Video: Bin Laden Raid A Smokescreen For BHO Eligibility Hearing

(Special thanks to Pamela Barnett for helping us break this story. Original link:

Did you know that the most significant of the dozen or so Obama eligibility hearings occurred on May 2, 2011 in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in Pasadena, California?

Did you know that this particular lawsuit included 2008 presidential candidate Alan Keyes, twenty state representatives, and thirty members of the military?

Never heard about it? You’re not alone.

This is odd because ABC and CBS were in attendance, not to mention C-SPAN, who announced that they were going to broadcast the hearing live.

Perhaps we didn’t hear about it because America was too busy carrying Barack Hussein Obama on their shoulders for almost singlehandedly killing Public Enemy Number One, Osama Bin Laden, the day before.

Or perhaps the media didn’t want to cover the hearing.

No, that would be a conspiracy theory.

It is sort of odd that the Osama Bin Laden raid occurred the day before the hearing.

It is sort of odd that Obama “disgorged” massive amounts of classified information to mega-director Kathryn Bigelow so she could make the Obama propaganda film Zero Dark Thirty to honor our fearless leader, but refused to offer any proof to the public that Bin Laden had in fact been killed.

It is sort of odd that the public has been pleading for some proof of the killing of Bin Laden for a year and a half with only a few crumbs forthcoming.

Photos? Videos? DNA tests to verify it was Bin Laden? Perhaps an autopsy report?

But after countless Freedom of Information Act requests, what we got two weeks ago was a handful of emails about Bin Laden’s burial that were so highly redacted that it made them all but worthless.

One odd thing was left in, however: that Bin Laden received a “traditional…Islamic burial.”

Bless Barack Hussein Obama—always wanting to mollify the Islamic extremists. We wouldn’t want them to throw any more temper tantrums—I mean, stage a protest—because they were “offended.”

No worries, however. According to these released emails, they’ll be declassified in twenty-five years. By then, Barack Hussein Obama will have completely destroyed the country, and it won’t matter.

Unless America demands proof that it was in fact Osama Bin Laden who was killed.

Unless America demands that his phony birth certificate, Social Security application, and Selective Service form be forensically analyzed. That he release all of his college records. His passport files. Explains how he got into Pakistan in 1981 on an American passport, which was forbidden at the time by the Pakistani government. (Hint: he didn’t have an American passport).

Or perhaps Barack Hussein Obama and his compliant media can let the eligibility hearings move forward so America can determine for herself whether the man sitting in the Oval Office is legitimate.

No, that would be too easy.

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  1. What was the result of the hearing? anyone know?

  2. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    Is it possible that Amb. Stevens knew the body in the bag was NOT Bin Laden and that he, Amb. Stevens was on Oshamo's kill list? Nothing adds up since this Oshamo was fraudulently elected in 2008. Conspiracy? That would put it all mildly — This entire administration is bogus and citizens need to be vigilant for their own well being. Just observe the erratic behavior of all of these gouls in office — listen to what they say as much as it disgusts one to hear — they are all playing mind games and soon, the paranoia will begin to set in because of all the lies they have told, it will begin to work on their psyches. They think they are fooling the rest of us and hopefully, they do themselves in once and for all..

    • Please get Amb. Stevens bio! You will be shocked. He was apparently a roving agent for the Company! We were moving arms from Africa to Turkey to Syria.There was a bungled plan and an agent for another Islamic group took advantage of the mayhem and assinated him rather than abduct him. Read Al Jazerra and the Brit underground newspapers on the web

      • This is what i found Pt.2 is in purple at the top. The other scuttlebutt is that the have stinger missiles too that may be used or let in to be used on aircraft, you say no way. watch charlie Wilson's war, they gave them to the then Taliban to take out Russian choppers and jet's. Al Qaeda is our govt ,using stooges to finish installing the new world order.

