Video: Black Radio Host Educates Liberal

Radio host Kevin Jackson schools a brain-dead Obama supporter at a rally. The liberal naturally struggles.

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  1. Right on Kevin Jackson, telling it like it is!

  2. John McGuire says:

    I would be proud to call Kevin my friend and fellow American! Why doesn't the rest of America see The Democratic party for what they REALLY are?!!

  3. schnitzelschitzen says:

    The walking brain dead democrats' have no defense for their deliberate blindness of the truth. Because they do not accept the truth, it will become the tie that binds them. Kevin Jackson is right on target in this video and those on the left know it, yet defend communist unions like the seiu. That guy was too dumb not to have been a paid protester.

  4. hadenuf says:

    Kevin THANK YOU . The black community needs to realize exactly how the Democrats have really hurt and not helped them. Don't they realize even Doctor Martin Luther King was a Republican. His own niece is trying to wake up the black community as to what the democrats are doing. Free hand outs will not help them prosper but only enslave them even further. They really don't want blacks to get out of the hole the DEMOS have dug for them. They should research how it was the democrats who were in the KKK and for segregation. Republicans have always been for the blacks to stand on their own to feet and attain goals not hand outs.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Why do the Blacks look to ANYONE for any help? Like he said, look in the mirror for help. Democrats could have offered help, didn't mean the Blacks had to take it. No one forced that girl to have sex and get pregnant. No one forced that boy to have sex then walk away from the child he made.
      Blacks had the same opportunity as others, actually even more with Affirmative Action.
      Hate to disagree, but the Dems didn't force the Blacks into anything.
      They just waited for, and expected, a handout.

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    One smart man Bill O'reilly should get Kevin Jackson on the Factor instead of Juan Sambo Williams.This man makes sense so the blacks will label him as Uncle Tom.That asshole with the sign should have it shoved up his ass.

  6. lovetruth says:

    All it would take is someone that has a little desire to learn to think for themselves instead of being a braindead tell me what to think lib and you will learn that the Republican party was started in the 1700's on the premise of ending slavery and the Democrats were VIOLENTLY opposed to it. Certainly not the porgraming you get today is it?

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