Video: Black Republican Association File Articles Of Impeachment Against Obama

The Florida-based National Black Republican Association has filed articles of impeachment against President Barack Obama because of wiretapping, the Benghazi coverup, torture programs, NSA spy violations, and attacking whistle-blowers.

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  1. My he be impeached SOON! He is a traitor to America! He supports the Muslim Brotherhood! But not the American people!

  2. Can't happen soon enough! He is dragging America down and taking us broke! Things we need he has no cares about it. Let the Muslim Brotherhood need anything and there he is sending Money, Arms, Tanks and F-16's! He is funding our enemies! Why is everyone and everything (including this post) monitored but not the Mosques? Why have we left the Muslims into this country? We need to close our borders before it is to late! All the borders! Not just Mexico's border. If not we will be destroyed from within. Everyday more and more come here.Why do were have "former" brotherhood members in KEY positions in the W.H.? And what did he tell the Brotherhood "I am one of you."! He is past due to be impeached (if he is even legal to there) or removed if he is not a citizen! Gitmo either way! .Wait. . . what was that I heard on the news . . "Drone strike at Gitmo" Oh my.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    It's about time that black patriots start trying to impeach Obuma becase now the liberal ass kissing press can't say it's racism.However I think they will be scrutinized and labeled Uncle Toms.God Bless these real Americans

  4. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    During the primary and presidential campaigns McCain, Clinton, and Romney may have been called racist for bringing up his birthplace? Most are afraid to properly vet Obama because of not wanting to be labeled racist. Much of the spontaneous patriotic solidarity we Americans once held in common has been supplanted with racial tension and socioeconomic class separation. He encourages class warfare and racial hatred among Americans while steadfastly protecting and defending the radical elements of Muslim brotherhood and terrorist groups. Soon, the only leadership that will prevail over this mess will have to be martial law because a police state and brute force are the only glue strong enough to command the attention and respect of Obama’s new America. We welcome this group with open arms.
    They are the only ones that will not be called racists,
    They are the only ones that will ask the right questions,
    They are the only ones that will get some answers,
    They are the only ones that will not be persecuted by the MSM,
    They are the only ones that will prevail.

  5. Brutal Cuddy says:

    God bless you National Black Republican Association! You can do it! We must fight him now to save the America of the present & future. We are all in this together. My prayers are with you. God bless America! We are AMERICANS & we must stand united . All groups unite to take this S.O.B. down. Boot this clown already. Now now now!

  6. Here's hoping that will build up enough steam to get him out. Here's hoping it isn't a fruitless effort. O needs to go. Sounds like a new chant. Maybe they'll start using it in rallies. In any case, I hope the effort get's the backing it needs to succeed. Oh, if the Senate doesn't cooperate and reach the obvious conclusion of Obama's guilt, Congress could always imply they wont be paid. I don't think even Reid could repel that, no matter what intimidation he levels against the other senators. They've GOT to have money, right? Make it clear that their jobs are on the line, too. If they EVER want to see another term in office, they'll do the right thing and vote against Obama. Add some incentive like going down in history as the men and women that thwarted an aspiring dictatorship. What ever the case, O's gotta' go. No more division. Save the Union. O's gotta' go.

  7. Seeks_the_truth says:

    It matters not if articles of impeachment are filed. The Senate still has the final say. it would be worse to have the Senate let the failure off just like they did Clinton. it would then be open season.
    We need more than this.
    WE can do something.
    Head over to and join up.
    We are ready to return to a Constitutional Republic. We only need you.

  8. David Mumme says:

    Democrat and RINO politicians have no loyalty to anyone. Not to their constituency, not to their party, not to their stated ideals, only to their personal status and power. They want to distance themselves right now from Obama. If enough evidence is presented the American people will not stand for non-conviction. At least I hold to this hope. Clinton was different, he should have been convicted, but the attitude toward his crimes was that they were more acceptable and representative of American morals. Obama is a murderer, a supporter of anti-Christian/American terrorists, has broken the Constitution by enforcing his own laws. He could go down. If enough evidence is presented, I think America will only accept one outcome.

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