Video: Black PBS Anchor Describes Zimmerman As “White”

The media is trying to ignite a race war with their reporting. In this video, we see pictures of Martin that are a few years old, and we have the anchor calling Zimmerman “white”. Zimmerman is Hispanic. He may well have some Caucasian blood, but when the left is trying to divide Hispanics from “whites,” they always claim it is a different race. You know, like the radical organization “La Raza,” which translates as “the race.”

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  1. I really don't know anybody who watches PBS, except for the old Lawrence Welk shows.

  2. I do watch PBS, but I view Gwen Ifill as a moderate racist. She's clearly biased and as such I do not listen to what she says!!

  3. Well, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Bill Cosby, Barack Hussein Soetoro (Obama), the new Black Panthers, and the whole black community have just been given a gift. The Florida justice or should I say injustice system sucks. Zimmerman (the hispanic man who defended himself by shooting Trayvon Martin) has just been arrested and charged with 2nd Degree Murder. Folks, this is a travesty of justice. When the criminal justice system can be swayed by politicians (governor – notice small g for governor, Scott, Obama, Cosby, Jackson, Sharpton and the whole black community) you can not call it justice because there is no way this hispanic man can get justice. He might just as well go straight to jail because this PC (politically correct)society we live in will never allow Zimmerman to go free. The fix is in; just like Obama's re-election.

  4. Do you not know the difference between Hispanic and Anglo? You obviously know the difference between Black and Anglo, but as liberals you choose to lump the Hispanics in with the "Whites" thats okay we will gladly throw in with them since you folks are trying to start a race war that isn't going to work. Get your head out of that dark area and stop listening to the race baiters…..Think for once, join us, "We the People" not the shameless obamanites.

  5. david dexter says:

    liberal thinking is funny half black half white=black,half hispanic half white=white,their just spinning things to fit their needs,a racial divide

  6. What a joke on the hispanics, your black brothers and the liberals threw you under the bus. Maybe if Zimmerman was a tan or black hispanic, there wouldn't have been a problem. What next? I guess next they will take down all the signs in spanish and expect you to speak english now that you are all white and not hispanic anymore. So just keep voting for the Dems, they got your back, oh and never mind the knife in your back.

  7. Captain America says:

    PBS is doing it's best to start a race riot & get Zimmerman the DEMOCRAT HISPANIC kiIIed.
    This Racist at PBS is still showing baby pictures of Martin [now using his nice white name Anglo-Martin instead of his jive first name], and not showing him to scale at 6' tall way taller than Hispanic Zimmerman who you can see by his features he is Hispanic Indian with a Peruvian Indian mother. They seem to forget Martin attacked Zimmerman and broke his nose and tried to kill him with his own gun. They are leaving out the fact it was 3AM in the dark and Martin was sneaking behind homes.

  8. radicaltruth says:

    Write the PBS ombudsman and voice your concern and opposition to such blatant bias and lack of journalistic integrity –

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