Video: Black Businessman Describes Union Goons Calling Him Racial Epithets

Lansing, Michigan fixture Clint The Hot Dog Guy discusses the violent attack on the Americans for Prosperity tent at an anti Right-To-Work rally on December 11th.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    All I want to know where is Jesse"shakedown"Jackson,Al"the phony rev"Sharpton,James "Codewords"Clyburn
    Maxine"the Gorilla"Watters Nancy Poopalotsi and all the other liberal socialist democraps coming to the defense of a colored man who was just hired to sell hot dogs.The reason is these union thugs provide monetary contributions to the democrap party i forgot where the HELL was that organization called the NAACP,maybe the vendor wasn't black enough.

    • That’s true, those good for nothing ni666ers were nowhere to be seen or heard when the real time came to defend one of their own race! What on earth were they THINKING? Someone used the N word at one of their own race! I guess it isn’t bad when anyone of the Dimocrap, dimoshit crowd says it, huh? Useless walking “black” feces, the lot of them. Did anyone ever think the time would come when TURDS TALK?????? AND WALK!? I never thought I’d see such a thing? Well, they ARE the right color, aren’t they? LOL! And I DO MEAN LOL! I am, right at this time, LingOL !!!!!!

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