  3. ANTICRIME says:

    WE KNOW the man is a FRAUD and WE ALSO KNOW that the General Election was not only RIGGED by "programmed" electronic voting machines but also was overwhelmed with VOTER FRAUD, aided and abetted by a CRIMINAL "appointed" by a criminal as U.S. Attorney General; ……the BIG question is;

    I believe our only real remedy to runaway, rampant corruption and Communist infiltration of our federal government is for THE STATES to follow the guidelines of our Declaration of Independence and ABOLISH the entire nest of RED RATS! ~ IF 2/3rds (34) of the states can't agree to this then SECESSION is in order for the states wishing to cut the ties of impending tyranny!!!
    Common sense dictates that a once-great structure totally rotted to the core must be demolished and rebuilt using the original blueprints, including improvements required from EXPERIENCE of "defects"!

    • Unfortunately, nobody will do a damn thing, he is WAY too shielded by the crooks around him, and the money behind him (soros)…Also, I have heard that the Republicans also know that he is not qualified, but at this point since he has signed treaties, and laws… None of this would be viable… Therefore sending the world into an uproar…I wouldn't hold your breath…It goes bigger and deeper than anybody can probably imagine. Take this quote for example: Nikita Krushev s rant to president Nixon way. Back on the late 50 s early 60 s …. Krushev the Russian dictator said " your grandchildren will grow up under communist rule… We will put a man , who comes from nowhere , into your white house …. He will slowly ebb socialism into your society and then he will so errode your economy that your citizens will have to be beholden to the government for their basic needs… You Americans are so stupid you won t even see it coming"…. Sound familiar? Are we not in that place right now?'. Obama and the Progressives have been at this for many decades to be at the point we are today…Now we are at the front door of One World Order….it is happening right in front of our eyes, and no "petitions" can stop it…..

  4. My daddy always told me…"Give somebody enough rope they'll hang themselves." I have a brand new role of high grade cotton rope to donate to the first gallows built. Let the bulding begin !

    • I will gladly put the loop around his filthy neck and if you would just give me a few minutes so I could get down the stairs I'll gladly pull the lever.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Chris your being selfish we sholud have a lottery to get the winner who would pull the lever.You can put the
        noose non.

  5. So, why was't this hearing publicized? Why isn't there another "go" at it? This whole Fiscal Clif nonsense is nothing but a distraction for both Benghazi & Fast & Furious, that this fraud "president" needs to answer for.

    • Good point, Bob and ANTICRIME. Refuse to focus on the "noise" generated by these red rats and focus relentlessly on THE FACT that this common street hustler is NOT ELIGIBLE to be president. Focus on his ineligibility, DEMAND proof he went to Harvard and Columbia (HA!!), DEMAND explanations for his fraudulent birth certificate, SS No., Selective Service fraud papers, DEMAND, DEMAND, DEMAND!!! But stay focused on his INELIGIBILITY like a laser. I've been saying this for the past four years. If we continue to chip away on this – his – weakness, we'll get him. Remember, the MSM get Nixon in his second term – let's do this same with Obozo.

    • God Help Us says:

      Hey Bob,

      I read the other day that March 23rd of next year, 2013, this Illegal terrorist who has horns on his forehead (have you noticed that?) is going to make it manditory that Everyone either get the Mark of the Beast either in their right hand, or on their forehead? These transmitters will track you and will keep track of your bank account. I read, along with the pictures of this transmitter being place inside a persons right hand, just outside of their thumb, where it would remain..

      • God Help Us says:

        I didn't realize, although I had this aching feeling, that this Anti-christ had this all planned out. I never thought I'd live to see the Demon try to "mark" We the People, just as God had warned the people to NEVER have it done, or else. Doesn't it make you wonder that it seems like this freak has some sort of demonic energy or something, that's allowing "it" to get away with everything "it's" done, and walk away with that fricken smug smile on his ugly head? Looks like I'm going to be shot and killed as I will NEVER have the Mark of the Beast on my body. It all makes sense now, doesn't it? God bless you and We TRUE Americans

  6. I believe it wasA CBS Reporter that interviewed ANN DUNHAM from 1959-1961!!!!! EDWARD MURROW possibly? I'm 66 years old-i watched all of her interviews on T.V. Even the last one when she was "going over the water to marry her black prince,her baby's daddy" In THAT interview she RENOUNCED HER CITIZENSHIP!!!

