: "OK, Prez, if you win this hole, out goes the 4th Amendment!!!"
    Obama: "Really, John?!? Can I go ahead and arrest Snowden without a Congressional investigation???
    Boehner: "SURE!!!! Not even a hiccup! Hell, I'll even call him a TRAITOR on live tv!! How's that???"
    Obama: "Can I get Illegal Immigration passed in the House, too???"
    Boehner: "Hey, Prez, don't push your luck: one hole at a time, OKAY?!?"

  26. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    Boehner and Oblivion's idea of Constitutional government:


  27. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    It is widely rumored that the NSA is preparing DHS "kill lists" with this data. To be at the top of the dissident kill list, a rating is established based on the following criteria:

    1.) alternative news websites visited
    2.) Third Party voter, especially Libertarian or Constitution Party
    3.) Birther
    4.) gun owner
    5.) military veteran
    6.) Christian

    That covers all of my bases. If we do not stand up against this tyranny and criminal mafia in the District of Criminals that has killed Presidents, patriots, our own troops, innocents on 911,innocents in the Muslim world, and in the FBI Murrah bldg bombing and whistleblowers, the only freedom we will have left is the freedom to be executed! I salute this young man and Ron Paul supporter as a Hero of the Constitution and a Hero of the Republic along with Bradley Manning and Dr. Orly Taitz. This is UNCOMMON VALOR!!! Boehner and his ilk are jackbooted NAZIS!!!

  28. John Boehner Is the traitor. A traitor to the American People. Only a complete fool would trust the Government or any Politician. It seems to me that after receiving information on the Boston bomber and on Benghazi and doing nothing about either they can never be trusted. Politicians are no longer public servants their self servants. I don't think Obama should be Impeached He should be Assassinated. Problem is then we would have to listen to all the hero president crap for years after like we still do about John F Kennedy.

  29. John C. says:

    The sad fact is the government can do anything it wants and nobody can do a dam thing about it. They will say and do anything they want and all the little sheep will go right along with it. Edward Snowden is defiantly a Patriot. Their even may be a few good politicians left. I believe Ron Paul is one. If Edward Snowden Had gone through the supposed proper protocol every thing would have been buried and never come to light. When I sit down to take a crap I have to worry about Obama's head popping up in my toilet looking up my ass. I suppose that's the real reason for "his" skin color.

  30. It takes one to know one, who better than Boehner to call this guy a traitor.?

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