Video: Bill Whittle: Obama Admin Seeks To DESTROY America And Is Succeeding

Is the growing federal debt a looming attack similar to Pearl Harbor? Will Obamanomics lead to the empowerment of the rich and poor, at the expense of the middle class? Find out on this Trifecta.

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  1. Bill Whittle is one of the best people on this planet.

    • Hi Rich,
      We need more people like Bill Whittle in Washington, this is smart and he is aware of what this bogus prez and his cohorts are doing to our country, spending our money to the death of this country.

    • I hope he runs for president, because he says it like it is and doesn't sugar coat it, that's what this country needs someone who speaks the TRUTH, and doesn't really care if someone doesn't like it

  2. you would have to be under a rock, to not know.

  3. not only does obama and his administration want to destroy our America, he hates all Americans and wants the Americans to become a third world country, its better if we go off the fiscal cliff…..American people are smart the American people. the republicans willl take the blame for a few months but REMEBER ,,,, THIS IS ON OBAMA WATCH. he will go down in histroy who destroyed america. He is treating us like we are his slaves,,,,,when Americans are strugging he is Jetting off to Hawaii for 3 weeks, I have not had a vacation in 8 years……he is no good, thank God I did not vote for him in either elections, it was all VOTER FRAUD…..

    • This is correct, voter fraud, that is why he won. The only thing that concerns me is that if we go over the cliff and the economy crashes, there will be hyperinflation. A loaf of bread will cost 3 times more what it would normally cost. And this crash may cause riots, people will be scrambling to buy food, then obama will bring on Marshall law, to control the citizens. Obama has signed an executive order for Marshall Law of Dec. of 2011. I believe he is expecting chaos, this man is bad news. He will be the destruction of this country.

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