Video: Black Ex-Democrat Slams Biden’s “Chains” Remark

Former Democratic Congressman Artur Davis appeared on CNN to address Joe Biden’s potentially racist “chains” remark, saying “It’s insulting to African-Americans.”

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  1. Disgusted says:

    Dear Mr.Davis, I could not agree more! I am a white woman, and I felt insulted for every thinking and Patriotic Black American in America! I appreciate your saying what you said, that it is an insult to African Americans. Although, the African part isn’t something I can go with, as I beleive that any person, black or white, or of mexican persuasion is only AN AMERICAN! Never mind the ancestry, an American is an American, no matter the race or color of skin. I am of English ancestry, but I am not English or British American, I am an AMERICAN ONLY! I mean no disrespect when I say to you, please drop the African part, and please, please just BE AN AMERICAN LIKE EVERYONE WHO WAS BLESSED ENOUGH TO HAVE BEEN BORN HERE! If there is any word put in front of American, for Mr. Joey Dimwit Biden, it should be……Joe Biden, an EXILED, and FORMER American. We do not want nor need anyone of his “lack of brains” in our country. I hope, I sincerely hope, that this remark, this INSULT, insulted more than just yourself, sir. Congratualtions however, for seeing it for what it truly was, a put down of all American black people! For, it was most definately that! With regards………Dis.

  2. he is just job scared, he sees what is happening too his cohorts up on the hill…the people are comming.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    I wish Mr.Davis would explain to the american colored people and remind them that it was the southern democrats were the ones who kept the color people down in the south,it was the democrats who were in the KKK and hung negroes it wasn't republicans.Sen Byrd was a ranking official with the KKK and Thermon was screwing a black girl who had his baby.It was democrat governors Wallace and Falbus who kept the colored at bay.So for the life of me why do blacks want to be dems,I ,just don't understand.

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