Video: Blasphemy: “Our Lord And Savior Barack Obama!”

Jamie Foxx as part of a Soul Train Awards special told the audience to “give honor to God…and our Lord and Savior Barack Obama!” Instead of the audience gasping with calls of blasphemy, they cheered on this blasphemous statement.

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  1. I, for one, will never watch anything he is in ever again! Maybe the color black really does represent Evil…


  3. Jamie Foxx and his Messiah Barack HUSSEIN Obama can kiss my Caucasion right-wing Christian conservative ass!!!!

    • Where are the mafia and the KKK now that we need them? They could be very constructive now.

      • Not too sure where the Mafia are, but I have a good idea where the KKK are………..I’m not one of their group, but there are still plenty around, of that I am quite sure. Oh, very sure indeed.

  4. Thats as sick as cheering for the fact that you have an incurable STD

  5. Jamie Foxx is a disgusting piece of slime!!! His judgement day is coming!!!

  6. I hope GOD turns them all into "pillars of SALT!!!

  7. Marvin Marshall says:

    I guess the people of color do not realize BHO is just as much White as he is Black. He just chooses to exploit his Blackness to his obvious benefit. Sad for the USA that we’ve allowed such ignorance elect our president. Jamie Foxx will answer to God for Blasphemy, so will BHO.

    • His BC if born in the US should say he is caucasian. Mothers's race is the dominate factor as to race. My great neice married a black guy, very nice also may I say, they have 3 sons and all the BC's say they are white.

    • In the Black community the ones hated more than Whites are "Halfricans". It is an amazement to me in some ways that he has their support, and yet, What a Sugar Daddy.

  8. Really Jamie Foxx. I know now that you are not a Christian because there is only one Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, not BO. God will get you for that one.

  9. jaskir5984 says:

    We have seen other remarks that say Obama is some kind of god. Christians do not need to worry about such comments; our Savior, Jesus Christ, has lived upon the earth, paid for our sins through his death, risen from the dead, ascended to Heaven, and provided forgiveness for those who believe. Paul wrote that if anyone preaches any other gospel, let him be acursed. The damnation of those who follow such false proclaminations is certain. Jesus Christ, the Judge and King will take care of all those who blasphem His Name.

  10. I’ll never give another dime to benefit Jamie Foxx.

  11. to damie poxx,no ovomit/satan is feces and a slavery.damie poxx and after i stuck up for you the other day,somebody said damie wasn,t fit to live with pigs,and i said damie was.and some one else mr poxx said you stink,and i said like ship he does.and mamie poxx someone said you eat ship sandwiches,and i said mr poxx doesn,t eat bread.ok mr poxx take gas.

  12. Jamie needs the anti toxxin.

  13. Vomiting now. But not surprised.

  14. AmericansRon2U says:

    This is the kind of talk you'd hear in Nazi Germany. The Germans in the 1930's revered Hitler as a god. Didn't turn out too well for them…won't turn out good for us either. Too bad Jamie Foxx doesn't know his history. Let me also mention that the last "entertainer" that spoke such blasphemy was John Lennon…we all know how that ended.

  15. Peaver Bogart says:

    WOW !!! What a fool. Get me a rope!

  16. Just another T N D….stupid. Our Lord said He laughs at the follies of fools. But really, I think it's bad to even watch or listen to talk like that.

  17. @edward, I don’t know where you are, but I think you know exactly what I have to say about this boy, this idiot boy from Texas, God have mercy, we won’t be proud of him anymore, those of us who KNOW who the LORD AND SAVIOR REALLY ARE! But I have two, TWO WORDS for him, and NEITHER IS A COMPLIMENT! I liked him, but seeing this, he now has lowered himself to the same level as the trash, the “NEGRO” in office, and a not to bright one at that, but maybe……….maybe, oh well, can’t say it here………………..

  18. Linda A. From NY says:

    jamie fox is a idiot, I wouldn't pay to see him, he is not worth my money.

  19. It's absolutely disgusting what has happened to our country. Religion and politics DONT MIX!

  20. lorahubbel says:

    you don't poke God in the eye like that without unleashing the powers of Hell

  21. He has got to be kidding. Obama's Muslim family may not want to hear that.

  22. I'm so glad to see so many that are disgusted with his remarks.

  23. diane carder says:

    this is disgusting. i will never watch Jamie foxx again

  24. He is not a God nor a savior. He is evil incarnate and all his followers are the same.

  25. I didn't think it was possible, but this guy is more disgusting and despicable as Obama!

  26. This is unfrigginbelievable! How dare Jamie Foxx make a comment like that! Who does he think he is, anyway?!

    • Jamie Fox is an idiot, and a nothing,
      there is one thing , i did not knowe that ob got promoded, ob is nothing but evil ans scum

  27. God’s Commandment Number One:

    Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me

    Jamie you will have to answer to God for your statements! Good Luck

  28. Betty Armstrong says:

    I see how low he sets his standards. He3 must be part of the illiterate society that the Russian paper speaks of.