    • kittyhane says:

      Comment by Donna on October 21, 2012 at 4:50pm
      Ann Dunham volunteered on JFK,S campaign-fall of 1960 from the Theresa Hotel in Harlem,she was there quite a while,it was all televised. At that time the desk clerk there bought her a coat. From what i read the clerk was Charlie Rangle.,working his way through law school. She was interviewed different times from 1958 or 59 to 1961 when she was getting ready to leave the U.S. We only had 3 tv channels then 4,6.10–Abc-Nbc-Cbs. I can't remember who the interviewer was,"i thought it was Edward Murrow.

  7. Talk talk talk why doesnt any of the people who are reporting this get everyone together and bring this all to light….with all this information about this person who occupies the oval office being so damageing to hisself…Now is the time to go after any judgeand all the judges who say there isnt enough to try……Stop all the talking and showing us the info and get to work on a iron clad case and get to fruition….stop waiting and talking and start acting with it just one man's opinion

    • Zita Alfonso says:

      You are absolutely right! Talk, talk, talk without action is dead. Do you want to contact Brigitt of Acts For America or Glen Beck? They are our heroes. We have many heroes who know about the evil of Islam that Obama will make full blown once he gets all the powers he need. Many Muslims became apostate of Islam because they use their brain properly. Get the leaders involved before the Islam promoter uses his Taqiya expertise and his Islam expertise to practice vengeance on them.

  8. Ihatelibs says:

    Throw Barry into a burning building

  9. Edwardkoziol says:

    Obuttholepulled off the biggest hoax going and he used the seals to do it.I'm sure these brave men thughttheygotthe real OBL but what they got was a look-a-like that is why we have no photos of OBL going over the side to become fish food.You can't tell that there wasn't 1 sailor with a camera phone who could snap the picture of him going overnthe side.I still say he is living in San Fransico with Poopalosi.

  10. If the Electoral College fails to dethrone Obama on December 17th, then our only option is to dog this SOB's ineligibility until he cracks. He IS NOT a natural-born citizen, SHOULD NOT be in the Oval Office, and SHOULD NOT have run for "reelection." He should be in prison along with his orangutang wife, Pelosi, Axelrod, his Czars and a whole host of others. He is a fraud! Attack his ineligibility relentlessly – he is NOT a legal chief executive – I cannot, will not, refer to this POS as "president." He doesn't deserve it!

  11. AMERICA:
    Although, there is an improvement in the investigation of Obama's legibility and his violations of our laws, like bypassing Congress and instead issued executive orders. WE MUST NOW, demand his resignation by storming the White House. Or we must bring all the documented evidences and proofs of his ineligibility to all the courts and ask the military to arrest him and put him behind bars or send him back to Kenya, It's been over due, for a long time. and it's time for him to go..WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR….

    • disgusted says:

      WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR, is a very valid question indeed, Oscar! I think that what Americans are waiting for is “the big screen tv, or the newest cell phone” to come out, and waiting for “things to right themselves” without anyone having to exert a little energy in order to save themselves. In other words, Americans have become just as lazy as we are accused of being. Lazy and debauched. More interested in the next “big thing” to come out for us to spend our nonexistant money on, and hoping “someone else” will get up and do the dirty work that needs doing. I have little faith in my “fellow” Americans anymore, Oscar. What I am “waiting for” is to see if and when the American Patriots will do the JOB that has GOT TO BE DONE, at which point, I will join in and help. I don’t have the money for the newest big screen, and even less for the newest cell phone, but I do have the energy enough to stand up and fight for the country that I have always loved, and been proud to be a part of as an American. Today is PEARL HARBOUR DAY! I wonder, how many AMERICANS remember this date? Hmmmm……it sure hasn’t been in the “news” much this past week…………

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