  29. Jamie foxx is obviously completely lost in the hollywood fog, (read pot smoke). What a dumb ass!

  30. JacktheFAC says:

    America has already passed the point of return in its blaspheme against, and rejection of God (see Romans 1:21-32). See Hosea 4:6; Isaiah 9:10. Our Supreme Court has even gone so far as to outlaw God. The voters just said they wanted slavery and free hand outs, instead of freedom to achieve.

  31. I will have to just " WRITE HIM OFF OF MY LIST" he's just another piece of Hollywood TRASH.
    Good luck when he stands before GOD. Maybe he will be standing next to BO when they are judged.

  32. Remember when Nietzsche said "God is dead"? Now God is saying "Nietzsche is dead." Remember when John Lennon claimed he was more popular than Jesus Christ? His end was tragic, and now he is painfully and entirely aware of the truth. Now Jamie Foxx is saying (perhaps in jest) "Our Lord and Savior Barack Obama" to an evidently approving crowd (among whom are surely those who have called Jesus their Lord and Savior), yet neither Mr. Foxx nor Mr. Obama will do well in the end unless they repent before God and denounce such a foolish claim. Herod was eaten with worms in his narcissistic self-proclamation of glory. I feel sorry for those who trifle with the Living God as an object of vulgarity, toying with their eternity by deifying fallen men as Lord and Savior. I feel sadness for those who tolerate and encourage such displays. Again, unless they also repent, it will not be pretty for them in the end.

  33. barack hussein obama is Satan, Old Nick, Lucifer whatever you prefer disguised as a Christian to fool the people of the USA & bring down this country to 3rd world status with the aid of the Mainstream Media, United Nations, Hollywood, Beverly Hills & all of the democrat water carriers. They will be the first to cry foul when he taxes them to the hilt I suggest he follow the French communist presidents decree & tax anyone making a million dollars & more 75% of their income.

  34. It's a shame, I should have figured, but I didn't know jamie foxx was that much of a MORON and LEFTIST LOSER !!!!
    He has done some good serious movies (not those dumb "comedies") and he seemed alright. I guess there is just no telling.

  35. Robert Webb says:

    I prayed to the Lord to teach me how to pray. Then I fell asleep. I dreamed this dream: I saw dead and dying stacks of bodies reaching as high as the sky and so thick far as the eye could see 360 degrees all the way around me. They were moaning and weeping and wailing. The Lord kept saying to me as He wept uncontrollably as spoke: "They don't want me. They don't want me. They don't want me"! Then I saw two Russians walking in the midst of all of the bodies. I asked them why they were here. Their reply: "Because you asked us to come in". This dream I dreamed way back in 1983. I have interceded in the gap for my beloved countrymen and for America to be spared the judgment of God ever since. Until I had another dream in 2007, where the Lord told me with the voice of 10,000 angels as He hung on His Cross surrounded by the Heavenly Host– in response to when I asked Him why he He told me not to pray for America anymore: "The world and America is judged"!

    • Linda A. From NY says:

      Hi Robert Webb,
      I too had a dream in 2008 where I saw the a beautiful farm land with many trees drie up and turned to sand, and a week later the stock market fell of 777 points and I knew that the economy and many jobs would be lost in the USA.

  36. transplantedpeach says:

    Cringeworthy news, oh my! I can only pray that Mr. Foxx's remarks were tongue-in-cheek and surely not meant to be perceived seriously. Foxx could have been in an altered state of mind. We all know Barry's past with cocaine, maybe they shared a bump or two.

    Please, just give me a competent, Christian, former military man, with marriage to the same woman who together has grandchildren over to their homes like most American families and I CAN LIVE with that.

    I don't require my Commander-In-Chief to attend Soul Train Awards Shows, Letterman, Comedy Central or Jay Leno's show. I prefer my President to maintain a decor of dignity which would never include the line-up that we've all seen him on.
    He's down-grading the Office of the POTUS. The President should maintain a decorum to define him in a basic way. He can pitch for an Oscar once he's out of Presidential Politics and auditioning in the theatre district. it's only been three weeks since the Vote was declared and I swear, it feels like three months have slogged by.

  37. Edwardkoziol says:

    What do you expect from one coon to another coon especially whren the press and the white liberal treats this devil like he is the next coming of Christ If you go by that liberal rag the washington post they have already proclaimed him king of the jews and evrybody far as Jamie Foxx goes I'd rather watch grass grow then see this so called comedian,he'll starve waiting for me to pay to see this coontoon on stage.

  38. I always thought that Jamey Fox was 12 cards short of a full deck. The guessing is over.

  39. For you left wingers out there "ALL HAIL THE NEW WORLD ORDER", for all you americans, "Prepare for civil war…… I have

  40. Lets see if he blames it on the alcohol, when he’s face to face with our true lord and Savior! I’m pretty sure, Obama is more like the Antichrist!


  42. They will find out who is our Lord and Savior someday!!! He is none other than THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!!! HE IS THE SECOND PERSON OF THE TRINITY!!!!

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